The Human Condition

000010(Excerpted from Chapter 9: The Rambutan & The Thief: The Grateful Unrich…)

Hitchhiking near Kuantan, Malaysia


In a deafening course of unbearable silence, the hollow await a new day, one where dignity is not something to be struggled for, where disappointment is not something to be expected with a shrug and a lowering of one’s head. A new time where the common are no longer expendable to the degree that they are useful to a system based on exploitation, which deems both man and planet dangerous commodities to be reduced, quantified and conquered. If we are to realize this new day we must first become aware of the delusions that have taken us down this primrose path of misery.

Driven by a need to rationalize our corrupt lives, we cling to “isms” that we can easily distort to suit our every insecurity. We continue to choose separation and exclusion as our paradigms. We may abandon one “ism” when it is convenient, only to latch on to another, forever dividing humankind into the worship of the ideas of certain gurus, who we never knew and can never fully understand. Nonetheless we idolize them and place them on pedestals, using these saviors to alleviate ourselves of any responsibility towards living lives of compassion and fairness.

Jesus did not die for our sins. Rather we find it convenient to invoke his name so that we may continue in our wicked ways. Choosing a different “ism” is no answer, only a further delusion and denial of our obligation to know ourselves, to live in the present moment and to cast away all expectations and pretensions of a mind still hinged to myths and fairy tales, to outward appearances and to a yearning to be accepted.

We are so immersed in ourselves, yet ironically we know nothing of ourselves because rarely are we still enough to learn. We focus on either future worry or past performance, reducing our own value to that of a bit player in this giant screenplay of life. We relegate all spiritual dealings to religion or cult gurus, hoping to put our souls to rest within some moralistic box of understanding. Instead, our souls nag at us to pay attention, to commandeer our own ship. We memorize and intellectualize right and wrong, but we do not know it because we do not listen to what our hearts have to say in the matter. Our instincts are crushed by the ever-present myth of objectivity. We lose touch with the sacredness of each act in each moment of our lives, then rush to feel empty about our haste. To compensate for this void we plan political rallies or fund charity work. We labor over strategies and what to do next, scurrying onward like rats in a thickening fog of guilt-engineered confusion.

Where there are followers and the leaders they create, there is corruption and contradiction. How can one possibly claim to believe in the teachings of any other being, however articulate, without experiencing the exact same thoughts at the exact same moment? Surely one relates to certain ideas when reading a book or to certain lyrics when hearing a song, but that does not necessitate the transformation of that writer or singer into some god king.

Their ideas – which they themselves have merely borrowed – simply touch off old ideas that we have thought of in the past – ageless ideas that are lodged in the collective consciousness of mankind. We are merely reminded in these revelatory moments. Our instinctive knowledge of these truisms is simply reinforced. A euphoric feeling runs through our bodies as we realize our power to interpret life experience by deconstructing layers of socialization that have resulted in the numbing of our souls. We see truth, which has waited so patiently. It is obvious, we say. Why couldn’t we see it before? The answer is that we have been too busy looking forward and aft, trying endlessly and hopelessly to please our perceived audience. Stop! Jump off the stage and run!

Unfortunately, most humans never become aware of their mental delusion. Those most insecure become our leaders, charging forward with a phony outward confidence, manipulating the silent majority whose quiet togetherness, ironically, urges the maniacs onward and legitimates their seized authority. The deluded tyrants become yet more dangerous and attain positions of global power.

Most people, at some point in their lives, become vaguely aware of this absurdity, yet, nourished by the ever grander delusions of the leaders, become fearful and fall into line as followers. They are subtly instructed through the corporate media that it is easier to let others lead. This is a huge lie and causes an eager soul to turn dark and sad. They know of the lie at first, but unable to challenge the now well-armed demented leadership, they retreat to a safe distance and trade in their dignity, making the lie become the truth.

Many others never stop to listen to true self. They remain mired in the unhappiness of knowing instinctively that society is built upon a pack of lies. Happiness can only be attained through living in the now, and by picking yourself as leader of your own life, but of no other life. Some would call this Buddhism, some would call it Anarchy. I am beginning to know it as Love.

We humans are in a predictable pattern. We allow our most insecure members to lead us. These weak links soon become disgraced by scandal and corruption. We carry out reform. Yet all remains the same. Why? While the “ism” or party in power may have changed, we still comply with a system that involves followers and leaders. People continue to defer authority to those hungriest for power over them – the most dangerous delusional tyrants you can imagine.

The much wiser path of self-authority and love and collective consciousness is passed over because it only exists in the now. Ambitious minds create ambitious future-driven concepts such as “economic growth” or “expanding NATO” or “exploring the solar system”. The now will not do for these climbers. Instead their sick minds divide reality into its component parts and separate people into social groups, isolating them from their collective power to call bullshit – like a much wiser, audacious 2nd grade class calling down and embarrassing the bully in their midst.

Movements created by power brokers and a sick “searching for my identity” self-immersion replace any collective consciousness that celebrates the now, while  masking the universal truths that bind together all life on this planet.  The greatest of these truths is Love.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


5 responses to “The Human Condition

  1. We are in denial of the socio-,biological pattern, present among all animals, that forms “social dominance hierarchies”. It is mediated by conscience and affiliation in humans, but it is always there infusing relationships with caution, tension, fear. Will we be accepted or rejected? Acknowledged or ignored,? Respected or victimized,? This dynamic is molded by culture to design relationships of cooperation or competition/conflict. Do we welcome and share with others, or distrust, exploit and vanquish in self-righteous superiority-striving? There seems to be cycles in history, but ultimately the ruthless, with the deadliest weapons, gain control at the “top” of the hierarchy. It is disgusting, disappointing, seemingly unnecessary, but it is “organic”, “natural”, hormonally regulated survival.

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  3. Good article! I saw the root of our problems in an Iranian news site. Can’t remember which one though. It’s called the dark triad.

    The dark triad is a lethal combination of narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy.

    Our so-called-leaders exhibit all of the traits! A brain scan reveals psychopathy so we need to make sure anyone ruling us gets one and is prohibited from any public office if positive!

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