Rense Interview: You Got Trumped


Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


3 responses to “Rense Interview: You Got Trumped

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  2. Speaking as a progressive, disabled American, I’m really scared of the next administration. Republicans don’t believe people like me deserve to even live. Sure, I’m disappointed in Obama. I didn’t even vote for him the second time because Guantanamo Bay was still open and we still had troops in Afghanistan. Mostly. I was disappointed in the ACA, too. We should have FINALLY gotten the single-payer healthcare the rest of the industrialized world already has, not this hodge-podge of concessions to the insurance industry that we got. I was, however, in total agreement with what you said about the 60s and 70s being the best period to be an average American worker. I came from a union family. The Teamsters lifted my grandparents into the middle class. I married a union man. The Laborer’s Union paid for our son’s birth. They made sure the boss paid my husband a living wage. We had enough to pay rent at home (where we lived on weekends and off periods) and at the job site. But I watched as much of America fell down the rabbit hole, buying into the whole “trickle down” nonsense of the 80s. You are correct, until the worker who is actually creating wealth gets a share of that wealth, we are a doomed society.

  3. The Wise need to remember that there is no such thing as Benevolence within Malevolence. Malevolence is also known as Division and when Thinking Humans are innately Divided-Within, that is all Malevolence needs to Rock The Boat of Humanity. For then, said Boat will Sink – Sooner, if not Later.

    Materialised Humans are The Insane who believe that, somehow but don’t know how, they are The Sane. “Mohammed”, who was illiterate and therefore did not wrote The Koran and was in fact “Poisened to Death” by You Know Who, said “Islam”, which translates to “Surrender your Insanity”. Like ALL the Semitic Religions nurtured by their Religiosities, The Islamics, in general, Surrender their Sanity. That happens when the individual becomes Divided-Within/”Thoughtful”. You know, being Multi-Faceted in Nature. No wonder when the individual is “awakened”, his first duty is To Judge Another, thereby keeping intact The Greed-Fear Within to Live Another Day.

    NO Human was born with Thought, The Innocent/Thoughtless Human being able to See, Breathe, Consume, Eliminate and so forth without having to “Think About It”. In fact, once the individual starts “Thinking About It”, that is when problems start looming. Be prepared, therefore, to “subscribe indefinitely” to Oxygene Inc.’s brand of Pure Oxygen to become one of The Bestest, Mostest & Greatest lurking within some Kibuttzim Swamp.

    Those who are The Shades of Grey believe that “One Drop of Black” in “An Ocean of White” will not tarnish “White”, The Duty of Diversity/”Colours” being to realise Collectivity/”White”. That is when, somehow but don’t know how, there is Truth within UnTruth. Be conscious and be aware, then, that To be Awakened is having the ability to self-Judge. To having the courage to be sincere/loving with self instead of relegating one’s Insanity to Anger-Guilt/Guilt-Anger such that said Insanity is able to “circulate unhindered”. The self-flagelatting being an example much like The Vacuously Parroting who, once a year, get nailed to their Crossings.

    No wonder Malevolence is also known as Division due to The Kreature being institutionalised as Thought within The Thinking Human, there being 2 Realms to Thought. Namely The Past, aka Gross-Femininity, and The Future, aka Gross-Masculinity, there being no such thing as Thought within The Present. In fact The Past is merely The Future “Further Down The Time”, Past & Future being, “The 2 Faces of The Same Coin”. Insanity is when either The Past or The Future are co-struggling to acertain which is The Present.

    When The Divine, who is also The Energy Creator, exists, what is Anger-Guilt/Guilt-Anger? When “The Ocean of Forgiveness” exists [because Energy Creativity exists], what then is “Birth-Death”, and why is there Cruelty-Cunning? Really? Next, “they” will be saying that it is AOK to Pillage&Plunder/be-malevolent because some Booke sez it is OK to do so. How come The Book which sez that It is NOT OK to Pillage & Plunder seldom has A Voice? Perhaps it is because The Vast Majority favour Gossip to The State of their Enslavement. You know, when “Cure” is better than “Prevention”. When “Smokers” find it a chore to Smoke Outside when they could Smoke Inside. Besides, they are then able to share their Smoke, Insanity being when A Joke is Running Amok. You know, when “Thought” is able to “Rationalise Effectively”.

    No wonder Quackery & Handler is way too busy accepting Tributes from their Worshipers to be bothered about being Sincere. And that is The Way Worshippers of Malevolence like it because theirs is being Famous, Fortunate & Immortalised. You know, when The Teeth, somehow but don’t know how, is always Sparkling White !

    No wonder “Mountains” covered with White Snow are for The Bestest, Mostest & Greatest of Conquerors to be framed once those pesky “Sherpas” had relinquished their “positions”. Yes, “Come-on Down from Thar! That place is Too White for you lot”. Be aware then, that Malevolence not only exists but The Kreature is also called The Joker, being The Bastion of Cruel-Cunning jokes.

    Incidentally, The Sherpas were mostly ex-Gurkhas who were used to do much to The Dirty Work of “The English Colonisers” – so long as The Scots & The Irish don’t mind too much, of course ! “Yes Lobsang, just leave The Shi*e and The Dead to The Snow “!

    Isn’t it The Greatest when Da Sideshow gets to become The Main Show when one owns The Oral Gymnasium? You know, when The Worship of one’s Demise/”Devolution” is Da Top Billing. And jokers like Da BBC are still doing it – supported by Airy-Fairies, desirous of Dancing Nakid framed-by yakity-yakking about The Birds & The Bees – whilst not forgetting to mention Dat Ole Man in Red whose penchant is to have Young Kids “Dying to Sit on His Lap” once every year!

    Yous Gottas when, like Buses All Arriving At The Same Time, you get All Yore Kicks Once a Year! Now, what should kids who do not have Christmasy Tales of Ole Men in Red, do at that time of The Year? How about Dying Like Flies when one’s Plundering & Pillaging proxies decide via The Oral Gymnasium, that, “After EyeRaq, commer EyeRan”. No wonder the precursor to that is To Flood Dem Ga-Ga with those who have Surrendered their Sanity. Is that A Joke or what !

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