The Fascist Iron Circle

South America 2008 (77)  edit 1(Excerpted from Chapter 2: Hong Kong Shanghaied: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)`

While Vancouver served as the entry point for Hong Kong heroin into North America, large quantities of smack were also shipped to the southern cone of South America, where right-wing CIA death squads and Italian P-2 Freemasons worked in tandem to organize fascist political movements to snuff out leftist revolutionary groups. Here, too, there were key banks that supervised the Latin dance.

One was the Italian Banco Ambrosiano, financier of the Iranian oil for arms swap that freed the US hostages and a favorite conduit for Turkish Gray Wolves heroin proceeds derived from the Shah’s Iranian poppy fields.  Ambrosiano was run by Michele Sindona, who was a go-between in the CIA’s cozy relationship with the Italian P-2 fascist Freemasonry movement and a power broker in the Catholic Church.

In 1969 Sindona had been the financial adviser to Pope Paul VI and the Vatican Bank became Banco Ambrosiano’s biggest shareholder.  The Vatican Bank also owned a string of ten Panamanian shell companies, which it used to fund its political forays in Latin America.  Banco Ambrosiano would borrow money in the unregulated Eurodollar markets in London and use those secret funds to finance P-2 operations throughout the southern cone of South America.  P-2 Freemason activities in South America coincided with the opening of the Hong Kong heroin pipeline to Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

P-2 funded fascist political movements such as Patria y Libertad in Chile, which the CIA bankrolled via Ted Shackley’s Trak II program against democratically-elected Chilean President Salvador Allende.  Allende had threatened to nationalize Anaconda and Kennecott copper mines after taking office in 1972, so these companies along with ITT convinced US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that Allende had to go.

Kissinger, a long-time Rockefeller lieutenant and powerful member of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, has recently been targeted for extradition by Chile to stand trial for his role in the Allende coup and the terror reign of General Augusto Pinochet which followed.  The US State Department has not cooperated.

Stephen Delle Chiaie, an Italian P-2 leader who met frequently with Pinochet, founded Patria y Libertad.  While P-2 worked with the CIA in its Trak II efforts, Delle Chiaie was moonlighting in Bolivia where he ran the cocaine trade with Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie, the infamous Butcher of Lyon.  Barbie gained exile in that country with help from US Army intelligence.  Bolivia became a Coca Dictatorship in 1971 when the CIA, with financing from Erwin Gasser – Bolivia’s richest man and a member of John Singlaub’s fascist World Anti-Communist League (WACL) – sprung a coup which brought General Hugo Banzer to power.

Banzer’s Administration included many P-2 members.  Barbie and Delle Chiaie trained the Fiancées of Death, which terrorized Bolivians while backing Bolivian Army Colonel Luis Arce-Gomez in a coup, which brought General Garcia-Mesa to power in 1980.  The Argentine military helped plan the coup under CIA direction.

Barbie’s group wore swastikas and many in its ranks were foreigners.  Once their general was in power, the Fiancées of Death protected Bolivian cocaine king Roberto Suarez, while torture experts from Argentina’s Mechanic School of the Navy arrived in La Paz to interrogate Bolivian peasant leaders and unionists.  Peasant leader Simon Reyes was brutally tortured and never walked again.  Union leader Marcello Quiroga, who tried to bring Banzer to justice on drug charges, was killed.  Narcoterrorists were freed from Bolivia’s prisons and raped women whom the Argentines were interrogating.

The former German monarch von Thurn and Taxis family funded Tradition, Family & Property, another fascist movement responsible for right-wing death squad genocide throughout South America.  Members of the von Thurn and Taxis family had been involved in Hitler’s Thule Society and some were executed by Russian revolutionaries.

There are P-2 Freemason lodges in many Latin American countries, but the organization is strongest in Argentina, where a large Italian population arrived with CIA help following the fall of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini during WWII.  Sindona’s contact in Argentina was Juan Peron, who headed P-2 for all of South America.  Peron’s financial adviser was P-2 leader Lucio Gelli.  Argentina was on the receiving end of the brunt of South Vietnamese Opium Monopoly heroin entering South America.

