Jeff Rense Interview: Tough Week For Zionists

Around the World Trip 2009 039

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Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


5 responses to “Jeff Rense Interview: Tough Week For Zionists

  1. Jeff is right. Dean you are one of the brightest minds out there! Another great interview. Thanks!

  2. Hi Dean,
    Hope you had a chance to check out Khazar Rothschild Zionist AIPAC attorney, Gerald Parsky. He seems to be everywhere. And his PATTERN is always the same.
    Eustace Mullin’s “WORLD ORDER” names names.
    So just google Parsky with anyone or just about any horrendous events, acts or wrongs like quantative (easing), IMF, World Bank, Federal Reserve, Lucifer, BCCI, Enron, Bernie Madoff, Lehman Bros., CHUBB GROUP, Opal File, Saudi Arabia, Net Warfare, Michael Chertoff, Ukraine, Israel, Iran Contra, Nixon, Ford, Assett Forfiture, Bush Crime cabal, Carve outs, Honfed, bank scams, Michael Milken, Hoover Institute, Trilateral Comission, 911, Cat bird, corporate raiding, HSUS, ZIONISM, Fireman’s Fund, CitiGroup, JP Morgan, Karl Rove’s Hatchet Man, Vietnam, OIL, Mafia, CIA, Homeland Security, KKR, Mitchell International, David Petreaus, Bill Simon, Khazar Phallic Worshippers.
    In order to WIN A WAR – it is very IMPORTANT to know who your enemy actually is. Also what the cause of it is. You do not cure cancer by smoking cigaretts or eating lots of bacon.
    Was it Sicero or Socrates who spoke of the TRAITOR WITHIN being more dangerous than a standing army.
    It is very interesting to see how NIXON and Billy Gram saw these parasites and how they operated. That is most likely why Watergate Happened – plus it avoided another assassination (as in Kennedy).
    By Googling parsky with people, places and events, you will see that he is the glue of this parasiting monopolizing cancerous plague Infecting our government and our civilization, including TERRORIZING ME right here in Southern California, where my family has lived for generations.
    My Dad built the Matterhorn at Disneyland. My Grandfather was Deputy DA Los Angeles from shortly after the 1929 Stock Market Crash until the late 70’s. He was a founder of the Beverly Hills Bar Association. My Uncle was Ass. US ATTORNEY of L.A,, San Francisco and then appointed by Nixon’s attorney General Bob Mardian as US ATTORNEY of GUAM (HMM…OPAL FILE come to mind).
    I have been stalked, Beaten and TORTURED in Jail (I have the video, my cut up clothes and the paper jumpsuit I was given to wear home when I was OR’d because of my PERFECT RECORD when this faze of the nightmare happened)
    Our story is EXTREME and Outrageous because it happened right here, In California. Not Palestine, Africa, Egypt, Nicaraugua, China, Vietnam, Iran, Syria, Libya, Mexico, Venezuela, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, or Ukraine.
    My Husband is represented by several HUGE VETERAN SERVICE Organizations: Cal Vets now Caldiego, Disabled American Veterans and Paralyzed Veterans of America and has endured 6 major back surgeries while all of the collateral retaliation has been ongoing since 1997 when he was horrible injured at WORK. I have 20,000 pages of records from the military, VA and the courts. My husband has severe PTSD plus a “MASS IN HIS OCCIPITAL” which have made it IMPOSSIBLE for him to Defend himself in this INSANE OUTRAGEOUS ‘situation.’ Since he is so disabled, I can only assume that his many, many doctors, service reps, judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, etc., etc., etc., have assumed that I too am either disabled or retarded. We are also a mixed race couple. I am VERY Blond and IRISH. So we really stand out. What they must not have known is that I am a Medical professional (I helped my last husband – an expert witness for FRAUD INVESTGATION as a Chiropractor) So, I made sure that EVERYTHING that happened has been well documented. Especially my incessant requests for help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So I have letters to and from Governors, Senators, Congressmen (women) State and Federal, Mayors, Directors, doctors, Lawyers, Internal Affairs, Legal depts., Law School Professors, Attorney Generals, Presidents, etc. PLUS Channel 10 News TROUBLE SHOOTER of San Diego – JW August – did MY STORY about my ill-fated employment at Parsky’s ranch which I am sure outraged mr. parsky. He is filmed glowering at the cameras at a Meeting of the university of California – he was chief of), I have photos, emails, certificates, licenses, My 501c3 NON Profit “Lame to Fame Foundation” blogs, Videos – the BEST being 15 great videos by Academy Award winning film maker, Johnny Longenecker (co-founder of PRO PER INC. His partner EDWARD LAWSON as in KOLENDAR V. LAWSON took the Iconic Civil Rights Case ALL THE WAY TO THE US SUPREME COURT – WAY BACK IN THE 70’S AND WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Since I am such a NOBODY, at least I haven’t been eliminated. But, NO ONE HAS HELPED me outright. I know I am being helped in some unknown ways. Including – I must be protected by God Him(Her)self.
