Operation Protect Bush Lizard Family Investments

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Manzer al-Kassar’s main man in Panama was President Manuel Noriega.  Noriega formed the contra front companies which received Enterprise arms from Secord through al-Kassar, worked with John Hull to get weapons to the southern front, and helped the Medellin Cartel transport cocaine to Hull’s ranch for transshipment.

But as the contra effort dragged on, Noriega grew disenchanted with his US bosses.  He was becoming a populist in the Torrijos mold.  When Admiral John Poindexter presented Noriega with a grandiose plan to invade Nicaragua using Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF) troops in 1986, Noriega wanted nothing to do with it.  The CIA, desperate to rout the Sandinistas before the end of Reagan’s last term in office, offered Noriega an $11 million slush fund. The General told them to go to hell.

Suddenly the US media was full of stories demonizing Noriega as a world-class criminal.  The General’s CIA-imprinted panama was now being exposed.  On December 29, 1989, the day Costa Rican prosecutor Jorge Chavarria issued his damning report on John Hull and the Enterprise, President Bush commenced with Operation Just Cause.

US Special Forces launched a night time raid on PDF barracks in Panama City and surrounding areas.  Panamanian civilians watched as US troops burned Panama City’s poorest barrios to the ground, executing scores of civilians who stood in their path. While the US media portrayed the invasion as a mission to capture the drug villain Noriega, the Bush and his cronies sought to install a more compliant ally and to wipe out the PDF.  There were between 3,000 and 4,000 civilian deaths, since PDF troop barracks, not Noriega hideouts, were the real target of the invasion forces.  These barracks were widely dispersed among the poor barrios near the center of Panama City.  Several eyewitnesses claim that US troops systematically burned entire neighborhoods where PDF troops were housed. [455]

Why would the US want to wipe out the PDF, which it helped create and which the Bush Administration now publicly called upon to take charge and overthrow General Noriega?  Many Panamanian members of Congress believe the reason lies in the 1977 Panama Canal Treaty signed by Carter and Torrijos.  Torrijos was assassinated by CIA because he forced the Canal issue and the Panamanian people noisily supported him.  By obliterating the PDF, the US could claim that Panama had no army to protect the great Panama Canal and could justify a continuing troop presence in the country. [456]

Noriega was whisked away to stand trial in the US with help from the Vatican.  His replacement, whose election campaign was funded by the CIA, was Guillermo Endara, member of the Panamanian oligarchy known as the Manos Blancos (White Hand).  Endara was director and secretary of Banco Interoceanico, a cocaine laundry for Medellin and Cali Cartels.  His business partner Carlos Eleta helped funnel CIA funds into his presidential campaign in the spring of 1989, months before Operation Just Cause occurred.

Eleta was later arrested in Georgia for conspiring to import a ton of cocaine into the US.  Endara’s choice as Vice-President was Guillermo Ford, who chaired Panama’s corrupt Banking Commission and was part owner of Dadeland Bank, which was under investigation as a drug money laundry.  His choice for Attorney General was Rogello Cruz who the New York Times called a “Cali Cartel boss”.  Cruz, along with Endara’s Treasury Minister and his Chief Justice of the Supreme Court were all directors of First Interamericas Bank, which was controlled by the Cal Cartel. [457]

The Bush Administration promised Panamanians a huge aid package to rebuild their country after Operation Just Cause.  Most of the aid was never sent.  What did arrive went towards bailing out and restructuring the corrupt Panamanian banking system from which Endara and his Cabinet emerged.  Riots broke out on the streets of Panama City.  Effigies of George Bush were burned daily.  Bush had also had personal reasons to invade their country.

The Bush family has extensive business interests in Panama.  Much of the family’s wealth is stashed in secret Panamanian accounts and they own vast tracts of land on the country’s Caribbean coast.  They also own a string of hotels and resorts, including the Panama City Marriott and the Caesar Park on Contadora, where the Central American Peace Accords were signed.  On December 30, 1989, one day after the Panama invasion, the Los Angeles Times detailed the Bush family’s Panama investments, which are handled by Bush Sr.’s brother Prescott, through a Japanese holding company called Aoki Corporation.  Prescott Bush was once an executive at Dresser Industries- a subsidiary of Halliburton, whose CEO and Chairman was Dick Cheney.  Aoki has over $350 million invested in Panama.  It once paid a $4 million bribe to Noriega for a contract to build hydroelectric power plants in Panama. [458] Aoki recently built a luxury resort near Shanghai, China.

