Bernie Sanders & Wall Street Burning

2015 Central America (21)The July 2015 30% swoon in China’s Shanghai Composite Index was a harbinger of a deflationary downward spiral about to beset the global economy. Having failed to bait the Russian bear into World War III, and with an Iran nuclear deal imminent, the banksters now see the writing on the wall. A deflationary depression is imminent.

Oil is trading at $48. Gold is at a 10-year low. The entire commodities complex is collapsing, while the dollar strengthens. Corporate earnings, where there are any, are driven by phony stock buyback schemes as the financialization Ponzi scheme continues apace.

The US stock market is sitting on the precipice of a mega-crash which will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. It should be an interesting Fall.

Bottom line is that the Chinese economic engine has given out – a victim of cowboy capitalism and speculators. Sound familiar? Without a reflationary world war, where will global growth come from?

While Rome burns, the Donald Trump-fixated media ignores the one Presidential candidate who has the answers – Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Despite this, the 74-year-old Sanders, a self-avowed democratic socialist, has been generating huge crowds of mainly young people wherever he shows up.

Sanders knows that global growth can only be stimulated by massive domestic government infrastructure programs all over the world. The age of austerity, ushered in my Ronald Reagan, must end. Monopoly capitalism has reached its peak and, with wealth concentrated at all-time highs, offers nothing in the way of good jobs for the vast majority of people. Government spending is the only way to create meaningful jobs at this time.

The US should focus on demilitarization and tax-haven reforms, while funneling this revenue saved into domestic infrastructure programs to build water and sewer systems, roads, high-speed rail lines, small hydro projects, etc.

Nationalization of the Federal Reserve should be followed by the nationalization of oil, mining, grain processing and insurance sectors.

This is the only way we could have avoided the looming deflationary depression, but it is too late. Still, this left turn in US politics can also take us out of the coming crisis.

Everyone should get out and work for the election of Bernie Sanders, first in the Democratic primary, then in the general election. With Sanders, we have a real chance to turn things around.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books:Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


20 responses to “Bernie Sanders & Wall Street Burning

  1. Dean, you have outdone yourself!

  2. “Sanders knows that global growth can only be stimulated by massive domestic government infrastructure programs all over the world” I am not sure you can back that up. If you can, please enlighten.

  3. Ditto, drkate!

  4. Dean: Even with a 100% democratic congress supporting his ideas of 180 degrees turn around, you just can´t believe Bernie´s promises.
    He doesn´t have Federal Reserve support to back up any general prosperity wise decisions.
    He´s against any conciliatory move toward Russia. He´s not relinquishing further agressive moves against the Muslim World. He´s not supporting US-Iran agreement on nuclear developents. He´s supporting every Israel action against the Palestine people.
    He doesn´t say a word about corporate taxing. He doesn´t say a word about outsourcing. He doesn´t say a word about prosecuting bankers.
    He doesn´t say a word about improving drug control. He´s not specific about improving labour conditions and retiring benefits. He´s silent about former and present foreclosures.
    He´s just another media cosmetic improving prospect of finally have a jewish US president.
    If you are naive enough to believe he´s the last american hope, I´ll bet you´ll be disappointed as many of us who still believe in the two-party regime having any regrets about all the damage they´ve done to US and
    most of US sphere of influence. If you need a sincerity sample ask bernie about investigating 9/11 and WTC N°7.
    It´s been over half a century that Europe has a Health protection system (Germany since XIX century) provided to all people, as well as a free college education. in most cases and with a much smaller budget than the US, without any reductions due to financing widespread banking scams.
    So Dean, Let´s have a second look at Bernie´s speech. Perhaps, due to his Jewish condition he might have some extra help from business and PAC´s to extend a total judazing of american people, and considering how sheeple anglos are easy to succumb to Media promotion at pizza time he may become the cherry on top of the cake to make Jewish dreams of total US and World control come through.

  5. Whether there is profit/income in it,the world is in badly need of repairing its aging infra-structure.

  6. However,agree with Roger above.

  7. fromawaysite

    Reblogged this on Today,s Thought.

