Dubai, Rothschilds & Annunaki

Water monitor basking on a termite mound.  This beauty was at least four and a half feet long!

Water monitor basking on a termite mound. This beauty was at least four and a half feet long!

(Excerpted from Chapter 6: BCCI: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

All That Glitters

During this same period Dubai, one of the emirates comprising the United Arab Emirates (UAE), became a duty-free port and drug money laundry, serving much the same role as Hong Kong had during the Vietnam War.

Where Hong Kong had financed CIA opium for arms swaps in the Golden Triangle, Dubai served the CIA smack for weapons trade in the Golden Crescent, an area which comprises parts of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Golden Crescent opium production eclipsed Golden Triangle production just as the CIA was springing into action in Afghanistan.  Sharjah, another UAE emirate, has a duty-free airport specializing in covert weapons shipments. [222]

Gold is the currency of drug and weapons traffickers and Dubai is a favorite hub in the global bullion trade.  The British Bank of the Middle East dominates the Dubai gold trade. It is 100% owned by Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (HSBC), which monopolizes the Hong Kong gold trade along with Kleinwort Benson, which has close relations with Rio Tinto, a company founded on Matheson family opium proceeds.  Matheson’s heirs are the Keswick and Swire families which dominate the board of directors at HSBC, Jardine Matheson, P&O and Cathay Pacific Airlines. [223]

Kleinwort’s Sharps Pixley subsidiary is one of five firms that gather daily at N. M. Rothschild & Sons in London to unilaterally “fix” the price of gold.  Another is Mocatta Metals which is majority-owned by Standard Chartered, the bank Cecil Rhodes founded, where Lord Inchcape sits on the board.  Mocatta is a favorite conduit for Israeli Mossad financing.  Midland Bank subsidiary Samuel Montagu is a third London gold “fixer”.  Midland was bought by HSBC in 1999 and is partially owned by the Kuwaiti al-Sabah clan.  The other two gold fixers are Johnson Matthey and N. M. Rothschild, both of which have interlocking boards with Anglo-American and HSBC. [224]  Anglo-American, controlled by South Africa’s Oppenheimer family, also owns Engelhardt, which enjoys a near monopoly in refining the world’s gold.

It was the mysterious Count of Saint-Germain who first claimed to possess the esoteric knowledge necessary for the transmutation of metals like gold and for removing flaws from diamonds.  The Count stayed for a time with William IX of Hesse, whose financial adviser was Mayer Rothschild.  The Count may have imparted his secret wisdom upon young Mayer and his House of Hesse employer, who in partnership came to control the Cabalistic Frankfurt Freemason Lodge from which the German Illuminati emerged. [225]

Diamonds are important in the laundering of drug money since they are small and easy to transport, yet hold great value.  Sir Harry Oppenheimer’s De Beers controls 85% of the global wholesale diamond market.  De Beers is a subsidiary of Anglo-American where Sir Harry sits on the board.  The current De Beers chairman is Nicky Oppenheimer.  De Beers’ most valuable diamond mines are in southern Africa.  One called Jwaneng, at the edge of the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, may be the most valuable property on earth.  This vein of kimberlite, which produces diamonds, was only discovered in 1973.  De Beers also mines diamonds from off-shore platforms off the coast of Namibia.  The world’s largest store of diamonds sits under De Beers London headquarters.  The company sells rough diamonds ten times a year in London to 125 hand-picked customers at a take-it-or-leave-it set price.  De Beers was indicted in 1994 for price-fixing by the US Justice Department and to this day company officials do not set foot on US soil for fear they may be nabbed by US authorities. [226]

Diamond cutting was until recently done in only two places in the world- Antwerp, Belgium and Ashqelon, Israel.  In Antwerp the cutting was financed by Banque Bruxelles-Lambert, which is controlled by the Lambert family, cousins to the Rothschilds and owners of the scandal-ridden Drexel Burnham Lambert.  In Israel the cutting was financed by Bank Leumi, Israel’s biggest finance house which is controlled by the British Barclays Bank.  Sir Harry Oppenheimer also sits on the Barclay’s board. [227]  Recently Gujarat, India has become the location of choice for 90% of global diamond cutting due to the cheap labor it affords.  Bangkok, Tel Aviv and New York handle the rest. Eighty percent of diamond trading still occurs in Antwerp.

