Sanders Wins Debate Despite Media Lies

2015 10-3 Bernie-Wear (1)The first of three Democratic presidential debates was held Tuesday night in Las Vegas and Bernie Sanders was the clear winner. While most of the establishment media predictably rushed to bolster their Hillary Clinton puppet, even some oligarchy mouthpieces, like the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune, were forced to admit the obvious. Sanders had won.

One look at social media and online polling shows Bernie was clearly victorious. He took 60% in the Drudge Poll, 74% in a Time magazine poll, 72% in a poll, 79% in a Fox News poll, 68% in a US Uncut poll and 85% in CNN’s own poll, which was quickly removed from their website.

Despite their phony nod to democracy, the well-paid editors at CNN, Slate and Time all said Hillary won.

According to US News & World Report, Sanders was by far the most talked about candidate on Facebook, with Hillary trailing a distant second. A US News Facebook poll showed 82% thought Sanders won.

Sanders picked up almost twice as many new followers on Twitter following the debate, and was mentioned far more times than Hillary. Of those mentions 69% of the tweets were positive for Sanders. Only 56% of the Clinton tweets were positive. Sanders won in every single focus group organized by the establishment media and raised a fresh $1.4 million on the heels of the debate.

While Clinton and the other candidates veered left to try and steal the Bernie fire, Sanders coolly answered the inevitable question about what being a democratic socialist means without wavering or equivocation.

Meanwhile, Martin O’Malley hammered Clinton on her vote for the Iraq War, her many flip-flops on issues including the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement and the Keystone Pipeline, and the fact that her husband was the one who repealed the crucial Glass-Steagal Act, which had separated deposit banks from speculative banks since the Great Depression.  It’s repeal paved the way to creating the greatest disparity of wealth in a century, while causing the 2008 financial collapse.

O’Malley’s tenacity left Bernie able to remain above the fray, even extending an olive branch to Clinton regarding the Benghazi hearings. Sanders used the words “revolution” and “oligarchy”, two words not uttered in a Presidential debate in a very long time.

Sanders railed against the campaign finance Super PAC debauchery, while raising $26 million last quarter from 650,000 individual contributors for an average of $30 per donor. At one point Jim Webb pointed out that Sanders was the lone vote (99-1) against the Patriot Act. And Sanders held his ground on the 2nd Amendment, as the others candidates rushed to embrace gun control – a fact that makes Sanders far more electable than the others in a general election.

If Clinton survives the Libya hearings this week, she will negate the need for elites to march out Joe Biden. And with the Republican field looking weak and frayed, she will become the clear choice of the elite.

One look at who has given her money during this election cycle should suffice. Her top five largest donors in order are Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, DLA Piper, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley. Make no mistake, Hillary is the banker’s choice.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is one of us. His platform represents a revolutionary change from the status quo and we should all get behind him. This is the best chance we’ve had to peacefully overthrow the oligarchy that I have seen in my lifetime.

The biggest challenge is getting him through the primary. If he can beat the Illuminati Queen Hillary, he can easily manage the clowns on the right side of the aisle and the wrong side of history.

Republicans should switch over and vote for Bernie in the Democratic primary in states that allow this. Democrats should push their local, district and state parties to endorse Bernie now.

The banker’s media arm will continue to lie about Hillary’s support, while doing all they can to diminish the Sanders phenomenon.  We all need to join this revolution. It may be our last chance before things get ugly.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn


17 responses to “Sanders Wins Debate Despite Media Lies

  1. Yes he probably won on all the points you mention. But the dem’s choice has already been made–it will be Clinton. Vote flipping required? NO problem!!

    For the R’s, like it or not, Trump is the only real outsider and the establishment Rs hate him as much as they hate the conservatives. The problem for them is the vote margin…you can flip 10 million votes (2012) but not 20 million (2016).

  2. …follow up…the R establishment choice was Bush, but…I don’t think any American regardless of party wants another Bush…plus he’s polling in some places at a whopping 4%. Every other one except Trump would be ok with the establishment Rs, even Cruz. What happens when a real conservative calls the Senate leadership “liars”? They are gone. Cruz is establishment

  3. QUOTE: Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is one of us. His platform represents a revolutionary change from the status quo and we should all get behind him. This is the best chance we’ve had to peacefully overthrow the oligarchy that I have seen in my lifetime.

    I cannot disagree more. Jewish Senator Sanders has expressed as much loyalty to Israel first as any other candidate. TPTB would NEVER let a true revolutionary (what I think we require) near a podium of Tweedle Dumb/Tweedle Duh debates. Bernie may be “one of us” for you, Dean. Bernie is not one those I know who hold out hope for reestablishing a true republic USoA — however slim that hope seems, given the array of “candidates” for King Puppet of US, Inc.

