Stew Webb Interview: The Veterans Today Scam

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

16 responses to “Stew Webb Interview: The Veterans Today Scam

  1. That was a hot interview !

  2. Maxine Speaker

    Loved it. Maybe Truth can get out now. God Bless. — Max

  3. i have always wondered about duff something quiet did not add up. i find stew web great but one thing i noticed was that when interviewing duff gordon seemed to either cut him off a lot or speak down to him, like he was a lacky or some such. i get the left hook sent to my e-mail and facebook which i gladly share with everybody but since i just got a computer about three years ago i am indeed behind on things. when i read deans stuff i have to read an article a few times as it is packed with so, so much information it takes awhile to digest it all and also he is one with the people and humanity can count on him and stew for the absolute truth. but i must disagree on some very, very important points,. one when gordon said the world was run by the zionists kazarian mafia, fake jews, he speaks the truth. another really, really important point is the alien factor, please, please do not dismiss this out of hand out of ignorance. i could write pages of proof. they are indeed here and are part of the secret shadow govern.were in the hell do you think america has come up with such ultra-high very advanced tech. which america and the whole world is being attacked with. must humans are indeed clueless about the nature of true reality.child sacrifices are real and used to feed whom?? an imagined myth, hell know they feed these none-corpreal entitites which they are in league with and also the reptilian/dracconians and others. we do indeed have a secret space fleet with free energy and anti-gravity.i know dean and stew are indeed true american patriots. i would hate to think they are a part of something sinister because they refuse to mention these issues. or maybe were warned not to mention them out of retrobution. oh yes another thing that gives duff away was his insisting obama was for the people when facts speak otherwise. we all know obama to be a puppet and part of some bigger agenda. his trashing the zionists throws me off . it is obvious duff is kissing ass and brown nosing with the obama thing. thank you both for doing your best in the fight for humanity.

  4. Well, Mr. Henderson, a remarkably eye-opening interview with Mr. Webb. Thank you. Puts VT into perspective. Sigh.

  5. hey dean,
    heads up on stew. he is an old, old, disinfo/infiltrator/paid informant or something.

    e.g. what he said about jeff, especially about ted gunderson.
    he created a lot of backlash against gunderson, who was truly a man of integrity.
    in the early 90’s he infiltrated patriot and militia movements.
    but, even without that knowledge, his ‘vibe’ or energy is certainly dark.
    now, duff is clearly not who or what he says, but why does fetzer support webb as someone with a ‘rock solid’ reputation? webb has decades of history….
    a complex web indeed, using one disinfo agent to out another…..just watch your back, bro..
    (and i highly doubt webb had an assassination attempt, he has a long history of pathological lies.)
    i normally don’t comment on things, but webb is poison, as duff also appears to be.
    peace and keep up the good work!

  6. wrong you tube url

  7. “heads up on stew. he is an old, old, disinfo/infiltrator/paid informant or something.”

    According to who Joe? Stew’s enemies? Are you one of Stew’s enemies? You work for Heneghan or something? So you don’t believe Stew was run off the road this past weekend? Tatum and Fetzer are liars as well?

  8. It’s clear that their are shills and glad handers trying to crash the party. Ho, hum. What else is new? I’ve always said that as a website gains readers and becomes mature, it can attract the disinfo people who try to feed garbage into the established system. In other words, mess up the workings of a most capable and truthful site like Dean’s Left Hook. We’ve all got to be on our toes when reading and submitting comments to sites, there are mind messers out there and we’ve all got to beware. VT insists that Dean, Bruce, Stew, and Jim Fetzer were “thrown out on their ears” by the imperial potentates at VT. Yeah, right. In fact, these were clearly voluntary moves away from Duff and his sycophantic disenfranchisers. It’s pretty clear some sharp minded visionaries realized long ago that the Duffster was masquerading as some worldbeater, a CEO of the dreaded Adamus group, and in charge of security for all of Africa. This was hogwash. Let’s keep our eyes open and our ears to the ground. We live in very dangerous times.

  9. Gunderson, a gallant hero? VT’s recent, flowery “Ode to Ted” should cast serious doubt on that claim, as should reports of his, John DeCamp’s and Bill Casey’s steering into the ground of the Franklin Coverup/child raping/murdering scandal investigation which put innocent people in jail and six feet under.

  10. Patty Sillivan

    L love Stew Webb, and he would never betray the American human race,he is a blessed light worker sent by God Almighty, to expose these phychopaths for who they really are, Bad Boys. Stew, keep up the good work, please. do not let up on these scum bags, and soon they will all be arrested. God Bless you Stew.

  11. Patty Sillivan

    Keep telling the truth Stew. remember, they tried to kill you on the road, but God Almighty, did not allow that to happen. Now, they want to silence you bout the real true news. You stew, are the greatest whistleblower in history, and keep on as a light worker for God. God almighty is using you, for good, and that is, to tell the whole truth, and nothing but, the whole true. God Bless

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