De Beers, like gold-fixer Standard Chartered, was founded by Cecil Rhodes in South Africa during the 1880’s.  Rhodes’ last will and testament created the Royal Institute for International Affairs which spawned the Council on Foreign Relations. Rhodes Scholars like Bill Clinton are funded by the Rhodes Trust. The principal trustee for the Rhodes estate is Lord Alfred Milner, who in 1899 provoked the Boer War through which Britain and Rhodes gained control over South Africa’s diamond and gold mines. There, black South Africans toil in one of the world’s most dangerous jobs and receive almost nothing for enriching the Oppenheimers and their cronies. The world’s three biggest mining companies- BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Anglo American- are controlled by Oppenheimer/Rothschild/RD/Shell mob. In 2010 the first two talked of merging.

Rhodes was a leader in European Freemasonry, where he mingled with the likes of the Rothschilds, King George IV, King William IV, Lord Randolph Churchill (Winston’s father), the Marquis of Salisbury, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling and Oscar Wilde.  The group was preoccupied with the notion of an Aryan super-race, a notion shared by Adolf Hitler and the ruling paradigm for the South African apartheid regime.  Their “secret knowledge” of human creation, which defies both Creationist and evolutionist theories, is bound up in the tale of the Anunnaki, who, according to recently uncovered Sumerian clay tablets, arrived around 6000 BC in Sumeria from planet Nubira.

A growing number of researchers led by Zechariah Sitchin say the Annunaki bred human slaves known in the Hebrew bible as Adamu and in English as Earthlings to mine gold necessary to patch up a hole in Nubira’s ozone layer which was caused by a collision with another planet.  One Anunnaki leader was named Nazi.  The alien gods who created Adam called their Mesopotamian colony E.DIN.  They traveled the world in search of gold, which NASA scientists agree would be the best patch for own ozone problem.  Scientists have discovered mining operations going back as far as 100,000 BC in Africa, South and Central America. [228]

The Adamus who left Eden became gold mining slaves and their worldwide deployment may explain the many holes in evolutionary and anthropological theories of the day.  It may also explain phenomena such as the Nazca Lines in Peru and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.  Adam and his descendants became slaves to these Lords.  The biblical Hebrew term avod which is commonly translated “worship” actually means “work”.  Adam and the biblical characters were not worshiping God, they were working for him as slaves.  And “God” was the Anunnaki invaders.

The Sumerian tablets provide an intriguing explanation as to why man settled into agriculture in Mesopotamia from the much easier and more sustainable practice of hunting and gathering.  The tablets state simply that the Annunaki gods made them do it.  Cities grew and the Annunaki placed one of its god/human hybrids in charge of each new urban center.  These rulers became Kings, their dynastic right to rule based on bloodlines to the Anunnaki.  The first such king was Cush, who was Noah’s grandson and the father of Nimrod.  Some researchers believe Yahweh himself was actually Annunaki earth mission commander Enli, who was a brutal tyrant.

Abraham, who all major religions claim as their patriarch, may have also been an Anunnaki hybrid.  The secret knowledge Abraham purveyed serves as the basis for all modern secret societies, from Freemasonry to Cabala to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Whether true or not, what is important is that the Illuminati elite believe that these special bloodlines give them the God-given right to enslave all Earthlings.