During the 1970’s a succession of military dictatorships brutalized the Argentinean population in a reign of terror never matched in Latin America.  Over 100,000 people died as the fascist generals targeted leftist Montonero rebels.  The CIA trained the Argentineans in the fine arts of torture. William Buckley was Company liaison to the fascists.  Twenty-five thousand people were tortured, 15-20,000 disappeared and over 30,000 “suspected leftists” were tossed into the shark-infested Atlantic Ocean.  Buckley later got a taste of his own medicine, when he was tortured and killed in Beirut by Hezbollah operatives.

In the early 1960’s August Ricord’s French Connection set up camp in Asuncion, Paraguay under the protection of fascist dictator Alfredo Stroessner.  There Ricord regained contact with Klaus Barbie.  While Barbie’s Fiancées of Death wiped out Suarez’ cocaine competition, US Air Force planes flew 50,000 copies of Reverend Sun Yung Moon’s books to Bolivia in an attempt to sway unruly peasants to the teachings of friendly fascism.

Ricord employed CIA contract agent Christian David to move Bolivian cocaine north.  He got help from Paraguayan intelligence chief Pastor Coronel and General Andres Rodriguez, who headed an elite 3,000 man force which guarded Ricord’s stash and which had been trained by the US military.  Paraguayan Air Force pilots flew the coke to the US.

David also got help from the fascist Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance and Swiss banker Andre Hirsch of the Bunge & Born grain trading behemoth.  David’s successor Milton Conclaves paid Brazilian Rio de Janeiro death squads and narcotics cops to guard his shipments through that country.  In Paraguay the Brazilian head of the WACL, Carlos Barbeiro Filho, owned Financiera Urundey, which laundered dirty money from Saudi Arabia and sent Paraguayan troops to Taiwan for military training.

The Moonies and their Latin American WACL affiliates were financed by CIA-affiliated Taiwanese intelligence through Mexican agent Shuen Shigh Kao.  In 1977 the president of the Laotian branch of WACL, Chao Sopsaisana, was arrested in the US for heroin trafficking.

WACL, whose current chairman is SOG veteran John Singlaub, is part of a confederation known as Nazi International.  The group’s leader is Otto Skorzeny who ran the Nazi Gehlen organization.  Skorzeny worked for the CIA in the 1950’s and the Company organized a series of coups that brought fascists to power throughout Latin America.

These included 1963 putsches in Honduras and the Dominican Republic, the 1964 General Branco coup in Brazil that ousted the nationalist Goulart government, the 1966 Colonel Ogania-led Argentine military takeover, the 1971 cocaine coup in Bolivia that brought Banzer to power and the 1973 Trak II operation in Chile.  The CIA vision to establish a Fascist Iron Circle on the southern cone of South America had been temporarily realized.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


9 responses to “The Fascist Iron Circle

  1. Dean: to begin with, fascism has never ruled any nation except Italy. Liccio Gelli was a fascist in Mussolini times, before getting into freemasonry, nothing more opposed to fascism than freemasonry which, in any case has never tolerated anything to opposed Judaism goals. Michele Sindona, as an elementary school companion to Pope Paulus VI, convinced him about merging Vatican funds of the IOR into the Ambrosiano Bank, as to bankrupt the Vatican Finances once the Ambrosiano went down but in the last moment Roberto Calvi warned the Church which, was able to save most of the investments but unable to be fined by the USG by U$S150millions for the Ambrosiano bankruptcy. Calvi, another mason like Sindona, was hunged from the London Blackfriars bridge as a punishment for revealing the masonic plans, as Sindona was poisoned in jail, one for braking the secrecy rule, the other to be a danger in revealing masonic plans.
    Much coincidence exists into the following the death of Aldo Moro, the renewal of a Concordat with the Church, and its independence from the Italian State and certainly the attempt on John Paulus II life, the Red Brigades terrorists acts and the fact that Ali Agca, the one that shot the Pope, was a member of the Grey Wolves which in its time, were contacted by Kissinger.
    Liccio Gelli,tried to have Peron, in returning jouney to Argentina, being received by Pope Paulus VI, but was turned down. Peron had several issues with the Church and already was a prominent mason.
    Gelli did have an entrepreneur job in convincing the armed forces of Argentina into the removal of Peron´s widow from presidency, a more important job to in contacting with other masons in US or UK, to obtain
    the military junta being recognized by other states but, by the time, the subvervise reprisal was on full motion, and certainly, Kissinger blessing to Junta elimination of terrorists was followed by his approaching other Latin American states to coordinate a common action, as in the meantime, all the involved nations were indebted several times their repaying capacity.
    Gelly´s did have a role in the P-1 and P.2 lodges raise to power although,
    his offices were over once the military took power, due to his Peron relationship. From then on, Gelly´s indictment has thrown a shadow on his political command. The Argentine, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay Gvts. were under liberals control and under full liberal economic theories like Milton Friedman´s, in the hands of well known masons like in the case of the Argentine Economic minister Martinez de Hoz, that was a David Rockefeller friend and was photographed in the San Francisco masonic lodge
    As far as Klaus Barbie is concerned he was never proven to have performed the atrocities that took him to courts. For many years after residing in France, was ever accused of any crime till the time that Jews decided to accuse him of persecuting them and labeling him the “Lyon Butcher”.
    I understand that your well known farsightedness may accept commenting into your excellent article. .