According to author David Icke, the Bush family is related to the British House of Windsor.  Researcher Sherman Skolnick claims George Bush Sr. shares a bank account with Queen Elizabeth II at Coutts Bank in London- a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland. Icke says every American President has descended from one of two bloodlines, considered Sangreal (royal) by the global elite.  One bloodline traces back to Emperor Charlemagne in 9th Century Germany.  The other runs through the French Bourbon royalty and the House of Windsor.  Icke says these bloodlines descend from a low-frequency lizard race that interbred with humans to steal vital attributes from the human race necessary to rule the world. [459]

Icke’s claims, while alarming, are not without precedent.  The ancient historian Priscus claimed that Meroveus, patriarch of the French Bourbon Merovingan dynasty, which the Priory of Sion is so obsessed with crowning as World Kings, was sired by a Bistea Neptunis or sea beast.  According to author Laurence Gardner, “There was evidently something very special about King Meroveus and his priestly successors, for they were accorded special veneration and were widely known for their esoteric knowledge and occult skills.”[460]  French author Gerard de Sede declared that the Merovingans are descendants of extraterrestrials who interbred with selected ancient Israelites.  Author David Wood echoes de Sede’s belief.

Dr. Joe Lewels, former Chair of the Department of Journalism at the University of Texas-El Paso, notes that Moses and the Israelites were never allowed to see the face of Jehovah. He wonders if this was because Jehovah was a reptile.  Lewels says the Jewish Mandaen sect believed the world was, “ruled over by the Lord of Darkness, a reptilian being…variously called Snake, Dragon, Monster and Gian…thought to be true creator of humanity.”[461]

Author R. A. Boulay came to a similar conclusion, stating that it is, “abundantly clear that our creators and ancestors were not of mammal origin but were of an alien saurian breed.”[462]  Both Lewels and Boulay wondered if Jehovah was one of the Sumerian Anunnaki who took such a keen interest in the descendents of Mesopotamian patriarch Abraham, whose grandson Jacob became known as Israel, a name soon taken on by an entire people.

Some believe the name Israel is an acronym for the Egyptian god OsirIS, the Anunnaki god RA and the Mesopotamian god EL.  Masonic historian Manley P. Hall stated that the Ancient Mysteries were handed down to mankind by, “their progenitors, the Serpent Kings, who founded the Mystery Schools…and other forms of ancient occultism.”[463]  The bible itself is home to scores of references to dragons and other reptiles, most notably the snake which corrupted Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

More recently, Kathy Ferguson, in her book The Trans-Formation of America, claims she and thousands of others have been abducted by alien lizard beings and taken to the White House and other global power centers, where they were repeatedly raped by George Bush, Dick Cheney and others.  Ferguson says she personally witnessed Bush shape-shift into a large green reptile.  Others have made similar claims regarding Queen Elizabeth II and other members of Europe’s “special bloodlines” Black Nobility.

Where Icke departs from other writers is that he believes this hybrid race are a separate species from the rest of humanity and that these intruders control the world’s banking system and preside over “royal” secret societies, whose “Biggest Secret” (the title of one of Icke’s books) is their reptilian origin.  Icke writes, “a race of interbreeding (‘royal’ reptile-human hybrid) bloodlines…were centered in the Middle and Near East in the ancient world and, over thousands of years since, have expanded their power across the globe…creating institutions like religion to mentally and emotionally imprison the masses and set them at war with each other.”[464]

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

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    Enjoy this article from my friend Dean Henderson… He’s a fountain of information on these mocked and ridiculed topics…
    Edward Freeman

  2. Chain of command: Rothschilds to MI-6 to CIA. The Barons are doing about $1T per year in drug profits. Try explaining that to a Snowflake.

  3. BTW… Clintons/Bush/Obama/Trump. All.The.Same. Get it? Finally?

  4. Let’s bring a little reality into the perception of “Lizard” or “Saurian” or “Dragon.” The factual reason the “Israelites” (which never existed) weren’t allowed to look on the face of “Jehovah” is because he had been horribly disfigured. Ready? he is “Yuya” the “Vizier” of “Amenhotep III.” Look closely at images of his mummy: someone had driven a spike into his forehead and “popped” his right eye. It is no coincidence the startling resemblance to “Popeye” this person exhibits, nor the little “Olive Oil Bun” on his wife. That is one of the Programming Devices of the Elite/Media, to mislead and misdirect.

    If one goes to the Thebanmummyproject” website, there is a very old photograph of Yuya when his tomb was first discovered: he has an incredibly long neck. I suspect three extra vertebrae. This is a not uncommon mutation found in China. His neck is freakishly long.

