“Special Relationship” On Ice

??????????????????????????????????????????????There have been many signs of late that the “special relationship” between the US and UK may be hitting the skids.  Several articles have appeared recently in the British press sounding the alarm.  Here is but one from The Telegraph in January: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11345045/Our-special-relationship-hangs-by-a-thread.html

The hit on Boris Nemtsov bore the hallmarks of an MI6 hit designed to deepen the rift between the US and Russia.  Britain announced it would send advisors to Ukraine, while also stating it would cut military spending, putting even more of the burden for their defense on the US.

Just today the British announced they would join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – a $50 billion China-based effort which the US has refused to take part in.  The Obama Administration expressed outrage (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2993006/Cracks-special-relationship-Obama-administration-hits-UK-closer-ties-China-50bn-Asian-bank-rare-public-slapdown.html).

Long ago America was conceived as the “New World” component of a New World Order planned by the Rothschilds and their City of London Khazar/Babylonian/Freemason progeny.

America was to be the lynchpin in the creation of a system where the ruling European fondi could now hide behind a façade of democracy, while maintaining and consolidating control over all the planet’s resources and people.

The revolution of 1776 made us free from the British parliament, but not from the Crown, which stills controlled our financial apparatus through the Bank of the United States (BUS) – precursor to the Federal Reserve. Rothschild agent Alexander Hamilton pushed the BUS through over the objections of Thomas Jefferson and many other founding fathers.

In the beginning the Levant and East India Companies treated America much like the British Empire treated the rest of the world, bringing in African slaves to more easily pilfer her resources. All of this was managed by largely British Southern plantation owners who were both Freemasons and Ku Klux Klan. Their spiritual guru was 33rd Degree Freemason and Klan founder Albert Pike.

Angered by the populist Presidency of Abraham Lincoln, the Rothschilds backed the secessionists and tried to seize the southern resource base for the Crown. America remained intact thanks to Russian Czar Nicholas, who send a navy flotilla to the US Atlantic coast as a message to the Brits.

In the early 20th Century the Rothschilds launched the Roundtable as a global plan for hegemony. Its ugly stepchild was the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs, which immediately spawned sister organizations in numerous countries. Its US branch is known as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Roundtable oligarchs were dispatched around the world in an attempt to monopolize resources. Cecil Rhodes set up shop in South Africa. Paul Warburg went to Eastern Europe. The Kuhn Loebs funded the Rockefellers in their US takeover. Plans were made to control the Middle East oil patch through the creation of both Saudi Arabia and Israel as British puppets. Behind it all were the Rothschilds.

The Babylonian banksters next dragged America into two world wars under false pretexts, all the while profiting from the arms, oil, drugs and rebuilding contracts that war entails. It was after the second war that the oligarchs engineered the Bretton Woods deal which created the World Bank and its IMF enforcer.  Bretton Woods would be the vehicle through which the new US/UK “special relationship” could be covertly realized.

The British Empire never died. It simply became known as the Commonwealth, all the while hiding behind its new Hessianized mercenary force known as the United States of America. To accomplish their goal of creating Anglophiles in the New World, London’s Tavistock Institute set about making Americans love the British. Thus the steady increase in British accents crowding TV news and “programming” in this country.

In Iraq, the US sacrificed blood and treasure so that BP and Royal Dutch/Shell could be awarded the first oil contracts. In Afghanistan, more US lives were wasted and more debt accumulated so the poppy trade could be revived and the Rothschilds’ HSBC bank could ring up record profits laundering the heroin proceeds.

Both of these wars occurred because President George W/ Bush – blood cousin of the Windsor family – lied and covered up 911, while his brother Marvin was running Securacom – a Crown Corporation subsidiary which held the security contract on the World Trade Center when it was attacked. It was Securacom who would have allowed the “elevator maintenance” people into the buildings in the weeks before 911 where they set the charges which eventually brought those buildings down.

We are entering a time of exposure. Pay attention and you will find out who is behind all this. America’s new round of Benedict Arnolds exposed themselves as the City of London/Israeli tools that they are via their recent letter to Iran in violation of the Logan Act.

Freshman Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) can hardly spell, so the letter was most likely written by PNAC Chairman Bill Kristol and his new front – the Emergency Committee for Israel. All who signed are Republicans. All claim to be “populists”.

There are people in the Obama Administration who know these things. At first they were crowded out by the same neo-con advisors who surrounded Bush. But Obama’s recent snubbing of Netanyahu, his persistence in talking peace with Iran and the recent frostiness of US/UK relations; all point towards the coming of a second American Revolution.

