Fascist Trump Run Out Of Chicago

1989-8 Paha Sapa concert, Black Hills, SD - traditional dancLast night in Chicago, Donald Trump and his neo-Nazi brown shirts got a taste of their own medicine. Little Mussolini and his cowardly frightened minions -whose mamas didn’t love them enough resulting in a collective and very chronic state of Stockholm Syndrome – were run out of Chi-town by a mix of Black Lives Matter and Bernie Sanders revolutionaries.

Did Brill Cream boy really think he could take his white supremacist cracker circus into downtown Chicago, where the ghost of Black Panther Fred Hampton lies after he was assassinated in his bed by FBI Cointelpro thugs in 1969? Did Infomercial boy forget about the exploited Irish and Slav meat packers who turned to Big Bill Haywood’s radical Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) to do battle with Armour, Swift and other capitalist bosses, resulting in the 1886 Chicago Haymarket Massacre?

Today, as Donald the Pretender whined incessantly about his abridged “1st Amendment rights”, someone in the Dayton, Ohio crowd threw something at him. His speech abruptly ended. Oh the irony.  Maybe it’s time to leave Ohio?

That Trump’s post-Illinois-ass-kicking brought out this whining is telling since this is atypical bully behavior. I should know. I’ve never started a fight in my life, but I’ve also never lost one. The first time I kicked a bully’s ass was in 2nd grade. He was a big kid and had tripped my teacher that morning. We squared shit up on the playground later. Then he whined.

I credit my father for instilling in me that courage is a very important virtue, one that in today’s America goes undervalued, as do most things involving testosterone, especially in white progressive circles.

Kudos to the militants in Chicago who courageously showed up in self-defense, to let Trump and his sociopath followers know that it’s not ok to elbow black protestors at rallies, or to have your campaign manager sued for doing violence to a reporter, or to espouse fascist solutions in a country that has a long history of fighting these bastards.

When Spanish fascist dictator Francisco Franco overthrew the democratically-elected leftist Popular Front in 1936, American volunteers went to fight with the International Brigades. We stood against the fascist Axis powers of Japan, Germany & Italy during WWII. And when Ukrainian fascists took power recently in a coup against another democratically-elected government, more Americans (including a friend of mine) went to fight with the pro-Russian rebels.

Folk singer Woody Guthrie’s guitar famously read “This Guitar Kills Fascists”.

You dig?

This blog is about exposing the global oligarchy and Trump is their red herring.

They have by now surmised that perhaps the country be in such a surly mood that they will refuse to vote for either Jeb or Hillary – the oligarchs’ preferred choices owing to their manageability and bloodlines.

So the bankers have offered up Trump as the “outsider” option in an attempt to cut off the real outsider – Bernie Sanders.

If by now you do not see this, you are a complete idiot. Far worse, you are a psychopath and need professional help. However, should you persist in your aggression against minorities, woman, nations and our planet, prepare for a fight. Not a blowhard fight, a real fight.

Feel the Bern!

This Blog Kills Fascists!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


19 responses to “Fascist Trump Run Out Of Chicago

  1. LOL. The left is the fascist front and this post is ridiculous. Its clear you hate America.

    Catherine Vandemoer, Ph.D.

    Water Resource Consultant

    Polson, MT

    • I love America “Dr”. It’s clear you are one of these white supremacist traitors who’s ruined our country, now parading around as “patriot”! I bet the Salish-Kootenai people wish you would leave the neo-colonial village of Polson, which was stolen from them. I used to live 15 miles away in Elmo WITH the Kootenai. White trash climbers like you flocking in are why I left Montana. Have fun in “Little Switzerland”! And watch out for the Indians! And the Blacks. And the Mexicans. And the Muslims. And (fill in the fucking blank)…, and other red-blooded Americans who love their country, and loath phony bumper-sticker fascist sheeple like you…

  2. hardnosquire

    Thanks for the pst, I asked the Question is Trump in the Tyson Zone or whole new zone, would love your thoughts http://hardnosports.com/2016/03/12/question-of-the-day-is-trump-in-the-tyson-zone-or-a-whole-new-zone/

  3. Sorry, Dean! I have been on the same page with you through the years…but I guess that with this article, I must call your ideals….some of which have been today.

  4. At least Trump is not bought and paid for. Having heard interviews of you before I am really surprised by the hatred you have. Who are you going to vote for? The “liars and the high body count Clintons”, the “new world order economic hit men (Goldman Sachs)” connected Cruz, Gay boy , gay porn , coke dealing connected Rubio, or ponzi scheme continuing (Federal Reserve) keep printing money so the Gov. can pay for everything until it collapses Sanders. None of them except Trump have spoken out against the TTP which is a truly Fascist treaty.
    Vail, Colorado

    • No hatred here Kevin, no time for it. Just some firmly held truths! Bernie is the answer as you know, as to whom we should vote for. He has been against every “free trade” deal EVER. There will be no printing presses running, only taxes on Wall St. speculation, new laws to prohibit off-shore tax dodging, much higher marginal rates on billionaires and big cuts in military spending to pay for…OMG…stuff for the American people for a change. If anything, by breaking up the big banks, Bernie will wrest control from the Fed money printers and begin to deal with the issue of our enslavement to them…

  5. I think Mike meant you have have a few trolls who are saying the same things just differently repeated. Great article as far as I’m concerned. Thanks Dean.

