October Surprise & The Hardy Boys

(Excerpted from Chapter 10: The Iran/Iraq War: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Richard Brenneke, the CIA pilot who testified before Senator John Kerry’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Relations that the Honduran arms supermarket supplying the Nicaraguan contras was funded by the Medellin Cartel, and that his superior Donald Gregg told him to “stick to his job”, also claims he flew to Paris on October 18, 1980.

On his BAC-111 jet were CIA Director Bill Casey, Vice President George Bush Sr. and Bush National Security Adviser Donald Gregg.  The three met with the Iranian Hashemi brothers to whom they handed over $40 million in cash.  Jamshid Hashemi confirmed in a Nightline interview that he met with Casey twice at the Madrid Ritz-Carlton Hotel in the summer of 1980. [402]

According to October Surprise author Barbara Honneger and many others, the money was a payment to the Iranian Islamist government for delaying the release of 52 US hostages, who had been held for over a year at the US Embassy in Tehran, until after Ronald Reagan won the 1980 election.  Throughout the campaign Reagan had scored political points against his opponent, incumbent President Jimmy Carter, for Carter’s failure to win the release of the hostages.  The $40 million mullah payoff came from leftover proceeds of Nixon’s notorious Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP).

Another pilot, Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher, claims he co-piloted Brenneke’s BAC-111 flight to Paris, then whisked Vice-President Bush back to the US in an SR-71 Blackbird spy plane.  Brenneke was tried for perjury in a Portland, OR case brought by Richard Secord’s Enterprise personnel.  Despite testimony against Brenneke by many high-profile witnesses including 30-year CIA veteran Donald Gregg, Brenneke was acquitted of all charges.  Russbacher was later framed in a petty crime scam and is serving a prison sentence at Terminal Island, CA. [403]

Both Donald Gregg and Robert Gates were Carter National Security Council members. They were in an ideal position to feed information to the Reagan/Bush campaign regarding Carter Administration efforts to win release of the Iranian hostages.  The Republicans did everything they could to thwart Carter’s efforts.  The Reagan camp created a task force headed by Richard Allen to make sure there would be no October Surprise.  Allen and Gregg would both be appointed National Security Advisers in the new Reagan Administration.  Robert Gates became Deputy Director of Casey’s CIA and was later CIA Director in the Bush Sr. Administration.

On the very day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated President, the 52 American hostages were released by their Iranian captors.  Jimmy Carter later told the Village Voice that he believed there had been a conspiracy by the Reagan/Bush campaign to delay the hostages’ release until after the 1980 election.  Carter also stated that he believed Donald Gregg was the mole who was helping Reagan/Bush from within his Administration.  Gregg was later named US Ambassador to South Korea by Bush Sr.

Carter’s closest National Security Adviser on the hostage crisis was Gary Sick.  Sick, who remained silent for nearly a decade, wrote an April 15, 1990 article in the New York Times, stating that after years of research on the topic, he too believed there had been a conspiracy.  Both Carter and Sick say Israel was deeply involved in the subsequent Iranian arms shipments which were part of the hostage release deal.

As soon as the hostages were released, shipments of US advanced weaponry began arriving in Iran.  Stibam Corporation of Milan, Italy facilitated the arms-for-oil deal between Israel and Iran which ended the hostage crisis.  Royal Dutch/Shell and BP delivered the oil to Israel, while the Enterprise delivered arms to the Ayatollah.  Banco Amrosiano financed the transaction. [404]  Stibam was a conduit for Turkish Gray Wolves heroin money and worked closely with the CIA in sending arms to Somalia, Taiwan and the Philippines.  Stibam’s offices were in the Banco Ambrosiano building in Milan. Both were connected to the Italian P-2 Freemason Lodge, which funds fascist terror networks worldwide. [405]

Quietly, David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank released $10 billion in frozen Iranian assets which the bank had seized when its good friend the Shah had fallen.  Some of these funds went to the Shah’s sister Princess Ashraf, who used the money to finance projects being undertaken by CIA Director William Casey’s private intelligence network known as the Hardy Boys.

One such endeavor unfolded in Hong Kong, where in 1981 Hardy Boy John Shaheen set up the ill-fated Tetra Finance and Hong Kong Deposit & Guaranty, whose directors included a top lieutenant to UAE leader and BCCI owner Sheik Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahiyan, and a close associate of Saudi Intelligence Chief and BCCI laundryman Kamal Adham.  The $20 million it took to start the two Hong Kong banks came from Princess Ashraf.  She had been solicited for the funds by Cyrus Hashemi, who a year earlier had twice met with CIA Director Casey and others in Madrid.  His brother Jamshid had directed the Shah’s SAVAK secret police.

Another Casey Hardy Boy, Swiss businessman Itzak “Bruce” Rappaport, had close connections to National Bank of Oman CEO Qais al-Zawari.  Oman’s monarch Emir al-Qaboos had been given 100 acres of prime land near the Port of Karachi by the Pakistani government, ostensibly for his financial support of the CIA-sponsored Afghan mujahadeen.  Oman is a GCC member and Exxon stronghold.  The National Bank of Oman was owned by BCCI and was the main conduit for CIA/GCC aid to the Afghan mujahadeen.  BCCI had close relations with Oman-based Tetra Tech, run by CIA agent James Critchfield, and worked with Shaheen’s Tetra Finance in Hong Kong to finance Chinese government arms shipments to the mujahadeen.  Senator John Kerry’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Relations would later conclude that, “BCCI and the CIA have shaped Oman’s foreign policy”.

