Four Horsemen & $44 Oil

2015 Central America (147) Corozal, Belize - Corozal BayI predicted last winter – when oil was fetching $110/barrel – that we’d see $50 oil soon. Today – with bonds through the roof and a whiff of deflation dampening the Wall Street party – crude for October delivery looks set to close near $44.

The oil bubble had to be pricked. The Fed is counting on the extra cash folks find in their pocket from savings at the pump to bring us out of this protracted economic funk. The dollar has de-linked from oil.  And those pesky Russians, Iranians and Venezuelans had to be put in their place.

But the biggest beneficiary of this latest bursting bubble will be the Four Horsemen – Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco & Royal Dutch/Shell. Industry acquisitions have begun in earnest as small drillers and coal companies file for bankruptcy or are forced to sell to Big Oil for pennies on the dollar.

On July 17th Milagro Energy, which has 1,200 wells in South Texas and Louisiana, was the latest small oil firm to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Shell announced in April that it would acquire Britain’s BG Group for $70 billion. BP is rumored to be looking to buy Penn Virginia, while Exxon is eyeing Anadarko Petroleum.

In the oil services sector, Halliburton’s attempt to buy Baker Hughes is under Justice Department review.

Big Oil will also gobble up suddenly cheap drilling rights in West Texas and other places. Just yesterday Exxon Mobil signed two agreements to expand its control over the Permian Basin via its XTO Energy Inc. subsidiary.

There is even much talk about mega-mergers, the most common being that Exxon Mobil may buy BP Amoco.

So while consumers catch a short-term break when they tank up, the Four Horsemen – who control the oil sector vertically from drill rig to gas pump AND the energy sector horizontally via ownership of coal, natural gas and nuclear power assets – will get yet more powerful.

A sensible government would not only disallow further Big Oil acquisitions, it would break up the Four Horsemen using existing laws – namely the Clayton & Sherman Anti-Trust Acts. Don’t hold your breathe.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


15 responses to “Four Horsemen & $44 Oil

  1. fromawaysite

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  2. Too bad prices at the pump did not drop 50%.
    But when the oil prices go up à little they shock it to us.
    What à big mess this whole world is.

  3. Dear Dean Henderson,
    Thanks for your adept analyses of current events. What happened with your relationship with VT? It’s hard to tell truth from untruth when I read online articles. VT resonates with me quite often, and that’s how I found out about you. Your writing resonates with me much more, and I am glad you are still speaking out in the public sphere.
    I agree with you that elections are rigged, and I think the Clinton/Bush dynasties have been chosen to lead for a very long time. This will be an interesting election to watch, since Fox News and Facebook are picking the candidates now. Trump is Fox’s favorite. I wonder why? Could it be the massive ad money he spends? As you well know, money wins elections.
    Sometimes I feel hopeless that we can actually make the world a decent place to live for everyone. I want to be on the good guys’ team, but I am afraid that it is useless to fight. The problems seem insurmountable. Even within the freedom/truth movement, there is too much divisiveness to really get anything done on a mass scale. Personally, I love Alex Jones, and I love Gordon Duff. These two are flawed, but they are working toward similar goals, so I feel frustrated that they do not choose to cooperate. Somehow, people need to come together, despite their personality differences, so that we can make real change for peace and for the future of our home planet.
    Dj Strong

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    • Trump is showing that his appeal will cut across many strata of American voters. He could strip a lot of blacks and Hispanics away from the Dems and that’s significant, to say the least. However, he is very flawed and he must, MUST, choose careful advisors who are not mere carbon copies of the slugs we have in DC now.

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  5. Dean: It was like most people forgot about lowering gas prices that you just remind them what it really means.
    1929 depression contrivers had among its purposes getting small companies for peanuts, concentrate most economic power in few hands
    and control prices through a few heads deciding who will get such and such “jurisdiction”, something that may be called the beggining of globalization by today´s parlance.
    Monopoly has been and it is today the economic tool by excellence to manipulate prices, jobs, inflation and governments and in consequence, to have all branches of power under the whims of non-ellected powowing dictators periodically picking the new cast of “celebrities” to run the show for the populace periodically elusioned with the democracy sausage of elections, followed by a 4-year period of chronic indigestions.
    Clayton & Sherman as Glass & Steagal were well honed tools that should have been part of a Constitution ammendment, but what can we expect if
    Congress never complained about deferring its money issuing power to the Federal Reserve, the utmost economic monopoly.
    After so many absortions and mergings the end of the road shows two oil chairmans of the board, Rothschild and Rockefeller in full control manupulating prices, markets, exports, imports and warfares. All along your Left Hook articles were announcing such an outcome, something that sooner or later would be the blueprint of every other commodity and utilities, managed by a second level of Forbes picked “executives of the year” duly reporting to the World Economic Royalty.
    Only a well sorted out 20 or so, points plan, web distributed, guided by well-known decent americans, and supported by the citizens with the true wish to retake the path of a prosperous Nation could signal a change
    to the right course.
    By the way, DJ is right, going separate ways don´t help. I know that differences may come up, but that is natural to mankind, specially in economic or political matters. VT has some good articles and good contributing people, not all of them. But what really cares its principles, means and ends. To compromise in details or viewpoints doesn´t mean
    loosing the compass leading to same objective.
    Usually I read about nearly all sources that share similar ideas like the IHR, enjoying how benefitial could be to see them gathering around the same goals to ellaborate plans for a new America; on the opposite, how deplorable to see such bunch of patriotic fellows scattered by minor shades of colour and persecuted by the enemy into oblivion, just because they forgot the meaning of union as the basis for strength.