    Dean, I think you let your bias show with this one. Censor as you will.

    • That’s why it’s not called “Right” Hook Alan. PLEASE quit voting Republican and aiding the Rothschilds…

      • Dean (if lefthook12 be thee!), let me get this straight so I shall not offend in the future. I hold the following belief, of which please disabuse me if you possibly can and will!

        Those who adhere to “left-right” and/or to other such conceptual frameworks of socio-political-economic thought — for example, capitalism vs. socialism or communism, democracy vs. totalitarianism, etc. — subject themselves to, or at least make their thinking vulnerable to, applied Hegelian dialectics, so adroitly administered today to masses in the West, and probably elsewhere, too! Our dialogue here and now gives an example of how that dialectical method operates!

        My point is that Bernie Sanders, however powerful a “left hook” he packs in a bout — he pulled punches with Ms. Hillary all night during the first Demo debate — has Israel first on his list of priorities and anything to do with liberty, freedom, rolling back the atrocities of 2001 and following, next to last. For instance, have you considered Sen. Sanders’ thoughts on 9-11? Do you care? Would his position and actions make any difference to you? If these questions are not fair or relevant, then please advise me.

        I appreciate your works. I do question your assertion that Bernie is “one of us”. Perhaps he is! Perhaps I wandered into the wrong camp!

        Best regards, best wishes. Alan

      • Didn’t offend me at all Alan. Just stating the facts. Bernie was in no way aiding Hillary during that debate as Alex Jones and others claim. Where were the “there is no right-left paradigm” folks like Jones to scrutinize the Repub. debates? I get that one can be too dogmatic, but I am realizing that those who say there is no right/left paradigm ALL vote Republican. Seems they are compensating for never giving us lefties (that means workers who know where their interest lie in the real world) any credit for kiping all our ideas (anti-war, pro-civil liberties, alternative medicine, etc.) Go to Sanders site and read his position on Israel. He is the least supportive of any candidate in either party towards Israel. Please don’t assume that because he is Jewish, tho’ I know that this is often the case. He is one of us (including you Alan unless you are a billionaire). Question is will enough Americans lose their right-wing brainwashing (that means capital. owners and bosses in the real world) from Jones, Limbaugh and the other well-paid talk radio banker shills and realize it. Trust me, you’re in the right camp here, precisely because we are left…

  4. As long as we have plutocratic system, I m affraid nothing will changed and they do not allow him to do something what he want to do same as JFK was.

  5. Since folks these days are so obtuse, or apathetic, whichever comes first, here’s it is .. 1, 2, 3

    How the Clintons roll..

    1) Install ‘easy hack’ email server
    2) Customers obtain wanted data
    3) Donation to ‘Clinton Foundation’ follows

    “Not very smart” or waaay too smart?

  6. johnseattle

    Has anyone really looked at Sanders voting record? YOU’LL will be quite surprised vs his rhetoric!

  7. johnseattle

    Dean how can you understand the Rothchild’s use of the dialectic when you put them on one side only the (republican).

    • Yes John, Clinton represents that cancer in the Dem. party. Repubs. have ALWAYS been party of the rich and big business and always will be. Don’t assume they control everyone. They are not omnipotent. Answer your own question and check Sanders voting record. 99-1 was Patriot Act vote. Bernie was the (1).

  8. pierre said…

    “there is no such thing as society” – Margaret Thatcher, right wing.
    “I am a peaceful hippie free loving black dude that looks a lot like Obama, even though I also blow up dozens of whities in restaurants” … surely not Nelson Mandela, left wing.

  9. Anyone who has the idea that a candidate that does not perform some appeasement to AIPAC , the dirty politicking of Washington , and the general ignorance of the population , is myopic . Lunchtime in DC is not where angels should be expected to be found . If Sanders is the best choice despite being a politician , vote for him . Otherwise it’s going to be the greater of evils . Dean Henderson , appreciate your common sense and your efforts for your country .

  10. Steven Hunt

    Dean, the way Bernie slandered Hugo Chavez was dispi able and craven.

    More, he wants to let the Saudis lose to be enforcers of US policy in the Middle East.

    You have some cogent analysis, but when you promot this guy as being worthy of support–well, you destroy your reputation as someone that has something authoritative to say.

    This is a joke.

    Bernie Sanders fits into the role as ‘sheep-dog’–herds gullible and low-info, non-critical thinkers back into the Democratic Party fold.

    Trump functions the same for the Repulican Party.

    I envision that a year from now that Marco Rubio will be President-elect.

    Hopefully it won’t be Hillary–that would be bad.

  11. I will take Sanders as the next President of the U.S.A. any day. He is so far ahead , morally, of ALL the other candidates one would have to be half-witted not to see this.

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