    How did he get disfigured/blinded? Go look at the “Narmer Palette.” Narmer, wearing a lion’s tale, is Naram Simha, the Hindu Lion/Man. He is depicted driving a stake into Yuya’s forehead. On the reverse side, Yuya is depicted wearing a mask. Now, go to those “Mysterious Chinese Statues” found in China in 2013: that is Yuya, wearing a mask.

    His actual name? Oh, he had many aliases. One of which is “Akhenaton.” Look closely: “Akhenaton” is depicted wearing a mask. Look closely: “Akhenaton” has a very long neck, as does his sister/wife, Diti…the Beautiful Diti…Nefer Diti.

    Now, the truth about “Israel”: there wasn’t one. You see, the “Merenptah Stele” is the only “evidence” of any mention of an “Israel.” Allegedly. But if that is true, then explain this: Merneptah (Mer=water, neptah=Neptune) is stated to translate as “Beloved of Ptah.” And this is the 13th son of Ramses II. (Lord Rama). So, Merneptah left this stone, carved with the inscription “Israel’s seed is no more.”

    However…a real researcher would discover that “Merneptah” had many titles as king of Egypt. One of them is Jaashefit. Aka “Jehosephat” the “Israeli” king that Merneptah allegedly killed when destroying “Israel.”

    Got that? Merneptah was king of JEZREEL, the “City of Seed.” Pronounced “Yezreel” because there was no “J” in the vocabulary then.

    Yezreel, not any evidence at all for any “Israel.”

    Interestingly, the Christians have a legend of a fellow they label as a “Buddhist” named “Josephat.” Josephat and Balaam.

    Now…Yuya was an Akka…and they are aka “Min/Mein/Karin”…the LONG NECKS. he was a blacksmith, and it was he that forged the meteoric steel sword found on Tut’s chest in death. That meteorite was called the Nantan. AkkaNantan..Akhenaton. Yuya was said to be from “AkMin” aka Al-Khemmis. Alchemist.

    He “pulled a sword from a stone.”

    The entire 18th dynasty from Thutmose IV is fake. Fake.

    The Karin have a “creation myth” of a Golden Dragon. That is Yuya and his long neck, and the smoky hearth he used to forge his metal. He is a “mes”…Egyptian for Smithie. “Mesh”….as in Mes Aynak, the Afgan location where a copper-forging culture was uncovered in 2014, with thousands of Buddhist icons forged from copper.Mes Aye Naka/Naga…the Dragon in the Nountain…a long-necked blacksmith.

    He is a “Sauropod.” And an icon of a Sauropod named “Yahweh” was found in today’s “Israel.” Do the research…they weren’t “Aliens”…they were “Alina”…the HELLENES.

  5. Another alias of “Yuya” is The Catfish. Kujula Kadphises, the grandfather of Kaneshka…the king that wore an elephant scalp on his head. “Ganesh.”

    Interestingly, the Thai call “Ganesh” by another name: “Pic-a-net.”

    That is none other than an Egyptian that was called “Peneb Kanet.” Ganesh is depicted holding many items in his 8 arms. Peneb Kanet bragged of the 8 gifts his king and awarded him for bravery in battle.

    Are there “Aliens?” I would hope so in a Universe that has no boundaries. Are they ruling this planet?

    No. They are not. Alina may be, with their stranglehold on money-creation and Media.

    So much deception is is difficult to know where to start the deprogramming. But one more example: Last year, there were article that “lost passages” of the Babylonian king called “Gilgamesh” had been found. It spoke of his “trampling the forest in glee” after killing his foe called “Humbaba” in an ambush.

    Immediately, I grasped something that had been “bouncing around” in my thoughts on this king.

    You see, the oldest text calls “Gilgamesh” by his actual name: Bilgames.

    And words mean something…trample was the word for me. So off I went…on a museum expedition…to the Gilgamesh museum in northern Thailand. In two of the halls, no photographs are allowed. In another, it is, so I was snapping photos of the exhibit of masks…lots of them. Then I went to the two halls where no photos are allowed. Of course, that didn’t stop me. Especially when I came upon a small exhibit of a baby elephant…named Bilgames. That is correct: baby elephant. You see, a real researcher would discover that “Gilgamesh” bragged of “building the walls of Babylon.” Indeed…a baby elephant grew up to be a working elephant. His “buddy” Enkidu is the Duke Enki. Kein. Enki is the “Trickster” god of the “Akkadians.

    The “Akka.”

