Xi Jinping, Pope Francis & Washington Zealots

1992 China (24)It should be an interesting week in Washington, as both Pope Francis and Chinese President Xi Jinping meet with President Obama. The populist pontiff’s address tomorrow before a joint session of Congress could get a little chippy, considering the right-wing persuasion of the majority of his audience.

This ain’t your momma’s Pope.

Surrounded by Secret Service SUVs, Jorge Mario Bergoglio arrived in town in a Fiat 500 subcompact. Born in Buenos Aires, he is the first non-European Pope since Gregory III in 741. He was a provincial leader of Argentina’s Society of Jesuits (Jesuits) and chose the name Francis after St. Francis of Assissi – patron saint of animals and the environment.

Pope Francis is a good example of why the Jesuits are often and wrongly sited as being part of the international banker cabal. In fact, the Jesuits have always been the best part of the often corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

One of the first acts Pope Francis took after his ascendancy was to replace crooked cardinals running the Vatican Bank. Italian police arrested Monsignor Nunzio Scarano, a bank accountant who was accused of trying to smuggle 20 millions euros cash to Switzerland.

Be very suspect of anyone or any information slamming the Jesuits. They lean left and were instrumental in formulating the radical liberation theology movement within the Latin American Catholic Church. This movement was instrumental in revolutions in both El Salvador and Nicaragua – where despots were replaced with Sandinista and FMLN leadership.

As for Pope Francis, he lives in a modest guesthouse at the Vatican, foregoing the luxury of the Apostolic Palace. He often rails against global warming, unbridled capitalism, Western materialism and poverty. On his most recent trip abroad he visited Bolivia, Ecuador and Paraguay – three of that continent’s poorest nations. Before arriving in Washington, he spent three days in Havana where he was instrumental in procuring the recent normalization in US-Cuba relations.

As the pontiff was applauded by a crowd of 11,000 on the Washington mall, Chinese Premier Xi delivered a hopeful speech in Seattle. But things may not go as well in the nation’s capital.

Xi has pushed a more assertive Chinese foreign policy, especially with regards to Japan. His premiership is a major reason why Japan recently repealed a ban on foreign overseas deployment of its troops – a ban in place since the end of WWII.

But Xi is also presiding over far-reaching economic liberalization not seen since Deng Xiaoping’s 1992 “Southern Tour”. These include allowing markets a bigger role in resource allocation and restructuring of state-owned enterprises.

With these types of pro-capitalist reforms, Xi should be the darling of conservatives in Congress. Instead, amidst in the current climate of xenophobia and saber-rattling, he is likely to be admonished like a school boy for the simple fact that he is Chinese.

Could be an interesting week to tune in to C-SPAN.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

16 responses to “Xi Jinping, Pope Francis & Washington Zealots

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  3. Many thanks for the ‘heads up!’

  4. jack offenbach

    this pope should also get some real info on the “global warming BS” thousands of independent scientists have spoken out about the dangers of this new false religion…he should too!
    or…is he just one more front man for the globalist fear mongering, tax scam, tribal enriching, UN agenda?!

  5. Tune in to C-Span? For what? Unadulterated NWO propaganda?

  6. Jack Offenbach: It just takes to have a look at the Brazilian map to see the shrinking of the Amazon rainforest and of what it entails in matters of dessertification, drought and certainly, lack of air purification which translates into higher average temperatures. all beggining by courtesy of Daniel Ludwig and his paper mill project
    Subharian nations had nearly all forest decimated and the dessert invading former green territories and drying any creek or river extant. Lake Chad its becoming smaller each year.
    The melting Poles would mean another unpleasant situation.. Let´s have a look at Califorina´s 4th year drought. I´m personally, in favour of dams, but lake Mead its reaching the lowest reservoir level. with no rains. Lumber, mining, extensive and intensive agriculture replacing large swaths of forestry have direct climate consequences. Indonesian rainforest replaced by palm tree plantations or US extensive corn farming ethanol dedicated are a case in study.
    I´m not ambientalist or conservationist but there must be something wrong coming out of dangerous chemical spillings through mining and fracking or Nestlé depleting underground water resrvoirs in thirsty California.
    Pope words are just an eye opener to what needs to be steered in the right direction. He´s not boresghting to the Cecil lion but to each year higher temperatures. in consequence of seeking present day profits in exchange for judicious planning.
    Dean: thanks for raising the issue and giving us the opportunity to a modest contribution in your excellent webpage.

  7. The earth is cooling due to a grand solar minimum and it is not within the power of government to change it.

  8. Thanks Dean.
    Did you see the sour face of Boehmer when the Pope was adressing congress? He barely could make himself clap.
    But oh so joyuss when he had invited the murderer Nethanyahou just like the rest of congress.
    How much more have to burn in California before they stop the fracking what cost so much in water besides the dangers of earthquakes. Look at how many more earthquakes now in Oklahoma and poisining groundwater.
    Look at the high temperature s we are still having in California and in Nevada.
    Sea levels rising. In the Netherlands they have to work on their dikes. Islands in the south Pacific were the natives will have to look for an other place to live.
    Fish dying because the waters sre too hot.
    How many more disasters have to happen?

  9. Maybe some folks would like to check out the work Dane Wigington is doing regarding this ‘climate change’ issue. His presentations are intelligent and very compelling. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

  10. there is no point talking about the environment without mentioning Fukushima, an ecocidal event and endless catastophe, and also mentioning who did it (it was no accident).
    see Jim stone fukushima report at
    I would like to think there is hope with this pope, but I doubt it.
    it fits into the NWO agenda like a glove. like people who still suck up to the 6 million figure of the holohaux (despite the sign at Austwitz coming down by 3 million in 1989), or 911 denial.
    hopeless without the truth.

  11. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com

    Why would the Israelis blow themselves up. 40% of Japan is practice judaism in the form of Shinto, with a sacrifice pole, ark of the convenent , and temple of solomon. Many arrived there after Alexander the great tried to suround them and then were further steered that by Genghis Khan who decided they would not make good immigrants.

    The emperor of Japan has the seal of solomon at his palace and the 6 pointed star. They recognize each other by the blood type E1B1B Y-DNA haplogroup.


  12. Frank O’Collins on Law , the Vatican , the Jesuits , a lot of information there .
    If a Pope cannot resign , we now have two Popes , one of them being the first Jesuit Pope . Since the Jesuit Knights of Malta hold great sway , since Vatican Law is Law in most of the world , when the Pope speaks , it has power and significance .

  13. The Pope can at least rest easy in knowing his record for most platitudes mouthed in any given year since 1863, is solid!

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