Chiquita & The Coca Leaf

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1954 CIA Director Allen Dulles rescued BP by launching Operation Ajax against Iran’s democratically-elected Mohamed Mossadegh.

That same year Dulles came to the aid of United Fruit Company in Guatemala, where nationalist Jacobo Arbenz was elected President on a platform promising land reform.  The leftist specifically targeted United Fruit’s 550,000 acre banana plantations for expropriation.  Dulles turned to his old employer Sullivan & Cromwell to plot the overthrow of Arbenz.  Sullivan was BP’s lawyer and legal counsel to J. Henry Schroeder Bank, the Warburg-controlled Hamburg bank that financed Adolf Hitler. [465]  Dallas oil king Clint Murchison bought two paper mills in Honduras in 1954 from Bush golfing buddy Walt Mischer.  Both had ties to the Marcello mob family in New Orleans. Kennedy assassin/Watergate plumber Howard Hunt, with help from Nicaraguan dictator Somoza, trained a Honduran-based militia to attack Arbenz. Frank Wisner, CIA Deputy Director of Plans, oversaw the operation.

United Fruit was the creation of Joseph Macheca, the New Orleans mob boss who preceded Marcello. Macheca was grand wizard of that city’s Ku Klux Klan.  Macheca and business partner Charles Matrenga were protégés of Italian mafia founder and 33rd Degree Grand Master of P-2 Scottish Rite Freemasonry Guiseppe Mazzini.  The word “mafia” is an acronym for “Mazzini authorizes furti (theft), incendi (arson) and avvelenamenti (kidnapping)”.  Mazzini answered directly to British Freemason Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli. He sent Macheca and Matrenga to New Orleans to start United Fruit.  August Belmont, the Rothschild family US business agent, worked with Macheca to corrupt Louisiana politics. [466]

United Fruit’s omnipresence in Central America gave rise to the phrase “banana republics”.  It changed its name to United Brands (UB), owning Chiquita bananas, John Morrell meats and A&W Restaurants.  DEA estimated 20% of all cocaine reaching the US during the 1970’s came in on UB banana boats at Baltimore Harbor.  Its plantations cover nearly the entire Caribbean halves of Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Chevron Texaco owns all the gas stations in this region.  The oil giant’s 1991 annual report brags that it owns 26% of all retail gas stations in the entire Caribbean.  The Bush family owns much of the land on the Caribbean coast in Panama.  According to a Dallas DEA official, in 1991 Texaco’s CEO was that city’s cocaine kingpin, using offshore oil platforms to import Columbian coke.  Chevron Texaco recently opened a “blending facility” in Shanghai, China.

UB is 45.4%-owned by Cincinnati-based financial mogul Carl Lindner, close friend of George Bush Sr. and one of his largest campaign contributors.  Bush vacations at Lindner’s Key Largo Ocean Reef Club, which houses the landing strip used by CIA gun runner Jack Devoe as drop zone for cocaine.  When President Reagan created his Presidential Commission on Central America in 1983, the Henry Kissinger-led group met at the Ocean Reef Club.  In 1988 the state of Florida filed a complaint under RICO organized crime statutes against Ocean Reef.  One entry in Oliver North’s diaries talks of a UB grant to John Singlaub buddy Major Andy Messing. [467]

Lindner owned Penn Central before that bank went down in a fog of scandal.  Walt Mischer sold Marathon Manufacturing to Lindner, whose American Financial Insurance conglomerate controls numerous transportation outlets that presumably move UB cocaine, including Rapid-American Corporation and Reliance Corporation.  Lindner owns an 8% share of Gulf & Western Corporation, where Carter Secretary of State Cyrus Vance sits on the board.  Gulf & Western is a leader in raw sugar refining, a process identical to the process used to turn opium into heroin.  Lindner sold Lincoln S&L to Charles Keating, who did business deals with Rothschild representative and BCCI Geneva operator Alfred Hartman.  The Arizona Republic reported that Keating’s corporate jets, along with those of Resorts International, are frequently use by Arizona Senator John McCain.  McCain married Cindy Hensley, daughter of liquor magnate James Hensley, who is an associate of Arizona mobster Kemper Marley.

Lindner’s partner in UB is Detroit mob boss Max Fischer, who was put on the UB board by Donald Gant of Goldman Sachs.  Another UB board member is Carter Panama Canal negotiator Sol Linowitz who, along with Cyrus Vance, was on the board at Pan Am.  UB’s corporate headquarters is in New York’s Pan Am building.  Max Fischer owns Airborne Freight with the Jacobs family of Buffalo, whose Sportsystems operates twenty horse racing tracks in the US and Canada.  It runs food concessions at forty horse tracks, ten greyhound tracks, twenty-four Major League Baseball stadiums and Boston Garden.  Jacobs own the Boston Bruins hockey team, an Alaska-Seattle shipping fleet, fifteen airport concessions, Florida jai alai stadiums and, most interestingly, food service concessions on Gulf of Mexico oil platforms.