    The Hindu speak of a man called “Nakula” that marries an Indian princes named “Karinumati.” He is the Naka/Naga Ula.

    Ula/Uli is Yuya. Karin Uma Ti is the mother goddess of the Karin…the Long-Necks of the Hilltribes. Karin are a branch of the Akka.Min/Mein.

    Famous as smithies and weavers using Indigo dye. The Hindu depict “Agni” (Gani/Cain) the “god of fire” as blue-skinned. Same with Vishnu, that forged “Shiva’s sword. The Hindu pronounce Shiva as “Shu.” Shu is the “god of wind” of the Egyptians: he is actually the guy that worked the BELLOWS of the HEARTH for the Mes/Smithie. Vishnu is an invention of 400 BC according to the Tamil (Elamites) records.

    The Blue Skin is the Indigo dyed clothes they wore…from Kerala of the Puru empire to Caral, peru. Where red & white striped “Fire temples” were unearthed…and left “unidentified.”

    The huge spiriling “tunnels” carved in the mountain tops of Peru are BELLOWS directed into the “heart of the mountians” where the “Gani/Cains” (miners” dug the ore then smelted by the Mes….Smithies.

    The “Inca” (Cain anagram) had mines. yes, do the research. They followed a more ancient culture: the Moshe. MES!

    Michigan is named after the MesGani. Wisconsin means Vishnu (Sun) and Sin (Moon). The “lost mines of Sol(sun) and omon (moon).

    So they have been found, in Michigan to Peru. In the Mex-ican (Mes Gani) Michoacan (mes gani).

    The Media just simple lies to us, they ARE the “Devil.” As was Yuya…he is the “Precept of the Asura” that was blinded in his right eye in Hindu mythology. And he is the “Israeli” king that Narmer drove a spike into his face. Now you know why all those actors are portrayed covering their rights eyes: they want to work for the “Devil” himself. The MEDIA.

    Yuya was also king of Medea. But as Yayati of Puru, he is the Yeti…abominable to look upon. Red haired. As king of Kushan/Kush, he is called Ye Li Ti…Juli. Yeti.

    That photo at Thebanproject…his buriall cage is of S.E. Asian origin…and has a ROMAN BIRD on it. “Ku” means “Holy Father.”

    KuJula…is he Juli (us), the Ka of “Eser”/Caeser? Is he Aquila…the eagle, named for his long, aquiline nose?

    He is blue from Indigo dye, found in Peru as long ago as 6000 BC and 4500 BC in Egypt, the two oldest location known.

    My *belief* is that he descends from Neanderthal Kings.

    Reality: archaeologists state the ancient hearths for smithing are found at Neanderthal settlements. They used that Red Ochre they buried their dead covered in…that is Iron Ore.

    Is that why the Media portrayed “Iron Man” in a red suit? Very probable. The original “iron man” was a statue found on border of today’s Altai region, made of meteoric steel, with a swastika on his chest. In one of the Hollywood “Iron Man” movies…he is dying because of that “awful device” (power unit) on his chest. Coincidence? Hardly.

    Yuya’s skull is that of a Neanderthal. And they had red hair, according to anthropologists. Exhibits of them in Germany’s Egyptiche museum are portrayed red haired.

    So, be very skeptical of the “Media” and of “mainstream science”…they distort and outright decieve us about “Israel.”

    it was Yezreel…the City of Seeds, and Merneptah/Jaashefit was the king there.

    Another of Ramses II (Lord Rama)’s sons was a famous general and chariot warrior. Weben Hurriya….Ben Hur. Got that? “Lord Rama” was from “Ayudhya” according to the Indian Hindu. Ramses II was from Tel Al-Yehudiyah. The “Rama” kings of today’s Thailand are originally from Ayutthaya.

    All three mean “Fortress/Mound of the Jews.” Today’s king of Thailand, like his predecessors, has a very telling title: “King of the Jews.”

    Judea was the way 1600 AD visitors to Siam called “Ayutthaya.”

    There now…the deprogramming has begun. Ramses II/Lord Rama’s father is Yuya…”Dasartha/Dushartha/Tushratta.”

    Tushratta killed his own father” King Arta.

    That my friends is Amenhotep II…the Ptah/Butah/Buddha known as Amitabha…”Bhima Ata”…an anagram of Amitabha.

    Bhima “wrestled with a demon all night.” he had 10 or 12 sons.
    Jacob “wrestled with an angel of the Lord all night” He had 10 or 12 sons.

    The son called Isaac was BLIND. That is Yuya. He came from a land famous for their red-headed people: today’s Kyrgyzstan. From that area called “Issyk.”

