Russia Attacks ISIS In Syria

2015 Central America (174) Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Parque Fundadores, Danza de los Voladores (Dance of the Flyers), an ancient Mesoamerican ritualYesterday Russian Sukhoi Su-25 & Su-34 fighters destroyed an ISIS command center, a logistics center and a terrorist training camp in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear during his meeting with US President Barack Obama last week that Russia would take a decisive role in helping Syria defeat ISIS.

Later Putin schooled 60 Minutes’ reporter Charlie Rose on the hypocrisy of the US in calling for the removal of the democratically-elected Assad government, this on the heels of thee US-backed putsches in Ukraine and Libya.

Despite Western propaganda to the contrary, the Russians have shown extreme restraint in the Ukraine theatre, choosing instead to capture the moral high ground of destroying ISIS in Syria.

It was not what the London banksters were expecting.

With this latest audacious move, Russia hopes to divide the anti-Assad coalition which trained the ISIS thugs operating in the region. Cracks are already showing.  Yesterday French MP Thierry Mariani stated that any state or organization which fights against the MI6/CIA/Mossad-created Islamic State should be supported, including both the Russians and the Syrian government.

The US demand that President Bashir Assad step down before any negotiations can commence now looks dead in the water. Again the Russians have seized the initiative and embarrassed Western warmongers.

While the US claims to be fighting ISIS, the fact that Russia destroyed more of their infrastructure in one day than the US has taken out in many months, should reveal to the world the real agenda behind the creation of ISIS.

ISIS was formed to create chaos in this oil-rich region so that Big Oil and their Rothschild/Rockefeller owners could pressure the government of Iraq for better terms on their oil concessions, especially the Exxon Mobil claim on the massive Kirkuk oil field in northern Iraq.

Parallel to this the bankers could privatize the Libyan central bank, get rid of the nationalist Assad government and pressure Lebanon in a more pro-market direction.

The insertion of Russian military power into Syria may signal the beginning of the end for both ISIS and for the huge lie which has justified ever-more US military involvement in the region.

Once again, Americans should thank Mr. Putin for saving us from ourselves.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hookcolumn


7 responses to “Russia Attacks ISIS In Syria

  1. Reblogged this on Deep Background… and commented:
    Hello Everyone!
    Here’s a report on the mid-East from my friend Dean Henderson… If you see Dean in the media/TV you may notice that his Integrity is self apparent as he discusses complex and twisted reports on the mid-East and Financial matters…
    Enjoy- Edward

  2. Putin’s to Obama “KOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE !” says it all !

  3. Who drilled the first oil/gas well in Sudan in 1978-79?

  4. fromawaysite

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  5. Dean: Those like you and the ones fighting MSM intoxication would always have enemies among the ones under the spell of lies and comfortably felt secured by comformist attitude.
    JFK, 9/11, banking scams and continuous warfare to the benefit of Israel are taking at face value, like powerpoint presentations embezelling a bunch of naive investors with USG sponsoring and evangelist satraps providing the biblical excuse for not abiding to the Ten Commandments as if criminal chronic behaviour could remain beyond the realm of justice..
    The Masonic network feels challenged and would change tactics without resignation of goals. Indeed Putin mastered the timing to stop ISIS (Israel Secret Invading Soldiers).
    Just expect another masonic concoction to strain Russian efforts in the shape of another ukrainian-like conflict around the Euro-Russian perimeter as it could happen in Moldavia, Slovakia or Bielorussia.
    As a Nuclear power with sizeable conventional forces, Russia would not accept any submission plans to a One World Government no matter the price. Having practiced for many years to live with own means, in a closed circuit economy with plentiful resources, could live along with sanctions and blockades and able to provide basic population needs.
    The push to a NWO and the PNAC (Project of the New Amercan Century)
    has not had a peaceful march toward planned objectives therefore, as sensible Russian zones of influence were receiving a classic mercenary infiltration MO , logic of the future NATO steps were foreseen and indicated to Moscow the need to support the Syrian ally.
    At present time many Americans don´t realize what would be US GvT reaction if Mexico,Puerto Rico or the Bahamas were invaded by irregular forces answering to Moscow and challenging the hegemony in the US zone of influence,
    No longer the viciously repeated democracy, regime and freedom words can excuse to disrespect the majoritary will of iraki, Afghanian, Lybian or Syrian people which had a signifcant better welfare under the former US-despised
    so called “dictators” now replaced by the slavery and misery of US exported “democracy” which, no journalist from ABC, NBS, CNN OR BBC dares to visit and ask the pupulation if enjoys “democracy”.

  6. Attaturk,Erdogan,Saudis are all crypto Donmeh otterman Jews,now clearing the former inhabitants of the Middle-east for Israel’s occupation by purchasing land,oil wells,at give away prices,-since nobody wants to live there right now.They will then create a second Israel in Ukraine to join up with EU,UK and US,which already belongs to them.Hillary,like Bush,Blair,Chenny,-and jewish lord Balfour after WW1,who handed Arabia,oil fields,and Mecca to the Saudi Jews,is a jewess like her successor Kelly.Obama’s original name was Obramovsky,the name of his mother’s Jewish father,but he is not obeying them.Presently,the world is in reasonable and sensible hands of Putin and Obama whose superiors Israel should be under sanction for invasion,but they control the world so can do whatever(thro.’Multinational’ but one ethnic giant corporations).

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