Sanders Weathers Zionist Sucker Punch

Official 113th Congressional photo of Tulsi GabbardDemocratic National Committee (DNC) Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her Zionist masters were sure they had laid out the perfect Super Tuesday Democratic primary calendar to deliver a knockout blow to the pesky Bernie Sanders campaign.

Having already limited debates and loaded Hillary down with nearly all “super delegates” (elected and distinguished Democratic officials, including every Democratic member of House & Senate and all Democratic state governors), the banking elite were so confident that they even sidelined nuclear option Michael Bloomberg for the time being.

Apparently Bloomberg takes votes from Sanders in a three-way race for president.

On Super Tuesday, Hillary took her victory lap early. But as contests moved west and north late, Sanders scored double-digit wins in Minnesota, Colorado and Oklahoma. Massachusetts returns showed Bernie six points down with 85% reporting. By morning he had closed it to 50-49 Hillary with 99% in.

There’s a good chance the DNC pulled some shenanigans in MA, just as they did in IA and NV. By stealing MA for Hillary they can say she won 7, he won 4. Sounds much better than 6-5, especially considering the Deep South is nearly voted out and primaries now move to Bernie-friendly territory.

The reality iin Massachusetts: Hillary picked up 46 delegates, Bernie got 45. It was a virtual tie.

The delegate count now stands as 1052-427 in favor of Hillary. Take away the undemocratic super delegates and her lead dives to 608-413.

That’s right, Sanders got only 14 Washington elites to pledge to him, while Clinton got 444. She won the House of Lords derby 97%-3%.

But this unscrupulous delegate padding is a one-off deal for Clinton.

From here on out it’s one person, one vote.

Sanders’ Sooner State win could prove a game-changer, potentially lighting a prairie populist wildfire through this Saturday’s contests in Kansas and Nebraska. If he can win these two states, plus Maine on Sunday, he will hand Hillary a weekend 3-2 defeat – assuming she wins Louisiana and Kentucky.

Blacks, Hispanics and women are all letting Sanders down thus far. This must change.  Maybe the resignation of DNC Vice-Chair Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), will shake things up in this arena.  Gabbard, who has joined the Sanders campaign and been mentioned as a potential running mate, was both the first Hindi and the first American Samoan elected to Congress when she was voted into office in 2012.

Maybe a run up the mostly-white middle of the country will give Bernie his momentum back and give minority groups time to reconsider their allegiance to Clinton – whose austerity/war policies (and those of her husband) have done none of them any good.

There are other myths which Bernie needs to burst, including Clinton’s “electability” versus his, and the fact that Bernie is anything but single-issue, contrary to Clinton lies. Sanders also needs to continue attacking her Wall Street connections, whilst hoping that the FBI can get some information from 2008 Clinton campaign worker Bryan Pagliano, whom they granted immunity from prosecution yesterday.

Mrs. Clinton herself has yet to testify, but one can be certain that she is Feeling the Bern…

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


14 responses to “Sanders Weathers Zionist Sucker Punch

  1. Hmmm

    Come now Dean, Bernie Sanders made it clear to world way back in the early 60’s when he decided to serve Israel being working on a Kibbutz instead of enlisting in the US military to whom he placed his fealty. Sanders is first, last and always a zionist and Israeli first turncoat.

  2. This is insane voting in the USA,
    It’s not the votes of the people but the Super Delegates will decide the final outcome,
    At to that voter fraud and keeping a certain group of people of not being able to vote can you than still call this a voting by the people for the people.
    I am so disgusted.

  3. I’m a Bernie fan as well, but I’m afraid the fix is in and Hillary was Crowned months ago.

  4. Dean: DDEARBORN provides another argument about Bernie´s loyalty. In former comments I remind you that he supported Iraq´s invasion and on the last minute retired his support out of Ron Paul´s “Audit the Fed” motion.
    Somehow, it seems that it is not enough to have all the Jewish controlling nearly all aspects of executive, legislative, judicial, military, sanitary, welfare, education, finances, industrial, utilities, drugs, evangelist, entertainment, Media, sports, and wholesale lobbying and elections, that they also want to crown the “the Jewish King of America”. As a probability, it may happen when delegates are instructed to opt for Bernie.
    Dean please, read the fine print on Bernie´s resume, other than being fully conditioned by extraction, he has never done anything worth for Americans.
    In the imaginary case he´s elected, Congress would tear down social security, welfare benefits, medicare, medic aid, and the only job left for the Americans would be as a Blackwater mercenaries or McDonald Janitors.
    Whatever has been announced to come from from the NWO would not be conspiracy theory but certainly, conspiracy practice.
    Hardly a Jew would do good to gentiles, its in their blood and on the Talmud that we are below cattle condition.