    • Mike Christopher

      Speak for yourself Dee not for me. How could you presume to know what I meant to say? Maybe you actually believe you are channeling ‘da Bern’ or something equally absurd but even then, you have no legitimate basis for your ass-umption.

  6. Mike Christopher

    I like a man with a dry sense of humor …

  7. Oh now Catherine, that is a very mean and uninformed comment for a holy cow Ph.D. to be making. Although I am sure everyone is very impressed with your credentials, did you mean anyone on the left, socialist leaning let’s say, who stands up against blatant, announced, racism is a fascist ? Like all those American lefties who went to Spain and put their lives on the line against Franco, what, ?, they are the real fascists ? Didn’t all those Democrat lefties have just as much right to attend a Trump rally as ? anyone else ? Why did Trump back down ? He could have had a field day smacking around all those lefties and throwing them out into the cold ( after confiscating their jackets of course). Now you accuse Dean here of hating America, is that the same as hating Trump or hating Ted Cruz ? Are they somehow now the epitome of America, embodying all it’s attributes ? By America do you mean the criminal and illegal war G.W. Bush waged on Iraq ? Are we required to love that ? Or Obama’s completely illegal drone murders, are we required to love that ? Are we required to love every criminal and illegal act committed by our so called representative Government, no matter who dies, no matter they are driving us into utter bankruptcy, just cheer them on ? Catherine, better stick to water because you suck on politics. This is America baby and if I want to go to a Trump rally and scream right at him The Donald sucks that is my right, does that give him a legal right to then assault me, touch by body, manhandle me ? evidently in your America it does, however legally, using security to physically assault people legally exercising their right of free assembly and free speech, is a crime. Now look in that mirror and say : oh mirror mirror on the wall, Who is a Fascist ?

  8. Well we helped keep Bernie alive up here in Michigan and I still see odds for him prevailing at the convention; assuming Killary is not indicted which should and could resolve it all in Bernie’s favor. At the convention I see a good shot that with sufficient momentum and demonstrated ability to rally the numbers for the Democrats I see a good possibility of the Super delegates defecting to Bernie. It could happen. But what people are anticipating and worried about is Hillary getting the nomination and then what ? I realize everything would be better off, however temporarily and with multitudes of qualifications, if the Democrats get in as many offices as possible, but, not Hillary. Can’t vote for Hillary. It’s a matter of moral conscience. Business as usual is no longer acceptable, at least Trump would blow things up, is less hostile toward Russia, the Neo cons hate him, on the other hand of course he is a flaming asshole, no doubt, but Hillary is a cold blooded killer, those are her credentials. William Blum just wrote a piece on ICH said if faced with this conundrum would have to vote Trump. ? It could be an even worse choice, Ted Cruz ! Hillary will lose 15-20 of the Democrat vote this way, people hate her, I do, despise ! But the cross over Neo cons will make up the difference for her against Trump, but would stick with Cruz. This is like an election made in hell, for the time being all we can do is rally like hell for Bernie, push things as far as possible in the right direction, and play it out.

  9. Dean, what is Sanders voting record on Iraq, Ukrane and Syria? What is his position on TPP/TTIP/TISA?
    You are the first person I have read to posit teh Trump as the outsider in case Jeb/Hilary don’t appeal but to suggest Bernie as a real choice? It was a WTF moment?
    I see no difference between the corrupt Dem/Rep gangs, so any candidate from the two farce system cannot be offering real change? Concessions? Yes but not real change.

    • He voted against both Gulf & Iraq Wars and is for working with the Russians & Iranians towards peace in Syria by crushing ISIS. I disagree with his Ukraine thesis, but believe the right advisors will get him up to speed, since his record of anti-imperialism is long (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Chile, Iran, Cuba, etc.). He’s been against EVERY trade agreement, including NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TTIP & TISA. He’s been an Independent Senator, not a Democrat, because he got tired of what you’re referring to, but to seriously run for President he had to strategically run as Democrat. He is taking the party left, back to its blue-collar roots and that is a great thing!

  10. Furthermore, how can a party odiously agree to a lying, murderous and treasonous candidate as Hilary. Her presence condemns the party. Bernie should have slaughtered her integrity and bloodlust instead he is silent.