  8. Only Trump can bring back jobs ,secure the border, make sure veterans get a fair shake and he is the only one with the competence to make the deals for America and Americans.
    Sanders appeals to the young who have no clue that Sanders only offers tax hikes for the middle class,
    Trump 2016
    proof is here

  9. don't vote for this man

    do not vote for this man, becasue most of america will go to war, Bernie Sanders Is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel, Militarist Tool, He’s not what he seems to be. i am surprised that Dean Henderson would vote for this person, and i like his articles

    • Sanders was one of a handful of Senators who refused to meet with Netanyahu when Boehner brought the scumbag to Washington in March. Soft on Israel?

      • Bernie Sanders, at best “controlled opposition”, positioned to guarantee either the Zionist Demos’ or the Zionist Repubs’ “chosen one” getting elected. Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, though the Chosen One will be “elected”, Die-bold will ensure the outcome. Dean, “left hook” has gained in meaning with your most recent post.

  10. No Dean, massive Government spending will only make things worse. Its simple math. The money multiplier on Government spending is about .5, or a 50 cent return on every dollar spent. Its about 1.6 from private sector investing. We need to get government out of the way, excessive regulations scotched and let innovation and small business bloom.

  11. TwistedPolitix

    Wow! I have to admit I am surprised by Dean’s support of Bernie. Dean is obviously very knowledgeable about the cabals secret activities, so perhaps this is the Optimistic and Pragmatic Dean Henderson showing up. I also agree with Roger above that Bernie is soft on Israel, and therefore will continue to ignore the real 9/11 story, and all the surveillance state, war on terror that follows. Bernie talks tough and might actually drive social programs similar to Obama but I doubt there would be any prosecution of banksters, fraudsters, military, Congressmen, etc.

    Having said all that I would LOVE to see a Rand Paul Bernie Sanders 2016 run off, as opposed to the CFR’s Clinton-Bush dynamic duo.

  12. Just 5 months ago, the U.N.’s climate-change czar, Christiana Figueres, stated “…we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the industrial revolution.”

    In short, I am suggesting that we may well be watching a murder mystery unfold right before our eyes and in broad daylight: Capitalism and Free Enterprise may soon be pushing up daisies. An economic reset would undoubtedly feature Technocracy’s energy-based economic model with physical and private resources subverted into a global trust for the “global commons”.
    I get the feeling world socialism is slated to replace capitalism. And Bernie would be the best choice as President to make that transition. I am curious on how the election will play out. Anybody know where I can invest in carbon credits?

  13. A 1 % transaction tax on the quadrillion dollar derivatives market– parasitical–would easily provide the revenue to build infrastructure. There is no reason to raise taxes on productive capital.
    Also a tariff(15%), which is the only Constitutional source for Federal revenue should be re-applied; it would spur domestic production; and it would chastise the traitorous “domestic” companies , which are so in name but international with its physical production, as it searches for the cheapest (out)sources of labor. Do people ever ask themselves why prices never fall with the decline in the cost of labor. Moreover Financial capital, which un Constitutionally controls the Federal Reserve, whose monetary policy has also contributed to the rise in prices(labor power de-valued) due to its low interest rates by the expansion of PRIVATE bank CREDIT.
    Lastly so many people have no idea why a National Bank, issuing public currency and credit is necessary for a truly Free People.

    I still plan on running in New Hampshire but whomever can adopt this program–and a anti War pro Constitutional foreign policy– COULD get my vote.

    • Transaction tax and tariffs are both great ideas Allen.

      • Thanks Dean.
        To me elections are about getting politicians to talk about real issues and Constitutional ways of solving them. We the People just need to get them to be our spokespersons; force them to speak our language which is not easy.

  14. Sorry, but Bernie is a fraud. He loves open borders with Mexico. This is a serous issue. No candidate for the Presidency–not one–has a worse record than Bernie on protecting US borders or sensibly deporting most of the ‘fence jumpers’ who have entered the America unlawfully. Bernie therefore has contempt for both white America as well as black America, since polling data indicates that a large majority of both groups want illegal immigration stopped.

