Afghanistan Part I: Fake Islamists, Heroin & The CIA

Around the World Trip 2009 370(Part one of a three-part series excerpted from Chapter 8: Project Frankenstein: Afghanistan: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

The Wall Street Journal reported awhile back that the Syrian government had reversed a ban on women teachers wearing Islamic face cover in the classroom.

The concession to Western-backed Islamist protesters was instructive, since the secular socialist Assad government is clearly in the cross-hairs of City of London bankers attempting to redraw the political map of the Middle East. As in Libya and Afghanistan, the banksters are counting on fundamentalists to carry out their counter-revolutionary agenda.

Though Western intelligence had earlier cavorted with Islamists in attacking nationalist movements in Iraq, Indonesia and Iran; it was in Afghanistan where they unleashed the full force of their young Frankensteins.

Afghanistan was founded in 1747 and ruled by a bloodline monarchy with rumored ties to the legendary Roshaniya – the all-seeing ones. In 1933 King Mohammed Zaher Shah took the throne, ruling the country in feudalistic fashion until deposed by his cousin Mohammed Daoud in 1973. [1]

In April 1978 Daoud was killed in a popular revolution led by socialist leader Nor Mohammed Taraki, who became President and embarked on an ambitious land reform program to help poor Afghan sharecroppers, who were traditionally forced to work land owned by the king and his cronies.

Taraki built schools for women who were banned from education under the monarchy.  He opened Afghan universities to the poor and introduced free health care.  When counter-revolutionary bandits began to burn down universities and girl’s schools, many Afghan’s saw the hand of the CIA.  As the campaign of sabotage intensified, Kabul revolutionaries called on Soviet leader Leonid Brezynev to send troops to repel the bandits.  Brezynev refused.

In 1979 pro-Taraki militants, convinced of a CIA destabilization plot, assassinated CIA Kabul Chief of Station Spike Dubbs.  Indeed, in April 1979, a full seven months before the much-ballyhooed Soviet “invasion” of Afghanistan occurred, US officials met with Afghan warlords bent on overthrowing Taraki.  On July 3, 1979 President Carter signed the first national security directive authorizing secret aid to Afghan warlords.  Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski said he convinced Carter that in his “…opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.”[2]

Taraki appointed Tabizullah Amin as Cabinet Minister in charge of land reform.  Amin, who Soviet KGB Chief Yuri Andropov came to believe was a CIA deep cover agent provocateur, launched a brutal campaign of terror against political opponents.  This turned world opinion against the Tariki government.  Andropov believes the CIA had Amin infiltrate the Kabul government intent on discrediting the revolutionaries.

Taraki traveled to Moscow to consult with the Soviets on a strategy to get rid of Amin.  The day he returned to Kabul, Amin had Taraki executed and seized power.  A few weeks later CIA-backed warlords massacred dozens of Afghan government officials in the western city of Herat.  The combination of these two events finally convinced Brezynev to send troops into Afghanistan. [3]

In December 1979 Soviet tanks rolled across the Panshir Valley, while KGB operatives stormed the Royal Palace in Kabul. They assassinated Tabizullah Amin and installed Babrak Karmal as the new leader of Afghanistan.  Brzezinski now had the justification he’d been looking for to begin overtly arming counter-revolutionaries in Afghanistan.  Though the Afghan conflict killed two million people, Brzezinski later boasted, “That (Carter’s secret directive) was an excellent idea.  It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap.”[4]

CIA agents streamed into Peshawar in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province.  The city lay at the foot of Khyber Pass, the gateway to Afghanistan.  Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees had flooded into Peshawar to escape the looming war.  With help from the Pakistani Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), the CIA scoured the refugee camps looking for modern-day Islamic fundamentalist Assassins who were prepared to intensify the guerrilla war on Kabul’s socialist government and now, to repel the Soviets from Afghanistan.

The Company found what it needed in Hezbi-i Isbmi, a force of feudal-minded Islamist fighters assembled and trained by the Pakistani military with CIA oversight.  Their leader was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a fanatic who in the early 1970’s had ordered his followers to throw acid into the faces of Afghan women who refused to wear their burkhas.  In 1972 Hezbi-i Isbmi murdered hundreds of left-wing students in Afghanistan then fled to Peshawar, where they escaped prosecution under the protection of the US-allied Pakistan military government. [5] The group was feared and despised by Afghans and Pakistanis alike, who viewed them as a terrorist organization.

Pakistan became the third largest recipient of US military aid in the world, behind only Israel and Egypt.  Much of that aid was going to arm the mujahadeen who launched raids into Afghanistan, seizing large chunks of real estate.  A pattern emerged.

Each time the Hezbi-i Isbmi secured land, they immediately planted it to poppies.  Between 1982-1983 opium harvests along the Afghan/Pakistani border doubled in size and by 1984 Pakistan was exporting 70% of the world’s heroin. [6] During that time the CIA Station in Islamabad – Pakistan’s capital – became the largest spook den in the world.  Golden Crescent heroin output surpassed that of the Golden Triangle just as the CIA began its biggest operation since Vietnam.