    • Arnold Gregory

      Thanks for writing this so I didn’t have to. Why would the American REPUBLIC… one more time… REPUBLIC, want a Jewish Socialist as president. If you went to school in the US you didn’t learn about all the mayhem caused by the Jewish financial establishment going back as far as the English civil war where Cromwell was financed by Jewish bankers out of Amsterdam. If you want to know what happens when Bolsheviks (Jews) gain complete control over a government, read “The Secret Behind Communism” by David Duke. Here is an intro:

      After you read this ask yourself why you didn’t know that the greatest mass murder in history was not Hitler, it was the Bolshevik “Red Terror”. Tens of millions of intellectuals, teachers, professionals, property owners etc. were killed. One aspect I found particularly interesting is the subjugation of the Ukraine by starvation and MASS IMMIGRATION. Ask yourself why in Wikipedia an extensive entry about the Russian revolution does not contain the word Jew.

      I came to the conclusion at age 60 that my understanding of History is completely wrong. Given this history I would say the Jewish domination of the US is alarming. A Jewish Socialist president is a ridiculous idea. He will not bring a “workers paradise”. In case you didn’t know the gulags are already built.

  5. Hmmm
    I am not questioning Sanders faith. Nor am I attacking Judaism. His support for zionism, which is a political ideology and Israel which is a nation state, is an entirely different issue. An issue however, that points to treason and the betrayal of the American people.

  6. rabbitnexus

    Dean you must realise there is nothing getting in the way of a Hildebeast nomination? The FBI can whistle, assuming enough of them aren’t completely corrupt and serving the dark side to even care. The US system is so broken that even if she’s committed the worst act of treason and stupidity of any former president, nothing will come of it, because she has been selected long since. Trump is the Banksters man too I assume, their ace card for when the electorate became to dissatisfied to be pacified and thus he can act as a foil for Hildebeast cutting the voters into two distinct sides and ensuring there’s no room for any outsiders to get a leg in. Either way the usual suspects already have it in the bag, and in my experience always did by this stage.

  7. rabbitnexus

    Dearborn is correct too and frankly I assume anyone in the race still being covered by the media and thus permitted to even exist; is an acceptable candidate to the usual suspects. I see the yammering among the Zionists and denunciations against Trump as just play acting, even if the majority of them don’t realise and are just reacting to the hype. I can’t see how Trump can be a successful Manhatten real estate developer and not be acceptable to the Jews and Banksters who are also of the tribe.

  8. The whole world belongs to the Jews(even the Jihardists),or are working for them knowingly or not,-so what are we the rest conscientious objectors going to do about it.It was not so much of a problem until they have a nation of their own,but are still embedded in every other nation,organization,while having a separate,unified identity.Awareness and broadcasting of their plan to take over the world more completely is our only peaceful and effective defence.

  9. Syria will be ripe for grab and expansion sale.Libia and Ukraine are Longterm investments,when Isreal and not the real original US will be the Super-power around the world with its satellite states in the form of Multinational,but single ethnic,-giant corporations.An honest suggestion for their great future of the self-chosen race and their tribal god turned into universal god;planet Earth(Geo-ve) together with the Sun and stars was instead created for the Jewish couple:Adam and Eve.They are claiming what belongs to them.

  10. Genesis(in the beginning was the word,and the word was Geo-ve) is the first chapter,but not the first to be written down or orally,-came after the Ten Commandments.So the God of Tut-Moses may not be the clearly fictitious God in Genesis whose actions can be proven to be scientifically untrue.Why did an omniscient being need sheep blood to know who were Isrealites and so passed them over,or was it biological warfare,or to find out who were Isrealites,so they could be chased out of the land of milk and honey hopefully to perish in the desert.

  11. Jews do not worship their one and only original god Geo-ve planet Earth since they invented Genesis and their own substitute God(still pronounced Geo-ve from Tetragrammaton plus Elohim as vowels),-that everything used to revolve around by their understanding -now helped by Christians and Muslims is Pagan and a piece of real estate.So the planet,God or not by definition,is sentient and will not let the metastatic cancerous destructive impertinent Human race continue,creating its own god(Buddha too)that is greater than God the planet,breaking the first law in the Ten Commandments.Even Jesus and his mother is now more godly than God to which this 300,000 years old,transient and insignificant species is not needed.Holocuast(Greek word meaning heat for all) is yet to come;Hitler was only a man like Gengis khan,not devil or god.

  12. Krishna,the human avatar of Siva or Vishnu is now believed by many to be greater god than the whole trinity(with Brahma).The followers of Lao Tze do not understand the way/path anymore,all turn magicians.

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