Rappaport was also close to the Saudi Gokal brothers who were BCCI’s biggest shippers.  Rappaport controlled accounts in Switzerland that had received $10 million from the Sultan of Brunei.  He owned Intermaritime Bank of Geneva and New York.  One Intermaritime Director is Alfred Hartman, a director at both BCCI and Banca Nacionale de Lavoro (BNL).  Hartman also ran BCCI Swiss affiliate, Banque de Commerce et de Placements.

Another of Casey’s Hardy Boys was James Guerin, who invented nuclear trigger technology, then delivered it to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in 1989, with help from BCCI.  Most of BNL’s illegal loans to Iraq went through BCCI, including one that paid for the Columbine Heads necessary to make the nuclear trigger.  There were over 3,000 telex lines between BNL and Iraqi government agencies.  BCCI sold the Russians the technical manual for Rockwell International’s Navstar Global Positioning System. [406]

Ten years after the fact, the US House of Representatives formed an October Surprise Task Force chaired by Indiana Democrat Lee Hamilton.  Hamilton is cozy with the US intelligence community.   Just as he’d done earlier while presiding over the Iran/Contra hearings, Hamilton torpedoed the October Surprise inquiry.  Both times he got help from Task Force Chief Counsel Larry Barcella, a BCCI defense lawyer close to the CIA.

Barcella had prosecuted Michael Townley, a goon of Chilean General Augusto Pinochet’s, who gunned down Chilean exile leader Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit of the Washington, DC progressive think tank, the Institute for Policy Studies. Barcella, in his prosecutorial role, kept the inquiry limited in scope and portrayed Townley as a lone gunman, acting independently from Pinochet’s brutal DINA secret police.  Barcella was also protecting soon-to-be President George Bush Sr. since Bush, then CIA Director, had known an attack on Letelier was coming, yet failed to inform the FBI.

Later Barcella took charge of the sham prosecution of Nugan Hand Bank courier and former head of Naval Task Force 157 Edwin Wilson.  Michael Ledeen, the US State Department’s “terrorism expert” at the time, told Barcella that Wilson’s Egyptian Air Transport (EATSCO) business partners Richard Secord and Theodore Shackley had get-out-of-jail-free cards.  So Barcella limited the scope of the trial, skewering Wilson as fall guy.  Michael Ledeen would resurface in 2006, arguing for the bombing of Iran.

In 1985 Barcella counseled the Pentagon in its quest to find legal loopholes to make private arms sales to the contras possible.  In 1987 he represented Oliver North at the Iran/Contra trial, assuring that North took the rap while Bush, Secord and the CIA were shielded.  In 1988 Barcella was hired by Clark Clifford and Robert Altman to defend them in a BCCI money laundering case.  They were both acquitted.  BCCI paid Barcella $159 million for his services. [407]

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


6 responses to “October Surprise & The Hardy Boys

  1. rabbitnexus

    A lot of details filled in, thanks.

  2. Dean: I wish Media could provide so substantial info., Somehow, I’m intrigued about Rockefeller releasing 10 billion to Iran when, amidst the Iran-Irak War, the U.S Supreme Court sentenced that 30+ billions of Shah’s US deposits -money belonging to Iran- were not to be returned to Iran.
    About Townley, he didn’t shot Letelier and Moffit, he placed a bomb below their car. Without fully extinwishing the flames, guys with dark sun glasses retrieved Letelier’s attache case, understood to have compromising documents to US politicians. Townley runned back to Chile hoping Pinochet would provide a hide away, but bearing US pressure on Chile’s Junta culminated in surrendering Townley to the US. He was pointed to be a double agent, afterwards, there were little or none news on his fate..

  3. Dean, very informative reading. Way ahead of Anthony Sampson’s Seven Sisters. Surprised you haven’t been set up by these people yourself. You have certainly researched your subject. Nothing is what it seems.You are doing a good job in bringing these facts into the public domain so people can at least read about what really is going on. Most people haven’t a clue.i enjoy your site and have been reading your posts for some time. terrific stuff.

    • Thanks very much John! They’ve tried to do me in twice…but the dumb inbred bastards failed both times…

      • Gunther Rusbacher Jr. was a close personal friend of mine. I wish he would have written the stories his father told him. The things that happened when he was a child due to these events are mind blowing. God rest his soul!

  4. Dean, I had the same problem back in the 70’s. Worked for Esso (Standard OIl NJ) Was working there before and after the Oct “69 Coup. Saw what there were getting up to in Libya and how they got rid of employees who didn’t toe the line or complained about their abuses of any form of safety in their work practices.I could tell a few stories myself. Gadaffi was a good man who took them on and made them comply with the laws of his country. Previously they had the King Idris in their pocket and placemen in all the government ministeries which gave them the right to do anything they liked. I was not surprised to see in the American Free Press that they were playing the same game in Alaska as they did in Libya. This is why i find your articles so interesting as i have seen some of this first hand for myself. I think you are right about Freemasonry. In Libya all Supervisors from Grade 23 and above had to become Freemasons. I didn’t think much of it at the time but came up against it later so then i put 2 and 2 together. Also saw a Uk Ch4 programme in which a Vietmanese woman was interviewed She had been used by Henry Kissinger to take a personal message to the Pres of South Vietnam. She made the remark on the programme that they were all Freemasons. Must have a good read of your other articles. They make compelling reading for me. Thanks Dean.

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