    • Thx Roger
      And nothing more opposes freemasonry than fascism and national socialism. Hitler arrested and jailed more than 100,000 Freemasons as they work tandem with Jewry.

  2. The Rothschild/Rockefeller Luciferian cabal of old super rich bankster families very much wants a fascist world government under their control and control the Freemasons. This Illuminati group after WWII came to an agreement with the Nazi International and the Nazi International joined the Illuminati. After all Hitler was a Rothschild. His father’s mother was a maid for Baron Rothschild in Vienna where Vienna police records report that Baron Rothschild’s wife left him for his having sex with his gentile maids. Hitler’s father’s mother was obviously pregnant soon after returning home to her parents home. She got a check every month until her son turned 18 of course not under the Rothschild name, they no doubt arranged with a moderately wealthy family for Rothschild money be sent under this other families name.

  3. I have to disagree with Roger about fascism. If you look up the definition it fits many countries on this globe today, including the good ‘ol boys club of U.S.A. rah-rah-rah. To have unelected anonymous super wealthy globalists hiding behind the curtain, pulling the levers, is dictatorship. We see stupid greedy puppets reading the words provided by these globalists, via the teleprompters. They are bad actors and traitors who leave office super wealthy. They spend 8 years lying and then pass the job onto their idiotic sons, wives, and cronies.

    I’ve learned so much from you Dean. I think I’d lose hope altogether if not for you and the others who work endlessly, unpaid, doing their duties as citizens. If we ever regain control of our country, my wish would be you and the rest head the media, if not government. Thank you!

  4. Barbara: I agree with you in drawing a reality picture that from time to time needs to be presented as a system although, in reality is just the heavy hand of only wealthy ones that manipulate the state according to their whims and benefits taking democracy to a degenerative state.
    Certainly, the Constitution has not included the power of money as a check and balance operative but has allowed it to contaminate all branches of Gvmt. particularly the Legislative, through lobbying, the Executive, by campaign contributions and the Judicial, by combining the other two in the selection of magistrates.
    As we see, this is the consequence of representative or indirect system as opposed to a participative or direct system of making the law, in which employers and workers are directly bargaining deals, benefits, rights and general and public issues, without the biased influence of non elected ones.
    In essence, fascism is corporatism as simply described by Dean, but corporatism as one sided control of the state its not what it could be counted as fascism, irrespective of personal interpretations, literary applications or presented as scholarship.
    I understand that as it is known today, fascism depicts a different political scene than it did in the 30´s ,but somehow, MSM keeps barking at the wrong tree, pointing against the prewar nationalist states as the original sin from which derives the police state, unrestricted banking scams, warmongering, unemployment, foreclosures, homosexuality and rampant narcotic traffic, all done under the protecting umbrella of manipulated so called “democracies”.
    Neither Rothschild nor Rockefeller allow to debate on issues that may dispute their absolute power, they did it before fascism was born, during fascism and afterwards till today, hardly they would´ve fell in love with fascist ideas in power as they were against the NWO designs advanced by those two men.

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