Sputnik Radio Interview: World Needs Superpower To Take Down ISIS Mafia

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Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


3 responses to “Sputnik Radio Interview: World Needs Superpower To Take Down ISIS Mafia

  1. Taking down ISIS is irrelevant as long as those paying for the ISIS mercenaries and organizing them for the cause of Eretz Israel are not taken down themselves.

    As long as the organizers are not delegitimized and prevented from maintaining their criminal terrorist nuclear and bioweapons labs in Israel, with which they construct the terrorist weapons to threaten the entire world using their Samson Options strategy, killing ISIS will accomplish very little.

    There are always plenty more desperate people for whom life means very little who are ready and willing to take their place, fighting for money. This is how the Russian Red Revolution in 1917 was fought, using mercenaries. Libya was fought this way, with Al Qaeda paid mercenaries working shoulder to shoulder with NATO thugs fighting Qaddafi’s loyalist Libyan troops, so that an Israeli military base could be installed in Libya, as well as Rothschild usurious banking.

    Putin, Obama and Netanyahu should be requested by the peoples of the world to engage in a live televised debate to discuss this very issue openly.

    It is we the people who will suffer, if these politicians are not able to do this, if they are not requested to do this, so that the whole world can openly see everything for what it is.

    Putin has stated that ISIS are mercenaries. He has not so far acknowledged that they are mercenaries controlled by serving IDF and Mossad personnel, with ISIS entirely in the military service of the state of Israel.

    Putin and Obama remain spellbound by Israel and the Judaic religion and persistently turn a blind eye to this truth, whilst oddly pandering to Israel and the Judaic religion. Must we all die for this madness?

    Are Putin and Obama both merely playing at fighting ISIS, admittedly with Putin looking very realistic, whilst both knowingly leave the force behind ISIS totally untouched, because both are in truth in the service of Israel, leading the whole world towards WWIII?

    Putin has genuinely shown deep loyalty to Israel and Judaism in the recent past, and his highly aggressive legislation in Russia on behalf of Jewish interests, and his drive to have similar laws passed in other countries all over the world, with some limited success, having encouraged several other countries to adopt similar laws to those in Russia, must raise those very questions.

    Maybe Putin really is a straight guy in all this, I really hope he is, but he seems to be a straight guy who is so loyal to Israel and Judaism that he will not fight Israel, especially with so many Russian ex-pats in Israel, with some of their families still living in Russia concerned for their safekeeping in Israel, even after Israel or the US on behalf of Israel just dropped an airliner carrying hundreds of Russians to their deaths. Putin cannot be blind to these truths. People say he is a master chess player, but I cannot see any master chess playing going on.

    I really have a deep feeling that Obama and Putin might be NWO collaborators willingly taking the world to war by agreement, to fulfill masonic and rabbinical prophecy, which is really ancient Judaic military plans for world domination, which both demand WWIII. Rabbinical prophecy definitely states that WWIII must occur, and the words of Freemason Albert Pike concur.

    I really want to see these three world leaders sit down in full view of the world, and tell us, the people, just what the hell it is that they all intend to do with all the rest of us.

    Certainly, Netanyahu could not give a damn about the rest of us, this being proven when we view the vile actions of his ISIS forces, so can Obama and Putin call a spade a spade, and do it in front of us all, and Obama and Putin then agree to demand that Netanyahu surrenders his illegal weapons of mass destruction, and agrees to open his illegal weapons plants and labs to military inspectors.

    Netanyahu has been recorded stating that he hates America, and wishes it destroyed, and he has stated that he wishes the same fate for all other countries that his people secretly hate. The Western peoples that fight for Israel, fight only for an insane parasite that desires their own physical destruction.

    It is time now surely for the legitimization of Israel to be withdrawn, the world has been forbearing enough, and Israel has now gone insane, ISIS is insane, the Samson Option is insane, Israel is insane. It must be delegitimized.

    WWIII for Israeli interests of world hegemony will not serve a purpose that benefits any of us in truth, except in the minds of a minority of mentally ill religious fanatics, who would see hundreds, probably thousands of millions of us all die.

  2. I hope your wrong, but your deductions seem sound and based on recent events. Too bad Putin cannot be the one to balance this insane country. We are flushing ourselves down the toilet without truly understanding what we have done.

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