London’s Saudi Assassins

2015 Central America (38) Quetzaltenango (Xela) - Parque a Centro América Catedral del Espíritu Santo de Quetzaltenango(Excerpted from Chapter 3: The House of Saud & JP Morgan : Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1917 the British made a client of Ibn Saud, who was told to encourage Arab tribesman to repel the Ottoman Turks from the Gulf Region.  That same year the British House of Rothschild pushed through the Balfour Declaration, lending Crown support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  A year later the Ottomans were defeated. [93]

Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia were carved out of the Ottoman Empire and fell under British rule, with Ibn Saud taking control of his namesake, Saudi Arabia.  In 1922 the Treaty of Jeddah gave Saudi Arabia independence from Britain, though the Crown still exerted considerable influence. [94]  During the 1920’s, with help from British troops, Ibn Saud grabbed more territory from the Ottomans when he annexed Riyadh, then seized the holy cities of Mecca and Medina from the Hashemites. [95]

Ibn Saud’s progeny form the modern-day House of Saud monarchy which rules Saudi Arabia.  Less than twenty families, all tied to the House of Saud, control the Saudi economy.  The House of Saud spreads its influence through money and reproduction, with male members of the Saud family now numbering over 5,000.

Crown Prince Abdullah, half-brother of King Fahd, runs the Saudi National Guard and has assumed day to day control of the Kingdom since King Fahd suffered a serious stroke in 1995.  Prince Sultan, Prince Nayef and Prince Salman are full brothers of King Fahd and serve as Ministers of Defense and Interior and Governor of Riyadh, respectively. [96]  Prince Sultan’s son is Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the long-time Saudi Ambassador to the US.  Prince Bandar’s cousin, Prince Saud al-Faisal is the Saudi Foreign Minister.

These princes use the Saudi Arabian government agencies they run as personal piggy banks and also represent foreign companies bidding for contracts in the Kingdom.  They handle over $600 billion in overseas investments. [97]  King Faud is the second richest man in the world with a personal fortune of over $18 billion.

Prince Bandar is part of the Sudeiri clan which is comprised of the offspring of the late King Adbul Aziz and his favorite wife.  The Sudeiris are the most powerful and most Westernized family in the kingdom.  The House of Saud encourages a fundamentalist Wahhabist interpretation of Islam, but practitioners of Wahhabism in the Kingdom consider the Sudeiris munafaqeen (hypocrites).  While the Sudeiri clan lives in opulence, most Saudis struggle to put food on their tables.  The increasingly unpopular Sudeiris rule with an iron fist and are constantly cited by international human rights organizations for their brutality and opposition to democratic freedoms.

The Saudi monarchy rules by decree.  Women are not allowed to drive cars and are banned from many restaurants.  The Kingdom has no democratic institutions.  Opposition to the House of Saud is criminalized, driving political opponents underground.  In 1990 the Saudis beheaded 111 dissidents.

US corporations acquiesce in the Saudi oppression of women.  At Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Starbucks establishments in Saudi Arabia, there are segregated sections for men and women.  The women’s sections are run down. Starbucks has no seating for women.  Women who show up at other Western restaurants without their husbands are turned away. [98]

In January 2002 the US-based Freedom House released a survey which ranks countries in accordance with the freedoms they allow.  Saudi Arabia was ranked as one of the ten least free countries in the world, along with Burma, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cuba, Libya and Syria.  Human Rights Watch recently accused the United States of ignoring Saudi human rights violations to ensure a continuous oil supply. [99]

The Assassins

In the 1920’s a young Egyptian named Hassan Al-Banna revived the Muslim Brotherhood, which had its origins in the old Grand Lodge of Cairo.  Al-Banna was an admirer of Adolf Hitler and during the 1930s his group became a secret arm of Nazi Intelligence.  During WWII the Palestine-based Grand Mufti went to Germany as a Muslim Brotherhood representative to recruit an international SS division of Arab Nazis.  Based in Croatia, the group was known as Handzar Muslim Division. [100]

After the war, British Intelligence hired these fugitives and sent them to Egypt with help from the French.  Later these “assets” were literally sold to the CIA, who saw them as a counterweight to Arab nationalists such as Egyptian President Gamel Nasser, who soon banned the Brotherhood from Egypt.  During the 1950s the CIA evacuated them to Saudi Arabia, where they launched madrasses which taught a combination of Nazism and Wahhabism.