By the mid-1890s Freemason Cecil Rhodes launched the Diamond Syndicate, whose successor Central Selling Organization still monopolizes the global diamond trade.  Rhodes’ forays were financed by the Rothschild family.  In November 1997, when Baron Edmond Rothschild died in Geneva, he left in his trust substantial holdings in De Beers. [229]  According to former British Intelligence officer John Coleman, author of The Committee of 300, “Rhodes was principal agent for the Rothschilds…who dispossessed the South African Boers of their birthright, the gold and diamonds that lay beneath their soil.”

Coleman fails to mention that the Boers were themselves invaders and that black South Africans held the true birthright to this vast wealth.  Still, Coleman’s statement regarding the Rhodes/Rothschild relationship appears on the mark.  In 1888 Cecil Rhodes wrote his third will and left everything to Lord Rothschild.  Rhodes, Milner and Rothschild founded the Business Roundtable in London in early 1900 which charted a course for expansion of the British Empire and for Crown control over the global economy.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


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  1. Why would the monkeys have any more right to the wealth than the lions and elephants are more civilized and caring for each other.
    Plus the same jews own the mines in usa.

  2. Ernie Hopkins

    A note on the ozone hole on Nibiru, it was caused by nuclear war between factions on Nibiru according to Sitchen. The “planet collisions” were a very early event as the Nibiru system entered our solar system.

  3. Great book….very interesting. Thank you.

  4. Zacharia Sitchin was a Masonic Storyteller. The “Sumerian” (a word coined by western scholars in the 20th century for a land called “Kalam” by inhabitants) texts say no such thing about the Anunaki. That is the “seven serpent sons of Anu.” Yuya, the “vizier of Egypt” was Anunaki…his son, Ea. He had a 9″ long neck. There is nothing about “Aliens” in those texts…however, the “Alina”…the “Greeks” are the invaders of 336 B.C. Egypt, the actual date “Yuya” really lived, not “1400 B.C.” Egypt…which was called Iby, The Land of Elephants. Egypt is “Land of Ptah” or Buddha. Try “Elephantine” article at iranicaonline to educate about the deception.

  5. Tell the rothchilds the under ground cities will not hide them from YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH wrath good try though😆😅😄😃😂😊😀

  6. Dear Mr Henderson, please remove this “comment” from the comment section because it is meant for eveyone/no-one. Do not be fooled by “Knowledge” because said Knowledge [& Knowledging] has only one aim and that is to “Distract”/Befool-The-Unwary. Own Nothing and Nothing Will Be Able To Own You. Own Something and Everything Will Be Able to Own You, The MO of Humanity being Of Ownership Issue. The Energy Creator exists but ONLY The Truth Within self is able to overcome His “Maya-MahaMaya”/Illusion. Do Not rely on Knowledge. Especially not the Knowledge which is-Materialised
    /arrives-via-Materialism. It is essential to realise that Thought/Thinking is what really damages A Human, Thought being alien to EVERY Human. Incidentally, NO response will be forthcoming – should such a response be expected. It is better not “To Think About It” other than to “access” The Truth/”Divinity” refracted within ALL – by Changing from Selfishness, aka Fame, Fortune & Immortality, to Selflessness. Without ANY Mental Effort.

    When The Vast Majority lack the means to realising that Pro & Con are merely The 2 Faces of The Same Coin, said Vast Majority will also be unable to realise that The Beggars-Thieves [B-T] running The Government are there because The Vast Majority “chose” them [B-T] to Run Da Governmented. You know, their “Reflection”/Mirror.

    When one’s Legacy is, for example, Genocide, Slavery & Plunder, yakity-yakking on about, “Make Amerika Great Again”, or, “Let ‘Em All In”, is merely relegating Legacy to Anger/Greed-Guilt/Fear, the latter being The 2 Faces of The Same Coin. When The Lesson of “Legacy”/Past is not learnt, The “Progeny”/Future will be EXACTLY the same, Pro being The Other Face of [Its] Con [and vice-versa].

    The ONLY way to Neutralising & Dissipating The Past is NOT TO REPEAT Past Mistakes. Being Guilt-Angry is merely The Vast Majority’s way of “keeping”/repeating Past Mistakes. When ALL Thinkers are similarly Guilty/”Flawed”, who then is The Angry One? The Guilty One. Other than The self-Certified of Perfection, of course.