This time we have to take it all the way.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

16 responses to ““Special Relationship” On Ice

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  3. Spot on Dean…thanks for all you do!

  4. Dean: Your articles are getting better as time passes by. Disobedience to natural authority and sound advice never stopped the jewish lobby. Kissinger went over the Pentagon and delivered Pershing missiles to the “tribe”. But in the present situation, becomes relevant, more than lobby brive, the masonic adhrence and obedience to Israel of congress members.
    Perhaps, ignorance on freemasonry its the medular sickness plaguing Americans, as generally people can detect a jew but hardly knows that whatever organized jewery has got, it was by the masonic hand operating in shadows of secrecy and obedience to the their benefit and unfortunatedly,
    by treasonous gentiles that you happen to know to be a member of the lodge when appears on the obituary.

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  6. Very good.

  7. as a brief synopsis you have summed up the flow of treachery fairly


    rather than curse the darkness….

    light a flamethrower

    remember the Alamo & Waco !

  8. The Rothschild financed both sides in the American civil war. They always play the long game and because they don’t identify with humanity, no alliance is beneath them and no atrocity is too hideous. They infiltrate and co-opt every organization that opposes their ends (i.e. freemasonry) and if they can’t infiltrate they will undermine and destroy it through whatever means necessary. They have one objective and that is spelt out clearly in their religious texts and by their actions in the world. By their fruit shall ye know them. On a side note, the power to the security cameras went down for a few hours in the weekend prior to the collapse of the WTC while maintenance was being carried out on the elevator shafts.

  9. It is Briton and the U.S. ,these two nations that the name of Israel , Isaac and Abraham is upon . Read Genesis chapter 48 and we are the younger ! We are Ephraim and Briton is Manasseh . There should be no nation named Israel . It was the British that was giving a land for the Jews and Harry Truman scratched out Jew and put Israel . I am of the house of Israel and these are not and should not be calling themselves Israelis in fact they are the very enemies of the Lord my God !

  10. (1) If people could just wrap their head’s around the reality that it is one man or should I say one Family that makes all the decisions we are forced to live by. Every decision the Family makes is a decision in their favor the whole rest of the world be damned and for a big part, because of them, it is. “if my sons didn’t want war there would be no war”
    (2) Great Job Dean. Some day, I hope, before he dies, Jeff Rense (Jeff, must be getting up there in age) must be recognized as one of the greatest of all time -Patriots. You, Dean, and some others (Dr. Pierce, David Duke, Robert Frenz, Bradley Smith, David Irving, wow, we have a lot of hero’s to think about, when you think about it) should share in this as well.
    (3) Alex Jones — well, this cat has a bunch of claws and none of them are for us, Jones, has a purpose and that purpose is to cover up the great lie, the lie that is the “Jews Holocaust Story” – and- as a side bar he is paid to keep the light from shining on the WTC 9/11 mass murder of innocent American people. If enough of us let Alex Jones know we know who he is and what he is about (I am banned from posting to any of his Internet comment pages) well, maybe he will just shut up and go away.
    (4) What do you think Dean, do we much time left before the great destruction comes our way? Nothing religious, just new day science that suggest we are overdue for a butt kicking from the natural world. Things from within, things from without, the signs are all around us.
    (5) I hope we are spared a total destruction but if we are totally destroyed, maybe something you and/or the other great one’s have written may find its way into the next civilization on Earth as I am sure there will be one. We are not the first civilization on Earth and we won’t be the last, people, need to think about what they are leaving behind. Like the old saying goes -there is nothing done in the dark that won’t be (in time) revealed in the light.
    (6) The Bushs’, must shake in their shoes as they lavish themselves in luxury, materialism, a two edged sword, no doubt.

  11. Mark Leininger

    It was Czar Alexander II who assisted Lincoln, Nicholas II was his grandson. The 1834 Treaty with Russia starts…”In the name of the Most Holy and Indivisible Trinity.” This treaty allowed the citizens of each country to travel unrestricted in the other. For 80 years this treaty made the US/Russia relationship as amicable as any we’ve ever had with any foreign nation. Then the Khazarian Mafia demanded it be ended (it wouldn’t work with their newly created Federal Reserve system) so congress “had no choice” but to end it.
    Lincoln was assassinated by House of Rothschild agency first, then Alexander II 18 years later by their “Russian” counterparts.

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