Rothschild Imperialism, Presstitutes & Refugees

2015 Central America (27) Huehuetenango - bus station and marketAs refugees continue to pour into Europe, coverage from the Western corporate media has been predictable. Rather than ask the hard question of why so many thousands of desperate people from mostly Syria, Iraq, Libya & Afghanistan are leaving lives, homes and possessions behind to embark on a dangerous journey north, the Presstitutes focus on the human tragedy and the treatment of these refugees by various European nations.

Clinically, it is a classic case of disassociation and denial. These conditions are chronic in the West, where, despite the occasional protest, the imperial war machine marches on.

Which leads us to the even more painful answer to that hard question of why. Simply put, the US and its NATO allies – as per usual in the service of the Rothschild/City of London banksters – either bombed, invaded, occupied or attacked – using their al Qaeda/ISIS fake Muslim terror units – each of these countries.

There would be no Euro refugee crisis if we had not systematically destroyed each of these countries, their infrastructure and their people, all of whom not coincidentally lean to the left.

More importantly, Iraq possesses the world’s 2nd largest oil reserves, Afghanistan is the global epicenter of Crown-controlled poppy production, Syria has major gas deposits and stands in the way of Israeli water, and Libya is Africa’s richest nation and sits strategically on the Mediterranean Sea.

The notion that a psychopathic global elite would hatch a scheme to depopulate this entire area of dark-skinned folk using fake ISIS Mossad squads, so they could then install puppets and commence with resource extraction, is certainly not beyond the pale.

As a bonus, the banksters can get the Euro far right all lathered up and pissing their pants about “illegal immigrants”. Clash of cultures is the bread and butter of the oligarchs. If they can keep us hating some other poor schmuck, they fly below our radar.

Divide and conquer.

Whether this great emptying of the Levant and North Africa is part of some grand plan for a “Greater Israel” or an expanded “Saudi Caliphate” (both tools of the Rothschilds), one thing is sure. This wave of refugees is only the first.

On recent trips to both Guatemala and Nepal, both of which I had visited before, I witnessed the transformation of these nations from Third World to Fourth World countries. Basic things such as clean water no longer exist. Environmental devastation is extreme.

The banksters have used their corporate tentacles to rob nearly all the resources of many countries over the past decades, leaving the people with nothing but a pile of debt, a denuded environment and extreme poverty. Imperialism has taken its toll.

So as the global economy now begins to contract, expect many more refugees. When you meet one, offer them something to eat or a blanket.  It’s the least you can do after all those years of cheap gasoline, coffee and clothes, which like it or not your corporate-controlled government pilfered in your name.

We are the people. We must stick together and launch a frontal attack on the psychopath war mongers. And we must acknowledge that this refugee crisis was caused by an imperialist foreign policy which must change.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve,Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


31 responses to “Rothschild Imperialism, Presstitutes & Refugees

  1. Excellent. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. America has been dealt a bad deck with a Kenyan President leading the route. WDC is not your friend.

  3. Dear Dean,
    Thank you for your insight. I am with you. The people in control choose evil and selfishness. I want to be on the right side of history, and, like Bucky Fuller, I want to do the greatest good with the least amount of harm. There is strength in numbers, but how do we go about getting the people together?
    D J Strong
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  4. Thank you for your article Dean,It explains what is going on very short and hits right directly on the point for people who do not understand what is actually going on. Like you say we need to come together and put a stop to what these rotten people are doing. They are ruining the planet for their own sick selfish extreme greed. The next generation is going to have it very, very bad if we do not come together and start working together to put a stop to this insanity,let alone how bad we are now being poisoned by Fukushima.I try to bring this to the attention of people I work with and they are not aware,don’t care,or just don’t see the seriousness of our present situation! The situation is so extreme it brings me to tears seeing all of this and I feel so very frustrated because it seems like most people are not aware how very bad all of this has gotten. Once again I thank you because I know you are aware and concerned of our present situation. Thank You, Sincerely Vince MacKay San Pedro,California.

  5. Dean: a great article, as usual.

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  7. Ted Gorsline

    I think DR Congo is the richest country in Africa. All one hears about it is how horrible King Leopold was but I don’t think he ever set foot in the country. He was broke. From the beginning DR Congo has been run by Jewish concessionaires. A police chief in Kinshasha told me is run by “hard” (make that organized crime) Jewish diamond dealers from Antwerp.

  8. When you shared recent travel stories I remembered in my anthropology classes how many archeological artefacts remain under coffee plantations in Guatemala. Stylized buddha-like statues found along the coasts reflect pre-colombian contact with Chinese culture.
    I remind people who advocate open border policies that there are no background checks available. Records don’t get produced much in Centro-America, and this is a serious problem. Near as I can tell, the criminal justice system in Mexico has a 3% success rate in solving murders. Not to promising a place for journalists and reporters.

  9. Thank you Dean. Love your articles as always and share them on F.B. The world is screaming! This time F.B. would not all me to share this link. It was blocked!!! So I just copied it all and shared it anyway. Keep up the great work! We the people of the U.S. and the world are with you 100%

    • Thanks very much Carrie Beth! They often block me from sharing them on FB as well. Good old Mossad, but that’s the spirit! Copy & paste and bombard them with even more info. Ya Basta!