    NO Thinker should judge Another. Leave The Past-Future to The ONE who “spans” said Past-Future. The Energy Creator, aka The Divine or Compassion/Unconditionality. When The Energy Creator exists and is Real, which Energy-Transformer dares to declare that, somehow but don’t know how, he is The Energy-Creator? You know, Hypocrites like, “The Toothfairies of Science”, and, “The Righting of This, That, & The Other Socialistic-Tendencies”.

    As such, be conscious and be aware that Judgement of Another, The Thinker’s Rationale, is the sign of The Hypocrite who is merely An Energy-Transformer posturing as The Energy-Creator. Those of “The Right Side”/”Activity” whose said Activity is merely Its Egotism. Or what “Eastern Philosophy” calls, “The Demonic”. Welcome to Da Demonkrazy & Abandonment Extravaganza who ALWAYS postures as Benevolence. You know, when the sole duty of Malevolence/”Demonic-Activity” is to posture as Benevolence. But not when Malevolence will become A Myth when Energy-Creation becomes Energy-Destruction.

    As such, The Trumpeters/”Greedy” cannot understand how a Human “Could Be Soo Dumb”, with The Clinging-Ons/”Fearful” being unable to understand how, “Anyone Could be Soo Stoopid”.

    Why is “Activity” ALWAYS The Struggle between The Past and The Future in trying to determine which is The Present? Because neither of them is The Present/Reality. Afterall, you know Another Joke is coming when Either The-Past or The-Future declares that, “Eye Yams Da Present”.

    Shorely this is some kind of A Joke or perhaps It might be The Fabled Alakazam? You know, when some Booke is able to lead Da Stupide-Dumbe by their Nose-Ring into Blindly Accepting-Rejecting that Pillage & Plunder is AOK when Might-is-Right. Not so fast sweets, if only because The End, aka Regret for The Vast Majority, has yet To Arrive. You know, for when Demonkrazy & Abandonment, for The Time Being, is able to posture “successfully” as “Democracy & Freedom” for the benefit of Thinkers Inc.. Better Have Yore Bottom photocopied too whilst Partying beecuz you’ll never know when Energy-Destruction Arrives. If only because then, there will be NO Disagreement and neither will Miracles be Performed other than ONLY Energy-Destruction of “The Good for Nothing Real”.

    If true, better start self-Judgement instead of The Hypocrites’ Favourite of “Judgement of Another”/’Finking-About-Eet. You know, The Favourite Posture of Energy-Transformers pretending to be The Energy-Creator. You see, “Beecuz Zhey Kan”.

    Be aware, then, that when A Barefaced Liar is lying barefaced, the kreature is not try to “Promote” other than exhuding Its Demonic Prowess. Try NOT TO BUY ANYTHING from such a beast. More so that when the kreature is not “Pro”, it is merely “Conning”. And The Stupide-Dumbe merely believe that whenever a Human Looks Nice, Smells Nice, and say Nice Things, it must be “Nice”. Not when “Politicians” are sacrifing their chance to Evolving by showing The Vast Majority Who-What they [TVM] are. The Blindly-Accepting/”Worshipping” or The Blindly-Rejecting/”Saving”. Those of Religion & Religiosity [R&R]. Those who imagine that by “binning” The Energy Creator into Some Booke/R&R, they will be able to supplant said Energy-Creator. Perish The Thought if only because Judgement/Thinking is the means to Limiting The Limitable to their imagination. Isn’t it ironic that The Vast Majority are more interested in Gossipping than The State of their Enslavement?

  7. Janelle McKinley

    Michael Heiser, a real scholar, explained to gatekeeper Noory on c2cam that the tablets contained none of the key features of Sitchin’s fiction. Also, it does not jive with what Edgar Cayce said about the adama.

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