Sanders Should Run As Independent

They feel the heat, because we feel the Bern!

They feel the heat, because we feel the Bern!

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released yesterday shows a Clinton/Trump presidential race a dead heat, with Clinton holding a slight 46%-43% edge. More revealing was the massively negative view of both candidates.

Clinton scored -20 in the positive feelings vs. negative feelings category. Trump was at -29. These are all-time record numbers and underscore the need for Bernie Sanders to – if denied the nomination at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia – run as an Independent candidate for President of the United States.

In the same poll Sanders held a +7 score in the positive feelings vs. negative arena, while handily beat Trump 54%-39% in a general election. More interesting yet, 47% of those polled said they would consider voting for an Independent of 3rd Party candidate. That’s up from 40% in April.

Democratic Party insiders remain in denial as to the non-electability of Hillary Clinton, as they have cheated and swindled their way across their rigged Dixiecrats-first primary map.

Mainstream media have followed in tow, as they have either discounted Sanders’ chances or ignored him all together, all the while claiming the billionaire casino king Trump is the “outsider” in the race.

With a little help from controlled opposition like Alex Jones and the Drudge Report, the old oligarchy bait and switch has worked yet again on many people who should know better.

Still, Sanders has won the vast majority of primaries and caucuses since Super Tuesday, draws huge rallies everyone he shows up and is only 271 delegates behind Clinton. If her 525-39 lead in the crooked super-delegate game were to flip, Sanders will be the one asking folks to “do the math”.

A Sanders rout on June 7th in California would be a game-changer. Sanders wins look quite plausible that same day in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico and New Jersey. A sweep that day would give Sanders all the momentum going into Philadelphia. Super-delegates will be twitching, especially if Hillary’s poll numbers continue to tank vis-à-vis Trump.

If there is a brokered Democrat convention – and it could easily happen – Bernie would win on the 2nd ballot and become the Democratic nominee for President.

But if Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and her coterie of Zionist controllers continue to obstruct democracy and disenfranchise voters and crown Hillary their queen in the very city which housed the Constitutional Convention, Sanders should run as an Independent.

It appears that Donald Trump – convinced Bernie would take votes from Hillary – is trying to goad Sanders into running Indy. If he were smarter, he wouldn’t do this. But he’s not.

Yellow-dog Democratic loyalists wring their hands at the possibility of a Sanders run. They should worry more about nominating a loser like Mrs. Clinton who the charlatan Trump will eat alive.

Sanders draws both Republican and Independent support and 20-30% of his supporters say they will not vote for Clinton. Count me in on “Bernie or Bust”. If Bernie is not on the ballot in November, I’ll vote for either Green Party candidate Jill Stein or Libertarian former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

I realize that Bernie Sanders, his wife and his campaign manager Jeff Weaver have all ruled out an Independent run, but it’s really not up to Bernie. It’s up to us – his supporters.

If we think Bernie should run Indy, then he should. Period. End of discussion. That’s how real democracy works.

Personally, I’m getting too old for this same old shit from a Democratic Party which long ago betrayed its working class supporters. Move to the center, placate Republicans, throw some crumbs to progressives and continue to take the corporate cheese and sell your party out on weak policy, which in turn exacerbates the record concentration of wealth occurring in this country and this world.

I worked for both Jesse Jackson and Jerry Brown. We were told to wait. Our time would come. I ran for Congress as a progressive Democrat, getting zero support from either state or national Democratic Party.

This time progressives should forget about crumbs. I could care less about getting planks in Hillary’s platform because I know she’ll betray us anyway. Or about “holding the movement together” past Sanders, or about whatever other justification people can make for the oppressor’s incessant cheating that can still make people feel good about themselves and this wrotten system.

We haven’t been this close since Eugene Debs. This time progressives need to play to win. If Bernie is not the Democratic nominee coming out of Philadelphia, then we need to recruit him as an Independent candidate for President.

Not as a spoiler, but as the winner of a three-way race in which he would be the only candidate people don’t hate. And, more importantly, as the only one that offers any hope of a brighter American future.

If you agree, please share this everywhere. This is a call to Revolution!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn


17 responses to “Sanders Should Run As Independent

  1. A Sanders independent run would guarantee a Trump victory. Those independent leaning poll numbers are split between those on the right as well as those on the left. If you’re a Trump supporter, just say you’re a Trump supporter.

    • I’m not a Trump supporter, but go ahead & tell us you’re for more Clinton air raids. A tired & spurious argument that doesn’t hold up.

  2. Katherine B. White

    I have been told that the deadline has passed for Bernie to run as a third party candidate. Is that true?

  3. As much as I dislike Hillary, I think Trump would be even worst, therefore I don’t think Bernie should run as an independent, because he’d then just end up dividing the vote meanwhile guaranteeing a Trump Presidency. Instead he should be given either the VP spot by Hillary in order to rally Bernie supporters behind her or at least be given a high level cabinet appointment for exchange on policy matters that Bernie supporters hold dear.

    • No, Bernie should not accept the useless position of VP-SANDERS voters don’t want to become “united”/co-opted with a corrupt party/candidate-as corrupt as the Republicans. MANY would just as soon as vote for TRUMP over Hillary-after all, he is an outsider like BERNIE and his party is doing every thing they can to screw him also.

      • Trump “is an outsider like BERNIE”??? Hahaha…good one!
        Neither Trump or Bernie are “outsiders” Mark, common man…get real or wake up!

  4. speculator247

    Unfortunately, we were just as excited about Obama. We thought we had a great candidate that was really going to make a difference. Wow! The only difference was how shocked we were to realize he was just as bad as the others, if not worse. After that colossal disappointment, I can’t get too excited about any candidate because chances are the status quo will continue on until something other than a fraudulent election happens to change it.