  11. Dean: You do have plenty of perception. How could you support Bernie after the long list of articles you send us about Jewish economic power?
    Bernie didn´t even say that he would put a stop to Jewish control of America, all coming from the Jewish banking system. Keep in mind that he opposed Rand Paul “Audit the Fed”. He might probably be another contrivance from the Powers that Be: if you don´t like Trump´s populism you can pick Bernie´s socialism but, how truly socialist is Bernie´s stand?
    From his Congress record, did he ever did anything against the Pharma Lobby?, ever promoted a national health system like Europe or Canada?
    How about University tuition costs?, If France and Germany can have free college, why Americans can´t? how about minimum wage, did he ever raise his voice for better salaries? How about foreclosure? Any Bernie´s word on behalf of people left without homes?
    Anyone can have reservations about Trump but, at least wants peace, wants an agreement about Palestine, which might mean less military expenditure. Wants to reverse outsourcing and apparently, he´s independent from campaign money support, which is a first step to have independent policies.
    Of course, I don´t recognize on any of the contenders JFK standards of leadership but certainly, in the 60´s people was generally conformist about the system, today´s climate it´s for a reformist against the system.

  12. Joseph Smith

    You’re wrong.
    Sanders is just another career politician who’s probably never had a real job in his whole life. His voting record is inconsistent; it seems to reflect tactical opportunism rather than a commitment to principle.
    What has Sanders officially done to promote a real investigation of 9/11?
    Trump on the other hand is truly an outsider.
    The establishment is terrified of Trump, and that’s a good sign.

  13. Geffen von Gelre

    Can,t. Wait. The future, is now, Jeffersonian populism stirs in the heart of. The. Republic, we have learned, to use , the political isms against theme selves, Free your mind. Free the republic, of these false dialectics. We have awaited this fight, to the streets then, Were we shall soon find out Americas true heart. Deo Vin Dice

  14. Dean: Certainly I don´t see Trump as White-snow. For much that I appreciate Michael Collins Piper along with his true Americanism and the verosímil explaining of JFK assassination, from his description of Trump´s background, an emanating blanket of confusion arises when you call Trump a fascist. If you call Spain democratic under the republic, it´s a total historical mistake: communism was taking over Spain through a masonic government in a nation where there was no labor protection at all and rich ones did as they saw fit, kidnapping any woman they liked without no court prosecution. Franco made Spain an orderly and prosperous nation, with any worker able to buy his own car, housing was sufficient and people had all levels free education and free health coverage. With an adecuate pricing mechanism there was a very low inflation and no unemployment.
    Italy, was also very keen on labor protection, enacting the “Labor Chart”, an exemplary bill that changed labor relations to the workers benefit.
    Adolf Hitler, put Germany back on its feet, people had jobs, up to the point that Dutch, Italian and Poles went to Germany to fill the manpower shortage.
    Minors and women work was protected as well as men´s, there was free education, health and retirement much before than in USA, In a 5 year span 1.200.000 houses were built along with over 2000 miles of 4-lane highways,
    and the factory for the people´s car (VW) was ready to make available a vehicle in easy to pay installments for the working class, and above all people felt secure. All done when under the Roosvelt´s New Deal the US was struggling for jobs and have to drive on dusty roads or had any welfare housing or free college or health coverage.
    Just read a book called “Roosvelt and Hitler, the road to war” ,from Robert Herzstein, to find that Jews were more afraid of Hitler´s economic success,
    than the German political restrictions.
    All the unproven support from foreign banking is demolished by the Nuremberg trial sentences applied to German Industrialists and wealthy people because their support to the nationalist-socialist party. There is not a single document backing such a support from Anglo or American bankers or if you want, from Rothschild. Furthermore, the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in March 1933, followed by a total economic boicot.
    In spite of the above mentioned war declaration not before 1938 took place the enactment of the Nuremberg laws. That Jewish bankers were financing Hitler becomes contradicting by the following immediate historical events which tellis otherwise. There are plenty of unknown, distorted or false facts being spread about national-socialism, all from the same source, with a Hollywood exponential touch; either from Judaism, masonry or from those trying to appear “democratic” or none discriminatory..
    To stencil Fascism upon a liberalism its like mixing a top sirloin steak with a Mac Donald´s doggy-burger. Political forces do not correlate to former categories: in the 20´s and 30´s fascism was a national reaction to international communism, with very popular basis. Today, there is no ideology countering another. Certainly, there are forces pushing upwards, the popular ones, against forces pushing downwards from organized plutocratic masonry, small and evil, and willing to depopulate the planet if necessary, to remain in control.
    The political compass reading is no longer like it was on the French Revolutionary Assembly, with right and left, now there is not a planar representation but a vertical and volumetric figure, much like the masonic dollar pyramidal figure.
    I don´t foresee Trump neither as a popular or with populism planning.
    He has a real state-gambling background with beauty contest overtones but
    exudes the personality that people is yearning for and admires.
    To figure out how Trump or Bernie will deal with an over lobbied congress and the state machinery its hard to know. Jewish influence has the security that either candidate have Jewish tides or compromises to enforce their agenda, but in the case of Bernie, blood has a strong command and makes influence an easier task as the AIPAC and the executive would speak the same language.
    Once Nixon said that the US needs a third political party, a national party, and that remains true till today.

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