Did Rothschilds Just Attack Russia?

It was a bit odd when British intelligence – which created and armed radical Islamists as a sort of radical pragmatism employed to fight MI6 proxy resource wars for their Rothschild masters – announced yesterday that they had evidence the Russian Metrojet, which crashed after takeoff from Sharm el-Sheikh airport in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula on Halloween killing all 224 people on board, was bombed.

It got even stranger when President Obama chimed his sudden concurrence, leaving Egyptian & Russian investigators in charge of the crash site incensed by the remarks and disagreeing with the conclusion.

Then today to top it all off the French magazine Charlie Hebdo – which according to Jeff Rense is a Rothschild-owned enterprise – printed a cartoon ridiculing the crash.

Russians were outraged.

Of course the MI6/CIA/Mossad apparatchiks have the best intelligence on their ISIS asset. Their most recent fake Muslim terrorist expansion into the Sinai has everything to do with a deepening rift between the London bankers & the Egyptian government – which went after the British asset Muslim Brotherhood when they toppled President Mohamed Morsi in 2013. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi – a former Defense Minister who led the Muslim Brotherhood purge – won the 2014 elections.

Relations with the West remain tepid.

But the bigger question is, did the Rothschilds order this Halloween hit on the Russian nation in response to Russian bombing of their ISIS henchmen in Syria, then use their Zionist filth media to rub salt in the wound.

And were their loyal servants Cameron and Obama doing the same?

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

24 responses to “Did Rothschilds Just Attack Russia?

  1. fromawaysite

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  2. The west is controlled by people who have no love of any single country, and who make a great deal of profit from war. This is what you get when your Congress is made up of mostly sold out whores. It will probably take steps that the 2nd Amendment addresses to clean house here.

    • AC, I believe you’re absolutely right .. the West is definitely controlled by people who have no love of any single nation, and who make tons of profits from war. Yes, this is what we get when Congress is made up of mostly sold out whores .. and it will probably take steps that the 2nd Amendment addresses to clean house here, that’s for sure, since elections have been rigged for so long.

  3. When I first saw the news reports I knew it was a bomb. It was a cowardly attack designed to inflame the Russian people. Jerusalem needs to be completely destroyed. Let God remake it.

  4. Dean: I find the russian airliner part and parcel of the larger picture, just a natural outcome of an scalating scene in which the outsting of Assad was intolerably delayed.
    There is seldom an Islamic nation revolution or insurgenge that has not had a pyrotechnic chain of events sparked and sustained from anglojewish banking considering how dear to the Israel plans are the Eratz Israel and total annihilation of Palestine resistence.
    Once the ancient jews polluting the roads of Roman Empire settled in Britain they found the optimum base to organize the return to Judea. Being close to Europe, was far enough to resist continental Christian missionary contact something that was empowered by the pagan tribes dwelling in the islands that were easily innoculated by the masonry virus carried by the hebrew newcomers.
    British royalty was the early resistance to Papacy in a Europe mostly converted to Christianity, which stems from the secure feeling that England was protected by the English Channel and very convincing money provided
    by jewish lenders to lords and Kings. Just Reading Bernard Lazare´s “Antisemitism and its causes” gives an inroad to the crucial necessity and meaning of preserving England under jewish influence and control.
    Historical successive events exhibit the progressive march of jewish power from British Isles. Much to the opposite of what its general knowledge, Crusades were not a Christian exploit but a movement developed and financed by jew leadership, with Christian nobility blood and soldiers that just received Church blessing when passing en route to Jerusalem.
    Elizabeth Ist. grew with enmity toward Rome and had a Jewish counselor in politics and strategic matters. When Spain´s Phillip II became King of Spain and Portugal, being Portugal a very close allied to England since the 1386 Treaty and close to Gibraltar Strait, the road to the Holy “promised” Land was compromised; so England seeked an Alliance with Turks and Muslims
    to fight Spain and Christianity, very much like UK its doing today training and
    financing ISIS but now with the target being The Greater Israel.
    Cromwell Finnacing by Fernandes Carbajal and Manases Ben Israel elliminated Catholics from the Throne and paved the way to the Orange House to furnish a compliant William protestant dutch as The English King, now the road was free for the Bauers (Rothschilds) to establish their headquarters in the Island.
    Soon Masonry spread and drafted Continental nobility among its rank and file and with it came the East India Company, the Royal Navy, the Empire and every single revolution organized to make subservient British Pound nations when not within the Empire a 2nd rate de facto colony.
    Even Sweden had to fight no less than three wars against Russia until it had a bloody nose that caused a letter written from the swedish King to the English king not asking him to go into war again against Russia, Evidently, not allowing Russia reaching the high seas or having open sealanes was early envisaged to limit any competing power in planned World domination,
    Its not by sheer coincidence that the Russian Navy thwarted twice the Royal Navy blockade of American seaports in Independence and Civil Wars.
    Somehow, in the light of the above mentioned facts,its surprising to see English people not resisting or at least, denouncing the prevalent jewish influence in all sorts of matters, even on their economic downturn like never seen before.
    Certainly, the heavyhand of masonry has a lot to do with the ignorance of the masses and the social mishandling of British population which, after many centuries of symbiotic relationship with hebrews can´t find or has lost their anglosaxon identity, which pitily has been transfused to Americans, which still have a long road ahead in massively learning the root of all social pains, notwithstanding the excellent ellucidating job done by people like D. Henderson.