One prominent teacher, Dr. Abdullah Azzam, taught Osama bin Laden.  Wahhabism has been condemned as heresy by Muslim countries more than 60 times.  It is only practiced in Saudi Arabia and by the Afghan Taliban. [101]

The leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Sayed Kuttub had been sponsored by Saudi King Faisal to undermine Gamel Nasser.  Kuttub stated that during this period in the 1960s, “America made Islam”. [102]

Knight Templar spook-master Allen Dulles was OSS Chief in Berne, Switzerland after WWII where he founded Banque Commerciale Arabe in nearby Lausanne.  The bank represented the secret pact between the CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood, now the secret society of choice of House of Saud fundamentalist family members.  Dulles was a 33rd Degree Freemason and a founding member of the secretive Council on Foreign Relations which steers US foreign policy.  He was a cousin to the Rockefellers.

Part of the Dulles pact may have involved the House of Saud Muslim Brotherhood providing information to US intelligence on how to created mind-controlled assassins.  The Brotherhood claims to have been the first to perfect this technique during the Crusades when they spawned a parallel secret society known as the Assassins to carry out their political skullduggery.  Was the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program, which began shortly after Dulles founded the Banque Commerciale Arabe, developed with the help of the House of Saud?

The Assassins took their name from the Arabic word hashshasin, meaning “hashish smoker”.  Another Arabic word, assasseen, translates “guardians of the secrets”.  The group was founded in 1094 by Hasan bin Sabah, who shares his surname with the ruling family of Kuwait.  Hasan was schooled in the secrets of the Hebrew Cabala and studied at the Grand Lodge of Cairo, which also spawned the Afghan Illuminated Ones, the Roshaniya, who terrorized that country under the leadership of Bayezid Ansari in the 16th century. [103]

The Assassins emerged from the Ismaili Muslim sect, which claims descendence from the Hebrew patriarch Abraham and his surrogate wife, Hagar.  The Ismailis formed “societies of wisdom” which morphed into the Grand Lodge of Cairo.  The Druses which came to run the lodge claimed to be both Christians and Muslims and their protocol mirrored that of Grand Orient Freemasonry.  The Cairo Lodge turned out fanatics, who aided the Knights Templar in their Crusade battles against Saracen Muslim nationalists. bin Sabah formed his own Ismaili sect known as the Assassins. The group embraced the dogma that the end justifies the means, a belief they shared with their Masonic brothers and a trademark of modern-day religious and neo-Darwinist fundamentalists worldwide.

According to Marco Polo and many others, bin Sabah took over a valley where he built palaces surrounded by lush gardens and frequented by beautiful women.  Young visitors would be lured in and drugged, believing they had found paradise.  bin Sabah would then promise them a return to paradise if they would carry out political assassinations for him.  bin Sabah’s promise is held out to this day to thousands of young Islamist suicide martyrs, whose missions are bankrolled by the House of Saud.

bin Sabah called himself the Grand Master. Masonic historian Albert Mackey states of the Assassins, “…connections to the (Knights) Templars, as historically proved, may have had some influence over that Order in molding, or at least in suggesting, some of its esoteric dogmas and ceremonies…The Templars entered at various times into amicable arrangements and treaty stipulations with the Assassins.”[104]

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


10 responses to “London’s Saudi Assassins

  1. Dean: A very enlighting account. If you may permit me, whabbi-saudists seem to follow close to the letter the PNAC project and as such, to be working to elliminate Palestinians, and as such to work for the ad majorem
    eraz israel gloriam and NWO, very much like like Masonry does and few Americans take notice.

  2. Dean: a question remains: How could it be explained that muslim brotherhood was expelled and outlowed from Egypt by Al Sisi, who simultaneously closed tunnels that supplied the Gaza Strip, and has a good relationship with US and the KSA. Apparently a contradictory
    move as far as the Saudi´s recollection of facts.