    Bernie is also an ardent Zionist. Israel’s bloodless capture of Washington suits him fine. Bernie is a Big Government populist but he’s also a crypto-Israeli. That’s dangerous. If he’s elected, expect millions more Hispanics to enter the US and more–not fewer–foreign wars, since Bernie is a huge fan of Apartheid Israel. Dump this Trojan Horse before it’s too late.

  15. I have to agree with Mark, I would not trust a Sanders Presidency.

    Firstly, he’s a Zionist supporter of Israel and its current LIKUD occult Zionist leadership. If Sanders were not an atheist, a socialist, a suspected Freemason (Luciferian); and was willing to confront and change Israeli leadership, embraced the law of the Torah, it would be different. FYI Karl Marx was a Freemason (atheist) and we all know what he did to Russia.

    Secondly, since Sanders is unwilling to entertain the notion that there is state sponsored false flag terror; was willing to investigate false flag terror (9/11, mass shootings, Boston Marathon), we would still be perpetually stuck in the “war on terror” milieu that has impoverished and enslaved America. Terrorist acts that has only benefited the private UK central bank and its creation, Israel.

    Thirdly, without looking at what would happen to America (Communist China, Bolshevik Russia, NaZi Germany) had its guns confiscated, Sanders would eventually capitulate in to the gun grabbers, a group dominated by US Zionist (Jewish) politicians; and would move to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment.

    Lastly, Sanders would never dream of questioning the City of London, Federal Reserve, IMF, BIS private banking cartel that has been running the world since the Battle of Waterloo; and has been serially interfered with US independence since the American Revolution.

    Ultimately, a Sanders Presidency would be an additional concern in the document-able record of Israeli/Jewish (Zionist?) control of American life…

    *Israel is strongly implicated in the 9/11 attacks (Dancing Israelis, Odigo, Zim Shipping). However, Israel is also the source for much of the intelligence information used in the so-called “war on terror” initiated by the 9/11 attacks.

    *Israel has connections to the creation of Palestinian and Islamic fundamentalists groups, like Hamas and ISIS.
    *Israel has committed false-flags against the US to engender support for its causes (Lavon Affair, USS Liberty).
    *Israel lobby groups (AIPAC) dominate the US political apparatus.
    *Israel commits most of the espionage against the US interests.
    *Israel dominates the post-9/11 terror training of US police forces.
    *Israel companies are spying on US citizens for the NSA.
    *Israel contractors run many private prisons here in the US.
    *Israel ran security for the 9/11 airports and the Fukushima reactors, and are now providing security for US nuclear weapons. And now has a contract to patrol US borders using Elbit Systems, an Israeli drone, defense contractor, involved the Apartheid security in Palestine, including weaponized drones.


    *Jewish (Zionist) interests dominate the MSM and Hollywood.
    *Jewish (Zionist) interests dominate the Federal Reserve, international banking, Wall Street
    *Jewish (Zionist) organizations dominate the post-9/11 DHS security grants.
    *Jewish (Zionist) politicians dominate the Senate and House intelligence committees, and Homeland Security leadership.
    *Jewish (Zionist) political leaders are much of the the driving force behind the gun control laws.
    *Jewish (Zionist) Talmud is replete with many examples of gentiles being characterized as “sub-human”; providing rationalizations (mitzvahs) for their being treated in discriminatory ways. When Israel Is Mighty:

    I’m sorry, but a Sanders Presidency offers the Zionists dominating the US complete top-down control; and is completely unacceptable.

  16. Sanders may be right-when the cold war ended-Huge war machine companies such a Lockheed Martin Marietta went from building Trillion dollar weapons to……overseeing the distribution of welfare checks for the state of Mississippi. Such embarrassment-So maybe they are pinning away for another Socialist utopia where their budget is made up of spending ‘Other peoples Money’

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