    • Dean,and other commenters on this site are so accurate and knowledgeable that I have only a little salt:’and we shall build Jerusalem in England’s green and pleasant land’ was written sometime ago,why are people so ignorant? The dragon was slayed for Andromeda who must have originally been male,from the name.Socrates was the Free-mason who refused to believe in religion,but the Jews have high jacked it into illuminati,and Christians into Rosicrucians.Whatever later evidence found,we should not overlook detonation by EM induction beam weapon which only a few people have,so they will distract us from this line.

  5. Read how the Ashkenazi Jews (no Hebrew dna) conquered the West here:

  6. Looking at the famed ‘The Economist’ cover from for the 2015 January issue (in Asia), notice the plume of smoke, in a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud, directly over James Cameron’s head. Cameron, just yesterday, with Egyptian President el-Sisi in Britain for an “already scheduled visit”, publicly stated that all signs so far pointed to a bomb detonation on that plane. This could be that cloud of smoke. Not a nuclear bomb, but definitely eyebrow raising, considering the other images on that cover playing out as ” foreseen” in that cover.

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  8. desmond knox

    You also needs to ask the Question why Putin allows many events to carry on. Is it the fear of war the other side doesnt care so why does he? Is it internal problems perhaps? is it elements within Russia who are controlled by outsiders? Begs the question equally as to why he doesnt tell is straight on 9/11 and the Moon Hoax landings and make it plain and clear to all people who target Russian they are in clear and present danger themselves as people. its endless words otherwise. As one could argue he works for them and is a gatekeeper ? not acting in the public interest is also working for the oppostion.

  9. Desmond, I believe that that is a very good question to be asked. I firmly think that they all play for the same team (all the world’s a stage). Putin and the rest of the politicians answer to a higher (esoterically lower) power. This widely held thought that Putin, or any other politician on the face of the earth, is out for the good of humanity, is the farthest thing from the truth. You will not get the real truth from a KGB member. There is no ex-KGB. People should not forget this.

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  11. You can always rely on Left Hook for clarity , Thanks Dean

  12. what can anyone expect from a zionist jew newspaper, i will tell everyone this, the zionists , jews and christians manics want to start ww3, the decent world can not accept this, no way, we must fight zionism , we mist alenate zionism from this planet, we must destroy anyone that is a zionist, or else we all die.
    do you want to die, do you want to see your family die, you are suffering now, but you must stop zionism, you must, or our way of life on this PLANET WILL CHANGE, and you will never know, becasue you will be dead becasue of the zionist mentally.

    • 99% of humans must have an IQ gap with the 1% ethnic,who must surely feel justified into eliminating the 99% soon before the planet will fail to sustain all humans,-that’s why the West especially keep voting for them because most have low EQ as well,while the East keep voting in the Chinese(their proxy and willing servants).Right now only Russians stand proud so we should support them for our own survival.Most people have never heard of World Jewish Congress,so we must disseminate these informations;they believe that their tribal god created planet Earth just for them the self-chosen tribe.They are real and more dangerous to all of us other ethnics than any other opponents we have ever encountered before,with the Christians and Muslims unwittingly on their side.God’s laws are real and can be proven unlike some religious laws,-although God,if there is such a static entity is likely to be unreasonably incomprehensible to humans.

  13. Marty and Desmon, I don’t agree with you on your take about Putin although I do understand your concerns. One only has to listen to the man talk to determine he is not like the Western political stooges who dance on request of their Rothschild masters. You need to take a look at the Russian Federation Coat of Arms – this is very telling after all it was Confucius who said “the world is not ruled by men and governments it is ruled by signs and symbols” . The original Imperial coat of arms has been reinstated since the collapse of the USSR but with some very specific changes. The phoenixes are no longer black they are now gold, the spear/sword is gone from the left talon only the scepter remains. The original Red Cross on the escutcheon has been replaced by a rider on a white horse wearing a blue cape, he moves from left to right the spear that was previously in the left talon is now sticking out of a dead black dragon at the feet of the horse. For anybody who knows anything about esoteric and occult knowledge this is very telling. The slayed black dragon at the feet of the horse in particular, this says to me he is going after the forces of darkness on this planet, the Rothschilds are the head of those forces on this plane. I often hope I’m wrong on certain conclusions I draw but let’s hope I’m right about this.