While Hekmatyar’s troops planted poppies, mujahadeen leader Sayed Ahmed Gailani was supplying the Turkish Gray Wolves syndicate with Pathan opium.  The Gray Wolves’ Iranian supply had dried up when their good friend the Shah was deposed and Iranian revolutionaries cracked down on the country’s heroin epidemic.

Gailani was a wealthy Afghan aristocrat with ties to former King Zaher Shah.  He owned the Peugeot dealership in Kabul and his drug smuggling was underwritten by the Saudis. [7]  A 1989 State Department report admitted that Afghanistan had become the world’s leading source of heroin.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar followed squarely in the footsteps of Vang Pao, Phoumi Nosavan and Khun Sa – the CIA heroin lords of the Golden Triangle.  Soon Hekmatyar was recognized as the world’s heroin kingpin.  Alfred McCoy, in his excellent book, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, first exposed the CIA’s role in facilitating the guns-for-drugs quid pro quo.  He terms the CIA approach “radical pragmatism”.

This same approach would seem to belie the CIA’s penchant for backing Islamic extremists.

In 1978 Lieutenant General Fazle Haq was appointed governor of Northwest Frontier Province where Peshawar became an arms supermarket for the mujahadeen and home to hundreds of heroin refineries.  Haq was one of the largest depositors at the CIA’s Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI). He was President Zia’s closest confidant and a good friend of Zia’s son, who ran the BCCI Karachi branch.

Haq became de facto overlord for mujahadeen operations and provided protection for the heroin labs.  Hekmatyar himself ran six labs further south in Baluchistan Province.  A State Department Narcotics Suppression Officer based in Islamabad accused US Ambassador to Pakistan Ronald Spiers of refusing to forward any evidence of Pakistani military officials’ involvement in the heroin trade to DEA, though it was widely known that Haq and others were key players. [8]

In the 1980’s Pakistan became the world’s poster child for political corruption.  The Islamabad junta’s unflagging support for Reagan’s mujahadeen was at the root of the corruption.  A senior US official stated that, “key Hekmatyar commanders close to the ISI run heroin laboratories in southwest Pakistan and the ISI cooperates in heroin operations”. [9]

In September 1985 the Pakistan Herald reported that military trucks belonging to the National Logistics Cell of the Pakistan Army were being used to transport arms from the Port of Karachi to Peshawar on behalf of the CIA, and that those same trucks were returning to Karachi sealed by the Pakistani military and loaded with heroin.  The practice, according to the Herald, had been going on since 1981, just as Hekmatyar’s forces began planting poppies.

Two high-ranking Pakistani military officers were caught with 220 kilos of heroin, but were never prosecuted.  The US had seventeen DEA agents stationed in Pakistan.  During their tenure they made zero arrests.  Golden Crescent heroin captured 60% of the US market, where bricks of hashish appeared stamped with a logo of two crossed AK-47 assault rifles circled by the words, “Smoke out the Soviets”.  From 1982-1992, roughly the period of US involvement in Afghanistan, heroin addiction in the US rose by 50%. [10]

There was evidence that President Zia himself was involved in the heroin trade.  In 1984 a Pakistani national named Hamid Hashain was caught smuggling heroin into Norway.  During a routine search of Hashain, customs officials found original copies of President Zia’s personal bank statements.  The incident caused a major scandal in Pakistan, where allegations of Zia’s corruption grew louder.  The US increasingly saw him as a liability.

In 1988 Zia’s helicopter went down in a ball of fire.  Both he and US Ambassador to Pakistan Arnold Raphael were killed.  The crash bore an eerie resemblance to the one that killed Panama’s President Omar Torrijos in 1981, which even General Noriega, who rose to power because of Torrijos’ death, later claimed was a CIA assassination.  The US blamed the Soviets and US Air Force officials cordoned off the wreckage, barring Pakistani authorities from investigating the crash.  Reagan offered his condolences, citing Zia as, “a strong supporter of anti-narcotics activities in Pakistan”.

It is no coincidence that virtually all Arab nations which the West considers allies embrace Islamic fundamentalism, a repressive belief system which is quite congruent with global monopoly capitalism. Both are based on a return to rule by feudalistic monarchy and a diminished role for government and thus democracy.

Most US Arab enemies embrace secular socialism, which aims to stop the exploitation of oil resources by the Four Horsemen and their Rockefeller/Rothschild owners.  Great Arab leaders including the Egyptian Nasser, the Algerian Boumedienne, the Libyan Qaddafi, the Syrian Assad and the Iraqi al-Bakr support(ed) a secular socialism (though Qaddafi proclaims himself precisely to be anarcho-syndicalist), which poses a very real threat to the neo-liberal globalization agenda.

Interventions in Libya and Syria follow the same counter-revolutionary template employed by the City of London banksters in Afghanistan.

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Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

19 responses to “Afghanistan Part I: Fake Islamists, Heroin & The CIA

  1. I’m so chuffed to be following this – I’ve only just learned to “sort out” settings on ma fav blogs… This blog stretches my skills as a reader and long may it continue…thanks. I get my daily in any case…

  2. Thank you for the excellent history lesson.

  3. And now we have Jimmy Carter with his own blood stained Afghanistan robes holding up a few dead children in Gaza trying to atone for his cardinal sins, when if that was the case he would spill the beans on the shadow US government and their CFR pals who put the peanut grower from nowhere into power with Brzezinski to finish the deal. I say Jimmy, you really want to atone, you spill the beans and fess up, and until you do, Brother Billy has more cred.