  5. I agree with you. Sanders should run, no matter what. I’m very disappointed at all the people that say they “won’t throw away their vote” or some other such nonsense. Or that a ‘third-party’ candidate will ‘take away votes’. These specious arguments only reveal the severe character flaws in the people that make them. What about conscience? What about voting for the right person, irrespective of the preconceived outcome? What I hear when I learn of people’s decision to not vote ethically is cowardice, they’re quite willing to vote for the wrong person since the right person “can’t win”. And from the looks of it, this nation is full of cowards.

  6. William smith

    I agree the only person who has earned my vote is Bernie, I will never vote for Hillary ever. So your solution for Bernie to run as an Independent is my only choice. Bernie or bust baby.

  7. Clinton didn’t get the nomination yet. You still have a ongoing FBI investigation regard a unsecured email server. The Clinton Foundation is receiving bad press in regards to donations and influence peddling. This years election reads like a bad soap opera script. Perhaps a few more twists and turns in the storyline is in order. I had a hunch that when Sanders announced he was running for president as a Democrat, that he would be the next president. Still can’t shake that hunch.

  8. Hillary was chosen in the smoke filled backrooms over a year ago, as the nominee.

  9. Chuck Feney

    Obama will have the final say on Killary’s indictment.
    He can take her down at will…I noticed that only Bernie was at the
    Press correspondents dinner.

  10. Hmmm

    In my opinion if Bernie Sanders the man, and his campaign had been held to the same standard and level of scrutiny by the media as Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, if the same fanatical commitment to find “dirt” on Sanders was applied (there is certainly plenty to be found) as was directed at the presumptive nominees, and this “dirt” real or manufactured was leveraged in the same manner to engage in an all out attack to destroy Sanders campaign as we have witnessed against the nominees, not only would Sanders would just be another footnote in the 2016 presidential election.
    In other words, the primary reason that Sanders is still around is because the entire media cabal and the establishment have been running not just interference, but actively campaigning for him (this article and dozens like it are perfect examples) In short, Sanders is not the people’s candidate, he is the ruling elite’s candidate. He was and remains the only mainstream candidate who has not been systematically harassed, attacked and pillared by the media and the establishment i.e. the “Eilites” Even in the face of Sander’s inexcusable refusal to condone the violence committed by his supporters until he was dragged kicking and screaming to a microphone, the content of his statement leaving no doubt he did support the violence has the media grudging and sparingly considering the offense printed negative ink on him. But unlike the nominee’s this unmasking of Sander’s came and went in a few days. Which is in direct contrast to far less serious errors by other candidates that the media constantly revisit to keep the negative memory fresh in the minds of the voters. The media and the establishment is conducting a last man standing strategy to get Sanders into the White House.

    And there is more rotten in Denmark as Sander’s special treatment continues. Apparently, the ruling elite is covering its bets by getting the Democratic Party to grant Sander’s an unprecedented 5 seats at the convention, And Wasserman gets 4, leaving only 6 for the nominee. In short, despite the evidence to the contrary, Wasserman and Sanders are in my opinion, now constitute a voting block which will effectively nullify Hillary’s objectives and undermine her platform, and hence the will of the people. They will ensure that the Democratic party’s “message” stays on track and within the prescribed boundaries of the elites. There is no doubt, by the way that the message does not include America and Americans first.

    • “Special treatment” for Sanders. What are you on?

      • DDearborn


        Dean I just look at the facts I have observed during this election cycle. I have watched intently since last summer as this all unfolded. One of the benefits of retirement is time. I have lots of it. Dean I realize you are busy, but surely you can offer a more substantial rebuttal than “what are you on” Better yet, I suggest you just do a quick review of the major main stream media websites front pages going back 3-4-5-6 months. Count the number of times Sanders picture and its size made the front page along with the positive or negative headlines. Compare those numbers to Trump and Clinton. The media has consistently attacked these 2 going all the way back to last summer. Sander’s picture always seems to make the front page-minus the negative headlines. Often Trumps picture was tiny compared to Sanders or just omitted. Even as Sanders was losing primaries and Trump was winning this occurred.

        The media has clearly gone to great lengths to destroy Trumps campaign. Equally obvious are the great lengths they have gone to protect and support Sanders. Again, just review the facts Dean. Because from my point of view, one would have to either be quite literally deaf, dumb and blind or on something, not to see the Pro Sanders Bias in the media. I do realize that a the media is being paid to ignore this issue, After all, they are the guilty parties. Next you will be telling me I am imagining the fact that 5 mega media companies, (now) 2 internet providers, 4 search engines and 2 social media companies have a virtual lock on the media in the US. And that all of them support the Jewish/Israeli/Zionist lobby. Or that Sanders supports all 3. I am quite capable of providing a well documented, fact based defense of my commentary. What are you offering besides a vague ad hominem quip Dean?

      • No “D”, I really did mean, “What are you on?”. For anyone to construe reality in this way is truly bizarre. Read my articles and you’ll see what I’m “offering”, cause’ yeah, I’m a real busy guy…

      • DDearborn


        In this day and age applying critical thinking and plain old fashioned common sense applied to the facts at hand is not just condemned by the media, it is ridiculed and its authors attacked and marginalized. Legitimate rebuttal or debate is not tolerated. Dean you are wrong, there is ample factual evidence to support my conclusions. Furthermore, you damn well know it. As for you repeated implications that I am crazy or on drugs; anyone that buys into that kind of sophomoric patter seriously doesn’t have the capacity or willingness to seek out the facts, let alone discern the truth. Have a nice day Dean.

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