Funny Money & Bad Acid

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The construction of two major canals near the turn of the century was essential to Four Horsemen and Illuminati plans to make the world dependent on oil.

While Marcus Samuel’s Shell Oil began shipping Indonesian crude through the new Suez Canal which linked the Red Sea to the Mediterranean in 1892, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil lobbied for the construction of the Panama Canal.

The Suez Canal ended the long journey which trade ships running between Europe and South Asia were forced to take around Cape Horn.  The Panama Canal ended the equally laborious task for US ships carrying supplies between East and West coasts around the Cape of Good Hope.

With the Panama Canal completed, Panama fell under the control of US Marines for decades. It still serves as headquarters for the US Southern Command, which polices all of Latin America.  The word panama means “a dark stain from one’s past” and the country soon lived up to its name, developing a shadowy off-shore banking network to serve the tax evading corporations whose ships moved through the locks of the Canal.

Panama’s status as off-shore banking haven was set up by former World Bank director and Panamanian President Nicolas Ardito Barletta.  The opium-stained Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC) purchased Marine Midland Bank to become the clearing agent for Panama’s Central Bank.  The Nugan Hand Bank branch in Panama City was run by CIA Director Bill Colby.  In 2005 HSBC bought Banistmo, a Panamanian bank which is the largest in Central America, for $1.8 billion.

On January 1, 1955 Vice-President Richard Nixon met with a group of Panamanians in Honduras.  The very next day Panama’s leftist President Jose Antonio Remon was gunned down.  Remon had dared to raise questions over the recently negotiated Panama Canal Treaty. [438]  During the 1960s, Panama became a springboard for South American cocaine.  The city of Colon in the Canal Zone was transformed into a Wild West collage of arms dealers, drug peddlers and bandits.  This unsavory cast of characters reveled in the shadow of the hulking Chevron Texaco oil refinery situated in Colon.

Panama is home to 130 international banks. [439]  These banks, an offshore CIA/Mossad/MI6 paymaster bonanza, are what US Marines and Southcom are really protecting.  As Marine Major Smedley Butler said in the early 20th century, “War is a racket…War is largely a matter of money.  Bankers lend money to foreign countries and when they cannot pay, the President sends the Marines to get it.”[440]

In 1972 Bernie Cornfield launched Investor’s Overseas Services (ISO) in Panama.  ISO provided cover for CIA agents and sold shares in the Dreyfus Fund, which facilitated Third World capital flight. [441]  Cornfield’s business partner in Switzerland was Permindex-paymaster Tibor Rosenbaum, head of the Swiss-based Banque du Credit Internacional (BCI).

Rosenbaum founded the Israel Corporation with Baron Edmond de Rothschild. He was delegate to the World Zionist Conference in Basel after WWII, out of which Israel was created.  He provided weapons to the Stern Gang and Haganah Zionist terror groups that brutally seized land from Palestinians during the 1940’s to create Israel.  He was paymaster for the Israeli Mossad. Ninety percent of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s funds flowed through his BCI, whose acronym is one “C” shy of a now-familiar Karachi spook den.  The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz once declared, “Tibor Rosenbaum is Israel”. [442]

BCI skimmed profits from Meyer Lansky’s Cuban casinos and drug trafficking operations, diverting the profits to MI6 and Mossad. [443]  Lansky was a lieutenant of Lucky Luciano. He got his start in organized crime with help from the Rothschild family.  When Lansky’s friend, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, was tossed out of Havana in 1959, he moved his operations to the Bahamas, where he backed Prime Minister Lynden Pindling and his drug cronies.  Santos Trafficante succeeded Lansky.

Another Lansky lieutenant, Robert Vesco, gained control of Cornfield’s IOS and launched Resorts International.  Vesco got financing from Chase Manhattan Bank and Prudential, both controlled by the Rockefeller combine.  Additional financing came from Paul Louis Weiller, a French aristocrat from the David-Weill family that controls France’s most powerful investment bank Lazard Freres, a big-time stockholder in the US Federal Reserve. [444]

A key Vesco consultant was Henry Kissinger aide Richard Allen, a key player in October Surprise who became Reagan Administration NSA.  Kissinger married a former Rockefeller aid and bought his Georgetown mansion with Rockefeller gifts and loans.  He stores his important documents at Rockefeller’s Westchester County, New York palatial bomb shelter. [445]  Allen lobbied Washington on Vesco’s behalf to create more offshore banking havens in places like Portugal, Tonga, Vanuatu and Dominica.

When Swiss authorities apprehended Vesco for his involvement in IOS, the CIA sprung him from a Geneva prison.  Vesco became an international fugitive and took refuge in Costa Rica in the early 1970’s where he found a business partner in President Don “Pepe” Figueres, whose son Marti succeeded him and continued dealing with Vesco.  In 1974 Santos Trafficante moved to Costa Rica.  When DEA undercover agent Frank Peroff fingered Vesco as ringleader of a massive heroin smuggling ring, he was fired and his life threatened.  The Nixon White House squelched a Congressional investigation of Vesco.  Dan Moldea claims in his book The Hoffa Wars that Nixon received kickbacks from Trafficante. [446]

Vesco and JC Penney-heir George Hoag financed Billy Mellon Hitchcock’s Brotherhood of Eternal Love, which began producing LSD and hashish in Costa Rica in 1968.  The following year they took over the West Coast acid market, investing the proceeds into an IOS subsidiary.  That same year there was a notable drop-off in Bay Area political activism.  San Francisco was transformed from bastion of left-wing politics to dead zone of conflict and petty violence.  Many residents blamed Hitchcock’s bad acid.

Hitchcock is nephew of banking scion Andrew Mellon whose family owns big chunks of the Four Horsemen.  Hitchcock used Hell’s Angels to push his acid. He got help from Ronald Joseph Stark, who worked with P-2 Freemasons in Italy and frequented the US Embassy in London. [447]  Was Hitchcock’s Brotherhood part of the CIA MK-ULTRA mind control program, enabled by the Muslim Brotherhood House of Saud?  Was the global banking oligarchy pushing bad acid to shut down the American left?

Robert Vesco was arrested by the Cuban government in 1993 on charges of sewing sedition as an agent of “special foreign services”. [448]

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


3 responses to “Funny Money & Bad Acid

  1. “Sowing” sedition is what you mean…

  2. cui bono…?

    see also : Murder by Injection – Eustace Mullins.

    there is only one source for BAD FAITH/Injustice/Terrorisism

    the Money Changers/Pharisees

    no one on Earth HAS to believe lies…

  3. From Elvis Presley to Sgt Pepper’s to Inagodadavida psychedelic myopia , all in a few short years – bewildering – like somebody pressed the fast forward key . Intended ? . Counter Culture ya man against the ‘establishment ‘ , far out man . Well some of it was , but looking back I can’t help but think Counter Culture has a double meaning , an inside joke . Turn on , tune in , and drop out – a phrase Marshall McCluhan coined , he a darling of Madison Avenue .

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