  10. Keep swingin’ lefty! For a chuckle, take a look at the RT story on the Rotchilds’ (sic) ‘Inclusive Capitalism’ club.

  11. Dean,

    The entire Syria ordeal seems straight out of Brzezinski’s ‘The Grand Chessboard’. The supply of oil to the continent of Europe through Syria via the proposed Qatar pipeline from Saudi Arabia -> Jordan -> Syria -> Turkey -> onwards through Europe, over the Iran -> Iraq -> Syria route to Europe is the end goal by the U.S., right? Ultimately to keep Eurasia (Russia and China) in check and preserve American geostrategic positioning. All while humans suffer. Really sick, when you analyze it all. And you know the money behind it all better than most.

    The refugee crisis also could be a European tactic for following Stage 3’s plan for the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (Single Resolution Mechanism/Single Resolution Fund/Euro Deposit Insurance Scheme/Capital Markets Union) as well. I don’t think Kissinger could have whipped it up any better.

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  14. refreshing to read my favorite vernacular like “presstitutes”.hard to make an impact on the people when they are so programmed by the zionist
    solutions to this issue are like the candidate choices for president,none
    of the above or as brother nathanial says”no matter who you vote for the jews win!”

  15. Thanks Dean as always for your insight.
    It baffles me how some Eoropeans react. Especially Hungary. My god using teargas and pepper spray on these people. I guess they forgot how many of them fled west in 1957 when the Russians invaded their country.
    Go back, to get killed, their houses destroyed. How can you treat another human being like that .
    Can these people put themselves in their place , what would you. So concerned about some disruption of their lives.
    Destruction of Syria, part of the Israeli dream of a greater Israel? lebanon next in line?
    Pushing or killing Palestinians of their land.
    But in that plan they want part of Iraq too.
    Another country in shambles.
    These warmongers need to get out of there and the people need the difference between their religions aside.
    Than the west needs to help them to rebuild their country.
    Take the money from the people who made a lot of money from these wars.
    I think wishful thinking, but we have to try.

  16. We in Europe are all pressing the issues of admitting the refugees and giving them a safe haven… no refugees need food or blankets because they are all taken care for in refugee centers. there are almost no refugees that don’t get housing and money (debt, a loan) to buy furniture and an iPhone (if they do not already own one) Local citizens are passed when it comes to social housing because of the poor poor refugees. They however come mainly from Syria and just a few come from Afghanistan and Irak… america offered generously to admit 10K refugees while Europe gets the rest … probably more than a few 100K. americans do not protest this as Europeans did , we forced our governments to admit them. However we don’t have many Spanish speaking South-Americans & Mexicans… (are they even refugees or just profit-seekers in the land of non-organic milk & non-nutrients containing honey….) ONE thing is right : No Western Journalists Are Asking The Question: Why There Are So Many Refugees ?

  17. Oh yea, Afghanistan is more than poppy-supplier , it’s a main hub for oil-pipelines coming from surrounding country’s …

  18. As usual, you are right about who is ultimately responsible for the refugees problems. In the past it was colonialism, plunder and pillage. Now it is invasion and endless wars to steal natural resources. Yet no one in the West had been sent to the ICC. Wonder why.

  19. I have Good News str8 from the ‘Horses’ mouth see White Horse by Emmanuel Swedenborg,; we are in the midst of the ‘Parousia” Swedenborg announces the beginning of it approx 250 years ago ie 1750, so we have another 259 to go before we are really in Aquarius,
    in the meantime the hangover from Piscean Big Oil lingers on like a bad dream or smell. But take heart their permission to wage war aginst The Lamb and Nature; is now over,. too many people know now what I know and Dean knows, but they can only function in darkness ignorance soul sleep or nescience, so who knows who knows:
    For now all I know is that when the internet lets everyone know as per the Lords prophecy which must be any time now, then the Lord of Love and Time will appear to all those blind until now and clear as day as the blinding rays of the New Dawn revealing the New Heaven and New Earth, shine forth in eternal glory and splendor. God Bless and all your Readers

  20. So the Westernized peoples’ should just role over and get brutalized, raped, and over-run by these beasts because of a handful of syco’s that are running the planet? No thanks!! When the crap comes to my door, I will deal with it! I don’t have the mob mentality like they do, but it needs to be dealt with, and they need to realize we didn’t ruin their country! Remember (their) god, is not (the) GOD!!

  21. You wrongheadedly dismiss Europeans’ concerns about mass immigration as “far right all lathered up and pissing their pants.” The current migrant flash mob into Europe is an assault on all nations and peoples, period. Why don’t you mention the far left that is foaming at the mouth, screaming about the “racism” of people who object to the mass-immigration plot? The leftists seem to be a nothing but a fifth-column controlled by the psycho Neocon Globalist cabal.

  22. Mexicans and muslims are used to obedience to elites with no human rights. Perfect mix witb robots and coolies.

  23. These psychopaths only know how to destroy and create chaos so as to steal other countries resources. They create nothing of lasting value and the only way to beat them is to become like them. Thankfully not something a majority of the people will do.

    Mark 8:36 KJVS
    [36] For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

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