    • Yes Roger, thing is Gordon Duff called Press TV a “Zionist front” and spreadng “Bernie Sanders the opium kingpin” disnfo. This is not some superficial deal here, it’s the CIA!

  6. Dean: Since VT changed the requirements to log in, almost like telling about own mother´s honesty record or sending a credit car number and password really gives food for thought. Nevertheless, part of the staff and some contributing fellows pass mustard. Don´t share the iterative, unproven and contradictory remarks about Bush messing around with IG Farben and almost picking Adolph Hitler as chairman of the board along with his Rothschild roots, giving a lot of credit in anything smearing the German Chancellor, like a new background ritual but setting aside all the social benefits given to the German population.
    On Sanders, aside from his jewish condition, that after all the damage done by his ilk to this Nation and the World, give us some second thoughts on any one running for office with such an extraction, I think that Bernie is the only one so far providing answers to basic american needs, anyway I do have some reservations about him on the Oval Office and Palestinian´s fate, Syria, Ukraine, Russia are also part of my worries, in that case, it would be almost like having Netanyahu seated on the West Wing. Bernie facing the lobbying forces like Oil (Rothschild & Rockefeller), Big Pharma,
    fighting narcotics, Mining, BANKING, Freedom of the Web, Chinese outsourcing, salaries, retirements, WB, FMI, WTO being all jewish areas of influence, which makes us wander about him otherwise coming to terms along with blood ties.
    I don´t want to reach into religious matters, but like it or not, America has a Christian sense of things on the majority, with alreaday an almost atheist Obama (according to Bill Maher) as a President, having another
    atheist as a President paves the road to total NWO and general religion execration with an accordingly devalued human life, being it native anglo americans, anglo, nordic, muslims, Christians, coloured, skinny, fat or with curly hair as anyone in disasgreement is elliminated as a terrorist. How about Bernie Sanders and 9/11? Would he open an investigation? Would he surrender to jewish influences or call fellow jews to the stand, like Larry Silverstein?
    I understand your sympathies toward Bernie, but knowing all the above, it´s
    hard no to balance his promises against his acquaintances, or comparing him with gentile puppets on either party unable to even make a senseful
    program to improve the life of common people other than contributing to Adelson´s, Saban and the likes fortunes. So the dilema its to believe or not to believe.
    About VT again, on Press TV: very wrong, I wish Dean and Duff change their minds on the most non NWO news service. I understand they went into Syria, perhaps that´s the reason they give real news on the battleground. So, its just time to see if they go to Iran and change their viewpoint on Press TV.
    Thanks for your time Dean and keep up your good pages.

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  9. Things are bigger than the oil thing , so what do I mean ? The war mongers are in Hollywood and always were . Who made the movie we saw on CBS news with Dan Rather of those planes flying into the twin towers ? No that did not happen but a lot of people died and that was with explosives . Has man walked on the moon ? no , but we saw a good movie . Van Braum (sp), he came from Germany and got caught up in Satanism and push the American space program to its present status . So is NASA a Satanic organization also ? Are the astronauts and the Russian cosmonauts the same ? Good grief the whole world seems to be spiritually under Satan’s control . This all being said , it was the Jews that did 9-11 not the Israelis for there is (should not be) no nation of Israel and all that were born there are not Israelites for you have no nation. Now we are seeing another movie of the republicans and while we are watching that movie we are about to get the shaft . The Bush family (that’s not their real name) came from Germany and involved in every major war and they are of tubal-Cain a cursed seed , so think about it if you’ve married into that family as the Clintons . The world has a big problem and its bigger than the oil thing . Are you a spiritual man , than think in terms of the Spirit .

  10. Lane Larson

    Why is it when oil prices do drop s-l-o-w-l-y, all of a sudden a refinery has a problem and prices jump 20-40-60 cents over night? The gas I bought last night is from the same tank that is there today! Shouldn’t prices reflect what the retailer paid for the existing product at time of purchase? We live in a greedy corporate situation and it becomes trickle down suffering.

  11. Charles Hoyenski

    I predict gasoline will DEFINITELY be back over $4 a gallon
    by the end of the year !

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