  14. Eudoxia, I would argue that the Rothschild family is not the head of the forces of darkness on this plane, and that Putin/Russia are definitely not combatting the powers that be. Based on the Russian Federation coat of arms you mentioned, it is as plain as day as to who is in control. The whole entire emblem of the triple crown/ dual Phoenix is backdropped by a Red Shield. From our extensive knowledge of the Bauer family, the name Rothschild was adopted due to it meaning red shield in German. So, to me, the Rothschild family is still running this surface level Ponzi Scheme (into the ground, in the eyes of humanity).

    The 2 phoenixes represent rebirth, regeneration, and possibly genetic engineering (GE…..a Rockefeller/Morgan enterprise). The Phoenix is supposed to live for 500 years, burn out, then rise anew from its ashes. The third crown rests upon no head, but rises above all. The crown itself, in Occult symbolism, represents solar worship. But what is on top of all items? The iron cross. The slayed dragon symbolizes an old Prussian dragon tribe, where the mythical dragon was slayed by a single knight. Overall related to the Teutonic Knights of the Holy Roman Empire.

    This all goes way deeper than Rothschild, in my opinion. They are just managing materials and resources right now.

  15. Dean , I note on VT , Kevin Barrett , still supporting Muslim Brotherhood and bemoaning the ‘ coup’ against Morsi . I do not deride him , he does good work elsewhere , but The MB ? What the ????? . I read VT with caution , still haven’t figured it out .
    Regarding Dragons : View the material by Mel Ve , CCN network on Dragonology . ( Grammar : Slew , Slain as past part. , not Slayed ) .
    Dead Peasants Insurance , Insurance and Re-Insurance – there is money being made from these dead Russians that Charlie Hebdo mocks .
    Installed on all Sukoi and Boeing ; BUAP , ATI , Smacsonic , QRS11 (Clinton) Gyrochip , SERCO ;
    Boeing Uninterruptible Auto-Pilot turns all aircraft into RC drones . Automatic Tranquil Infusion is a tranquilizing gas . Smacsonic is rocket fuel in solid form disquised as insulation , rapid 5800 degrees on impact or triggered . QRS11 Clinton patents Rose Law Firm . SERCO , British , headed by R Soames , Churchill’s grandson , in charge of USA Patents and so very much more . By the way , SERCO born of RCA 1929 ( History of RCA and the destruction of American electrical engineeriing , Eric P Dollard , highly interesting ) . This information may be found on Abel Danger , Field McConnell , David Hawkins .
    The worst aviation loss in Russian history , on All Saints Day . For Russia , a clear provocation of war . Putin is keeping his cool , but we are going to see ISIS get hammered and not just in Syria . I surmise Putin knows that war , arms trade , and drug trade as the under the table liquidity , are indispensable for the Usury Cabal comprised of the Vatican Cult & Co , to keep their system going , and he is not easily baited . Russian bear , not circus bear . It would be myopic and naive to think he and Russia are not enmeshed in this system , as the Bolsheviks had almost a century to ruin Russia during which time the Vory ‘Thieves in Law’ mafia was forged , but it appears that Russia is on the side of good . I pray that is the case .
    US Carrier Donald Cook , disabled by Khibini , the Russian radar electrical warfare system . Russia spends 10% of the USA on arms/military , but they are superior . Things going on in Russia we know so very little about .

  16. Here is court room ready indisputable evidence beyond any reasonable doubt of who the actual 9-11-01 Perps are. This is just the tip of the iceberg, because there is an immense amount of court room ready evidence and hundreds of surviving NYC Fireman and witnesses, including over 25 FBI Agents that will come forward and testify when this case finally breaks open:


    As the truth about WTC 9/11 is revealed Rothschild’s Mafia will work ever harder to get a big war started (if my sons did not want war there would be no war) If the Congresses and the President do not start immediately to harden the Electric Grid in America- without electric we will die of thirst or disease, no doubt, horrible death -then they should all be impeached for they all know, the truth, and they all know, our electric will be attacked sooner than later. The one’s (Congress and Presidents) not already hung for their part in the 9/11 murders, should be impeached, that is. Hey, they hung the Germans for a heck of a lot less…no Jews Holocaust, no planes 9/11, learn the truth to live, or, die a fool.

  17. what are we waiting for

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