The Jacobs’ Letheby & Christopher caters all events where European Black Nobility are present.  The Jacobs’ Emprise conglomerate got its start in Buffalo in 1916 as the Canadian Bronfman family’s aptly-named Pure Drug Company US partner.  Max Fischer’s headquarters in downtown Detroit is owned by the Bronfmans.  Both Buffalo and Detroit sit on the US-Canadian border, convenient for the smuggling of HSBC-financed heroin from Vancouver to the US East Coast.  HSBC has a huge presence in both cities. When Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles’ findings forced Kemper Marley to resign from that state’s racing commission, Bolles was murdered.  One of the final words he uttered was, “Emprise”.

The Bronfmans control Eagle Star Insurance along with the huge Canadian and British banks that facilitate the Silver Triangle drug trade.  They own DuPont, Seagrams, (they got their start bootlegging whiskey during Prohibition), Vivendi, the Toronto Jockey Club and (until its demise) the Montreal Expos baseball club. [468]  The name Bronfman in Yiddish translates “whiskey man”. These staunch Zionists are involved in much Mossad/MI6 skullduggery.

Fischer and Jacobs’ Airborne Freight owns Midwest Express, which has an exclusive contract with the Federal Reserve to ship canceled checks, an operation which enjoys immunity from US Customs.  Chase Manhattan Executive Vice-President James Carey sits on Airborne Freight’s board.  Max Fischer owns Detroit shopping malls, Fruehauf Trucking and Marathon Oil. He used to work at Britain’s largest merchant bank- Hambros- where SOE Colonel Louis Mortimer Bloomfield worked.  Fischer delivered Meyer Lansky funds and smuggled oil to the terrorist Haganah which seized Palestinian land to create Israel.  In 1957 he was rewarded by the Rothschilds for his efforts when the family cut him into both Paz Oil and Paz Chemical, which hold a monopoly over the Israeli oil industry.

Fischer, like Bloomfield, is a member of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, the secret society that answers to Queen Elizabeth II.  Bloomfield is chair of the Red Cross Ambulance Service, an intelligence arm of the British monarchy. [469]  The Red Cross shares names with the Rosicrucian secret society founded in 1188 by Jean de Gisors, a vassal of British King Henry II and the first Grand Master of the Order of Sion.  The Rosicrucians expanded under German Emperor Charlemagne.  Their name glorifies the blood-covered cross on which anti-Illuminati rebel Jesus Christ was hung.  The Knights Templar emblem is also the Red Cross. The Rothschilds use the Red Cross as family symbol.  Their family name translates “red shield”.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

3 responses to “Chiquita & The Coca Leaf

  1. At What Point Will Opposition to the Decepticans Become Treason?

    Remember when all over social media, the government was the problem? Well congratulations, now it really is. While we argued about Hillary, texts and emails, her corruption, along with how many angels could dance on the end of a pin, what we really feared has happened. In some ways we are like a pack of dogs, all someone has to do is throw some raw meat in the middle of us and we will kill each other for just a sniff. The Decepticans know their prey, us, very well. They have watched us for decades, dissected our emotions, fears and hatreds. It was all too easy! But what is really scary, is that we are also watching the end of the seduction period of the Deceptican takeover and what will come next will be brutally different- the fist.

    I hear the emotions boiling to the surface in so many posts, the anger, and the frustration. I understand, but caution you not to fall into their next trap. I call it the Egyptian Method. To create the situation, then use it to declare martial law. In my opinion both the 2018 and 2020 elections are both in jeopardy. If it looks like either one of the elections are going to be losing propositions, then they could well resort to the ultimate nuclear option- martial law! The Decepticans have shown themselves to be very adept at creating flash points, their politicians and controlled media promote it and then with a professional army, the situation looks to be the well planned and oiled machine it is.

    We now have a civilian government comprised largely of generals, a President that leans to seeing the government as a family business and all of our communications owned and controlled by Billionaires. Just what could go wrong here? Will we finally look beyond, to those few that really pull the strings? Or again, will we kill each other over a few scraps of raw meat thrown in our path? It time to focus or the very real possibility of being muzzled by the owners of our economy and social media! It’s time to be smart! It’s time to lead with logic, not anger, not emotion! I’m tired of being played! How about you?

    RC Romine

    On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 1:42 PM, Left Hook by Dean Henderson wrote:

    > lefthook12 posted: “(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil > & Their Bankers…) In 1954 CIA Director Allen Dulles rescued BP by launching > Operation Ajax against Iran’s democratically-elected Mohamed Mossadegh. > That same year Dulles came to the aid of U” >

  2. nolan kinzie


  3. This is all so mind boggling…you need to have a family tree for the villain clan…

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