  3. Handjar division was in Bosnia, not Croatia.

    What the autor never mentions, the Muslim Brotherhood was of course created and handled by the Brits, as was their later branch known as Salfists. Same goes for their later offspring, Hamas. Also Arafat started his career in Mufti’s egyptian salafist youth.

    Libya was the most liberal and modern muslim country while under Ghadafi. NOW it is a hellhole. Pretty much the same in Syria, Assad was rather secular while the ISIS-CIAda now makes it the next Libya.

    @ Roger: Al Sissi knows his history and knows the game, he tries to stop the british puppets from turning his country into another jihadist hellhole like Libya. Egyptians should thank god for him at least once a day, without him they’d be in the same situation like their libyan neighbours. Nothing contradictory there, you are just ill-informed (also thanks to reading such deliberately flawed “analysis” like this article above). The MB is a british puppet now as then and also they worked with both Qatar and Iran. The tunnels are also self-explanatory, anyone with minimum (real) knowledge will understand that Hamas must be stopped. Palestinians are the ones who suffer the consequences of the Hamas terrorist actions and extremist ideology, although less then <1% of them support it. You may like to know that in reality, last year Hamas killed as many if not more Palestinians then Israel did.

  4. Thanks for your reply Dean. Very clearifying your comments dfhj. Middle East its always full of surprises. Al Sisi was not in charge at the time Kadaffi was being harassed to be finally murdered but, with all the power Al Sissi already had at the time didn´t do much to stop the infiltration stream coming from Egypt into Lybia as neither today does nothing today to oppose Saudi Arabia invading Yemen. Hamas role could be questioned but, Palestinians could not be left without a supply line. Al Sissi needs to get rid of all masonic top brass polluting the armed forces to consolidate power unless he wants to enjoys living under the perilous situation of a permanent coup in stand-by waiting for CIA-Mossad go ahead.
    Somehow, siding either with the Saudi-Turk line or Syrian-Irak-iran line doesn´t have a middle-of-the- road option, Algeria and Morocco are not the sample to follow as for a long a time have been CIA enclaves in the Muslim World. As for Al Sissi present might be look bright under the US-Israeli umbrella as economic upheaval and population unrest might change matters sooner or later as it happened to Mubarak.

  5. yeh, waking up in a hashish haze thinking you are in a paradise of virgins and eternal life which in reality is a brothel to train killers.
    The OSS, forerunner to the CIA used a cannabis extract mixed with nictonine early on, probably with mixed ‘success’.
    From Glad Atzmon’s new book, a lexicon of Jewish language
    Humus – a traditional Jewish Polish vegetarian dish brought to the Middle East by Zionist pioneers. Not to be confused with Hamas

    from Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion we have Zionist worker bee Chaim Weizmann:
    “Dr. Weizmann realized that from this period on Washington was the place whence pressure might best be maintained on London, and early in 1942 transferred himself thither. His liberation from the scientific work which “absorbed” him in England was easily arranged, President Roosevelt
    [337] discovering that Dr. Weizmann was urgently needed in America to work on the problem of synthetic rubber” * (stolen? Einstein stole from Poinclare).
    applying pressure to Churchill “”When the war is over, I would like to see Ibn Saud made lord of the Middle East, the boss of the bosses, provided he settles with you . . . of course we shall help you. Keep this confidential, but you might talk it over with Roosevelt when you get to America. There’s nothing he and I cannot do if we set our minds on it”.
    Churchill seemed to waver a bit, home for Jews rather than Jewish Nation.
    .. further, Roosevelt died soon after meeting Ibn Saud.
    lastly… from the Yalta conference.
    “On the same, last day of the full conference Stalin asked Mr. Roosevelt if
    he meant to make any concessions to King Ibn Saoud, and the President replied “that there was only one concession he thought he might offer “and that was to give him” (Ibn Saoud) “the six million Jews in the United States”. (This last quotation is authentic but was expunged from the official record).”
    tails wagging the dogs methinks.

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