  4. In all of history there never was a real war on drugs.
    In all of history there always was a real drug war on the competition.

    Well, ironically enough, the exception being the Taliban..

  5. and according to the World Almanac & the CIA Fact Book

    Afghanistan had a PQLI of 14….
    and obviously was not involved with the Clash of Civilizations
    long planned by the EVIL EYE “Money Changers & Pharisees”
    who pay the cartographers…and TV Preachers,
    cause they
    PRINT THE CURRENCY…& own the Media

    meanwhile, the Shoah Business is going into
    on account of the situation on the Board…

  6. Very Illuminating historical read: the trap set by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter and the CIA for the Soviet Union in 1979 which led to the invasion must have been studied by Putin while he was in KGB because he is NOT allowing–so far– the same to be sprung on modern day Russia in the Ukraine.
    Moreover, just like Cater, Obama is a protégé or Brzezinski.
    It would make one think that Dope Inc. is hidden within the aforementioned war being stoked in Central Europe, as a black budget fund as well as a pacifier for the austerity burdened Ukrainian people.

    Thanks for further opening my eyes!
    I am saving up money to buy your book.

  7. rabbitnexus

    Timely article Dean, I will just share this even before I read. Travelling out of Pakistan last night I was in company of a drugs interdiction officer in that country and I made a comment about this. Knowing your skills and thoroughness (A reader of one of your books so far, Big Oil and Bankers) I already expect a great coverage of this crucial part of understanding what the Great satan really is up to.

  8. rabbitnexus

    History just repeats itself like the history of the Golden Triangle and Papa Bush, Air America and South East Asia. I visit Dubai where the bulk of the money from the Golden Crescent is laundered and there bog and bold everywhere you look is HSBC Bank. Laundromat to the CIA, elite criminals and the puppets who run their regimes. Lots of Pakistani generals and others who have mansions in the UAE too. Not all that money in Dubai is from the oil. Dubai is MONEY too. I saw two Lamborginis, a new ferrari and a maserati all within a five minute taxi journey a few weeks ago. The streets are paved with gold (surrounded with flaunted desalination derived water fountains and art which is as good) and cappuccino with 24 carat gold instead of chocolate (included too of course) is served at the palace in Abu Dhabi anyway. True Muslim leaders like the Khalifas pretend to be wouldn’t allow their Islamic state to become a drug money laundering capital. Taints the whole concept for us as Muslims.

  9. I’ve heard that andropov was joo, synagogue of satan. Intrigue within intrigue. How could regular everyday Americans in the cia do this evil to people who just wanted to take care of each other? WTF

  10. In Afghan fields the poppies grow,
    between the crosses,
    row on row..

  11. My comment a bit of a detour but related to drugs , plants , money and science . Entering search , GMO poppies OR GMO poppies Afghanistan , is revealing . Regarding Darwinist ‘Evolution’ , the ideas of Biological Determinism , GMO , a highly interesting contradiction to mainstream assertions , and performed under scientific, laboratory conditions , and peer reviewed , is found with search :
    Urzeit Code , or Primeval Code , name Guido Ebner , Luc Burgin . GMO reverting to previous and even archaic form , all by itself , the only treatment being suspension of seeds in electrosatic field .
    Many people now addicted to heroin , synthetic heroin which is worse , and many other drugs . If that is you and you want help , research IBOGAINE , IBOGA , illegal schedule 1 in USA , but not in Canada , Holland , Mexico , Costa Rica , Thailand , many other places .

  12. General Zia was not killed in a helicopter crash, he was killed in a military aircraft. The US had a agreement with Afghanistan, Pakistan and India on how much raw opium each country could export to the USA. The war against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan from the sale of heroin, the money from the heroin was laundered by fake Development Finance Institutions, City Bank, Bank of America. The biggest bank however was the Bank of Credit Commerce International (BCCI) – this bank had two chairmen. One was a Pakistani Aga Hassan Abedi and the other was Former US President Jimmy Carter. As soon as the war ended in Afghanistan, all Development Finance Institutions disappeared, the BCCI was shut down and the entire blame of money laundering fell on Abedi, whereas Jimmy Carter was not prosecuted because he enjoyed presidential immunity.

  13. As I read this I kept thinking of “college student” Barack Obama visiting Pakistan during this period. His mother made many trips to Pakistan. Now, looking at fkniche’s comment, it strikes me that Obama’s mother was in the business of micro finance for the CIA front Ford Foundation and her mother worked for a bank in Hawaii. The finance connections all begin to flesh out Obama and his family being spooks. Obama’s mother married a colonel involved in the CIA coup in Indonesia so I’m curious if there was any connection to the Afghan heroin trade or what the money laundering connection was. My spidey sense sense says money laundering for the drug trade was what Obama was being schooled in.

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