On The Ground For Sanders In Iowa

I spent last Friday through Monday in Des Moines, Iowa going door-to-door for Bernie Sanders over the weekend before the Iowa Caucuses. I took orders from the most dedicated and desperate group of millennials I have encountered.

In Ankeny – a northern suburb of Des Moines – the campaign office landed in a massage parlor… or something. In Altoona to the west, a woman gave up the basement of a house she was only caretaking for the Bernie campaign. She hadn’t even asked the owners if that was ok.

The volunteers I met came from Massachusetts, Mississippi, California, Georgia, New York, Missouri, France and Trinidad. The atmosphere was serious and the work got done.

Jordan – a twenty-something black dude who grew up in Lafayette, LA was the most intense. He drove a late model Dodge Charger all the way from Biloxi, MS and was normally out from 6:00 AM to 10:00 canvassing. A Marine who served in Afghanistan and will soon be guarding our embassy in Baghdad, Jordan told me one night as he and I canvassed Mitchellville, IA in his Charger, that he had seen “way to many coincidences” in his time as a Marine. He also said he thought that the black vote will come to Sanders once people know his policies – despite early attempts by what appeared to have been paid black Clinton/Illuminati agents to discredit Sanders by showing up at his rallies and heckling him over “reparations” and other crazy shit.

Semper Fi!

So the Clinton’s cheated (what a surprise), utilizing the Wasserman-Schultz DNC machine to win six coin tosses, while literally locking the doors on Des Moines Precinct 42 – which didn’t report until Tuesday. Well before that Hillary was declaring victory everywhere she had the narcissistic chance. Not a pretty site.

The precinct president of Des Moines 42 said he had tried to call in the Bernie landslide to officials, but said Iowa Democratic Party lines rang busy. Hmm?

Folks in that precinct voted nearly 60% for Sanders, giving him two more state delegates by morning. The official tally now stands at 699.57 precincts for Hillary and 697.77 for Sanders. That makes it more like 49.7 % to 49.65%. Getting a little tight, eh Bill?

In the end it could well be that Bernie wins Iowa in a Romney/Santorum replay of 2012. His staff is recreating 82 caucuses due to the Democratic Party’s deliberate understaffing of precincts which were strong Sanders, including Des Moines 42.

So today one would think that Bernie – his team busily contesting Iowa – would rail against the Clinton fraud. Instead , in a masterful move, the professor seized on the opportunity presented by Clinton’s desperate-sounding Des Moines “victory” speech, which came off as a desperate attempt to paint herself a progressive.

It was at that moment that the inbred ruling class (bless their hearts) articulated that they were suddenly cognizant of the revolutionary storm brewing in the land.

This all bodes well for the Sanders campaign.

As Wall Street tanked on Tuesday morning (based on the Sanders showing in Iowa said CNBC reporter Bob Pisani), it became apparent that the oligarchy is beginning to “Feel the Bern”. The “smart money” on Wall Street is predicting a real possibility that Bernie Sanders could be elected the next President based on what went down in Iowa.

We showed up one last time at 9:00 AM on Caucus morning Monday at the Ankeny office. The Sanders’ coordinator for that suburb was Jonathan – an up-state New Yorker who chain-smoked like me and had applied 12 times before he got the job. As I walked up he said, “you guys knocked it out of the park yesterday. We got 20 more Sanders supporters from Mitchellville, where you guys worked yesterday. That puts us over the top in the precinct.

Sure enough Sanders won Ankeny.

Look, it’s really pretty simple. On the one side we have the Illuminati/Federal Reserve/Rothschild/City of London Satanists. On the other side we have Awareness – growing by the thousands every day.

Bernie Sanders – time-tested articulate warrior against the Establishment – can and should be seen as the political representative of the Awareness.

Get behind him now because the revolutionary train is leaving the station. We probably won’t get this chance again for a very long time.

Or, as I sensed from the earnest urgency of my younger bosses in Des Moines, the conditions have now become right for revolution. The millenials – 40% of whom still live in their parent’s basements, carrying an astronomical amount of student loan debt and with no real prospect of having anywhere near the standard of living of their parents. – have finally had it.

Or as the 74-year-old Bernie says, “Enough is enough!”. Ya Basta!

The political revolution has arrived. This is far bigger than Bernie Sanders. This is about a long-overdue revolutionary movement against the oligarchy. It’s time for everyone to get on board. We’re gonna’ need every single one of us to get this thing done.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

6 responses to “On The Ground For Sanders In Iowa

  1. Dean: I would like to know if you have any assurances that once elected would not fell in the arms of his brother Jews controlling USG, Economy, defense, justice, foreign policy and of course, Congress members majority that gave an oath of loyalty to Israel (instead of the USA), considering that whatever promises the Executive makes has to pass through Congress approval. Keep in mind that Judaism and Freemasonry work hand in hand something that many of your articles proves to be a fact also, that Rothschild controls both Judaism and Freemasonry, the final benefitted ones of the NWO .
    Perhaps you can give us some solid clues that Bernie would keep his words and Congress would not be an excuse to not approve his initiatives. By the way , which are Bernie plans about the Federal Reserve?

    • Bernie was one of a handful of Senators who refused to attend Netanyahu’s speech before Congress last March. He is the most even-handed candidate on Israeli/Palestinian relations, often critical of Israeli policy. Lastly, Roger, Bernie want to break up the biggest banks, which control the Federal Reserve. Check his website for his other positions Roger.

  2. Wanda Norman

    Hillary was Quick to declare that razor thin victory! Bernie is the better candidate!  Wanda Norman

  3. My read on what is taken place, is that Sanders is likely our next president. The global warming agenda demands a move away from what we now call capitalism, to a energy based economic development model, otherwise known as a Technocracy. But a socialist economic model similar to the EU will be used in this country in the interim. Who better than Sanders to lead the way. The powers that be are doing a amazing job of political theater posing Sanders and Trump as spontaneous grassroots candidates. My guess is the powerful Jewish political machine is assisting Sanders in the background in a not so obvious manner. Same is true with the press. It is all very subtitle. Don’t get me wrong, Sanders is a dedicated and principled man well suited for the job of President. Just the other night I looked at Sanders and thought how well he fit the Moses like role of leading the people in this country out of the wilderness into the promised land. When Sanders announced he was running for President as a Democrat, a voice in the back of my mind said “here is the next President.” To think that in some fashion we the people are going to wrestle control of this country away from the Fed and the other central banks of the world, and the large corporations of the world is a nice thought. If it does happen, I for one will suspect it is a carefully crafted illusion.

  4. My prediction. Even though I won’t vote and never trust the word of politicians, someone who will scare the hell out of many voters will be the next president. This one will do things much differently from the past and turn our country around and contribute to and work with others who will turn the world around. This will lead to many good things such as free energy and an end to wars. We will no longer be under the spell of the Khazarian Mafia. This is my prediction based on my own feelings and input from some impeccable sources.

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