    Amenhotep II….was actually of the 14th dynasty kings lineage. Most people are blissfully unaware that the 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th dynasties ran CONCURRENTLY.

    His father only had one royal title : Wa Ankh. That is pronounced Wa’anx.

    He is a Greek King of old: The Homeric WANAX.

    Deprogramming now in “full on” mode.

  6. It is all propaganda! the Zionist Bolsheviks killed 80 mil–the allies killed 50 mil–the Germans killed almost as many as the allies–we don’t need Nazi’s (right sector) in this world!! Thank god that the Russians finally kicked the bolsheviks out! (they were all Zionists – (lUCIFERIANS) Put out of power in 1991 thanks to Gorbachev –the bolsheviks ended their reign of terror when Stalin died in 1954–the world should be thankful that Putin is there! Now the Bolsheviks ARE SET TO rule in America! America Beware!!

    Born: December 11, 1918, Kislovodsk, Russia
    Died: August 3, 2008, Moscow, Russia

    Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was a true Russian, novelist, historian, and writer. He was an outspoken critic of the Zionist Bolshevik Soviet Union and Bolshevik Zionist communism and helped to raise global awareness of its Gulag forced labor camp system. PLUS, Putin is an Orthodox Christian! And thats why Zionists hate him so!


  7. BTW: when I left the Ganesh museum, a black helicopter flew low overhead. I returned a month later to try to sneak more photos: the mask exhibit had disappeared. I took photos of the empty space.

    After that, everywhere I traveled in northern Thailand, I would have a helicopter follow me around…not always the black one, sometimes there were white ones, red ones. Sometimes two, at 180 deg apart. Circling me, trying to intimidate me.

    It is no joke: they are still doing it in UK, and now in US. That is because a close look at Masonic iconography shows that “Yuya” is the long-necked icon with closed eyes (blind) they label “Hiram Abiff.” Horem the Scribe….”Homer” the Scribe.
    They know: control the message, control the people. In the Berlin Egyptche museum, he is “Maya” the blond-haired “Head Priest of 1400 BC Lower Egypt.” Maya=Illusion. He is Elu/Illu of sais On, the two main religious centers of Lower Egypt.

    Maya is literally Ilu of Sais-On…Illusion. This is “Zi-On.” At On, the worshiped a huge serpent. I know what that was. It is the serpent that Buddha and Vishnu rest on: Shesha. Shesha is aka Kunda.

    Before Buddha died, he asked Anan to go comfort Cunda, who had fed him pork before he died. Got it yet?
    AnanCunda…Anaconda…HUGE SERPENT. Proof the Hindus and Greeks were in the Amazon basin.

    More: “Raising Lazarus” meant a cult ceremony where Azur/The Blue One was “raised” in a ceremony. In Tut’s tomb exhibit at Seattle, I discovered a large statue of “Osiris” (The Dog Star that is Blue) covered with faded blue coating. Osiris is Azur…earlu images of him depicted “Osiris” as BLUE.

    Later, he was depicted green. Much later. First he was Blue, with a VERY long neck.
    In Latin, L’Azurus…Lazarus. Tut raised this statue in a cult ceremony. Artists portray “Lazarus” as BLUE.

    Tut had the sword that “Vishnu” forged for “Shu/Shiva.” Tut is his son…Ya’s Shu/Yashu…Yeshua.
    Go look closely at the Guldestrup cauldron….that is Tut being wrapped in linen by the priestly “Kohannim Cadol” caste in death…and on the reverse as a Buddha. Kohannin are Cohen. Cadol are Catholics.
    THAT is the “Holy Grail.”

    Tiye, his grandmother? He has a lock of her hair in his tomb.
    She was aka “Nimue.” The Lady of the Lake. Oh yes, she was: Yuya as “Tushratta” wrote her a letter…an Amarna Tablet.

    People, Tushratta/Yuya calls the dead king “My Brother Nimmuriya.”

    Nimmuriya. Amenhotep III’s title. King that build a LAKE for his queen…as did many 14th dynasty kings for their queens. King Nimmuriya and Queen Nimue.

    Nimue is a name of The Lady of the Lake. She gives “Sir Bedevere” a sword: Excaliber. Tiye gave her son Pedewar a dagger: he used it to slice the throat of Ramses III…almost decapitating him. Fact. The “Harem Consppiracy.” Pedewar and Bedevere are same name.

    He is the “Screaming Mummy” of Egyptian fame. Ramses III forced Tiye into his harem, and she didn’t like it.

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