    So, PLEASE take a few minutes to check these videos out by googling “Pro Per Inc – Edward Lawson, and Pro Per Inc – Franklin and Trea Cleaves. They tell how the AIPAC operates in Southern California and how this ZIONIST ENTERPRIZE can retaliate and terrorize you/me, commits Racketeering, RICO, Conspiracy, abuse of process, vexacious litigation, Animal Enterprize Terrorism Acts, bribery, undue influence, subornation of perjury to carry out their NWO agenda right here in California, USA.
    Like Dean and Jeff were saying – their techniques work because people are asleep at the wheel. PLUS if you have a job, parsky and/or his gang of thugs can fire you, if you have an animal, they can accuse you of animal cruelty, if you get injured at work, you will be charged with INSURANCE FRAUD and or Perjury, they will sick HOMELAND Security or even better Animal control goons or racist Park Rangers to stalk, ambush, STEAL THOROUGHBRED RACE HORSES, Starve your horses if your ranch burns as happened to us. SEIZE THEM without any notice AT ALL MUCH LESS a search warrant, and charge you with FELONY ANIMAL CRUELTY or after they stalk and beat you to a pulp – you will be charged with and railroaded for resisting arrest and/or assaulting an officer. Works every time when your Defense Counsel goes to trial after telling you that the case was continued and the judge rules the NO EVIDENCE OR WITNESSES MAY COME TO THE “TRIAL”.
    I will continue to tell my story until SOMETHING IS DONE to stop this corruption.
    So, Not only has all of this (and much more) happened to me, my family and my animals, we have been BILLED for these services. In my husbands work injury, Firemens Fund was able to Bill my husband $113,000 PLUS ABSCOND with His VA PENSION of $1600/a month from 2001 until 2003 without my husband even knowing he was granted a pension. Because he was represented by CAL DIEGO AND all this happened in San Diego. Plus the La Jolla VA Hospital is a TEACHING hospital for University of California (San Diego) and the retaliator (Gerald Parsky) was chief Regent of University of California and had Appointed all of the California State Judges for Arnold Schwartzneggar and all of the Federal Judges for George W. Bush.
    My very service disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran Husband, our Horses (through HSUS Zionist parasite take over of animal control) and myself for 17 years and counting now. Parsky’s cozy relationship with Judges and prosecutors aided San Diego DA and Fireman’s Fund to RAID the La Jolla VA Hospital in order to PROSECUTE this severely injured worker/veteran (who was severely Injured at work at the Del Mar Fair Ground while working for the State Of California driving an old sweeper when El Nino dumped 9″ of rain – someone from the Thoroughbred Club ordered their crew to dig ditches all over the Fair Ground. BUT they did not mark them or bother to tell anyone about them. The rain filled the ditches so my husband backed the old machine into an INVISIBLE Ditch) for Perjury and Insurance Fraud in order to NOT PAY WORK COMP. (very common pattern scam of accusing the VICTIM of the crime they are the victim of) I guess this is Lucifer. But parsky will stop at nothing to carry out his WRITTEN RETALIATION.
    As you probably know, the Glass Steagal Act (1933) protected Americans from some of the bankster scams that cause the 1929 collapse. Like banks could Not co-mingle or join with insurance Co. But the leach bialy banking modernization act 1999 disolved this long time protection. Parsky through Citigroup wasted no time in creating joint ventures to really stick it to gullible uninformed Americans. Another scam by Rothschild room mate Jacob Schiff was to REWRITE the BIBLE beginning in 1957. I am sure this is how the Born again movement was conned into existence – convincing the sheeple that Israel – conveniently located in Muslim Country – is the Home of God’s Chosen People. The Jews. What they ‘forgot to mention’ is that most of the supposed Jews are actually descendants of pagan (phallic worshipping) KHAZARS who’s king converted his out of control murderous thieving subjects to Jewdism in the 9th Century A.D. Khazaria is located where Ukraine is and Parsky has had his right wing think tanks researching and trying to figure out how to take them over since the early 70’s when the Zionist agenda was amped up with the help of Heinze Kissassinger. Parsky was undersecretary of Treasury under Catholic Bill Simon.Bill went psycho when the Catholic Bishops of the US stated “ALL MEN are entitled to Financial rights.” I am sure this is when all of the child molest scandals broke. I am sure there was and is child abuse but Nothing like what the vendetta set out to accomplish. this type of vendetta is the exact same pattern used to retaliate against any one who rocks their boat. Like NIXON (Watergate), Gray Davis (blamed for what Enron was doing), Bob Filner (tried to help the ‘little guy’ in San Diego) to name a few. Parsky has PERVERTED OUR JUDICIAL System with cronyism, abuse of process by having his Insurance Companies Fund Prosecutors – just like HSUS is doing to use animals to seize assets – trying to give animals HUMAN Rights just like the Corporations) for Prison Industrial – legalized slavery – complex (largest one owned by parsky buddy Dick Chaney)

    • Peggy Stackwood

      We are on the same page. Thank you for a wealth of information here…asking your permission to post with quotes and credit to you?
      Peggy Stackwood (on facebook)

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