Ferguson & The Media Programmers

1991-2 - Missoula - Gulf War I ProtestCorporate media coverage in the aftermath of the deplorable Ferguson grand jury decision has lacked any sympathy for Michael Brown’s family and the black community. Instead, the mind control machine has depicted Ferguson militants as thugs and burned-out white racist business owners – all fully covered by their Masonic insurance policies – as victims.

It’s classic programming: shape perceptions, create backlash towards the real victims and calm the sheeple.

A few years ago the corporate media cartel was fixated on divisive tales of misplaced mosques and Glenn Beck kindergarten revival gatherings- this one in the “tens of thousands”. That means 90,000 illiterates max. or as few as 20,000 of these frightened homophobic morons. Even most of what little existed of progressive media chose to air the endless dronings of the 8% of Americans who were gullible enough to fall for the laughable Mr. Beck and his corporate funded Tea Party schtick.

In 1991 of couple busloads of us from Missoula attended a Gulf War protest in San Francisco where there were well over 1 million people in attendance. The media barely covered it and for one day only. There have been several protests of 1/2 million or more in Washington DC and capitals across the world over the Iraqi occupation over the past decade. The media has largely ignored them. So why does the corporate mind control monopoly choose to cover this tiny Tea Party faction of whack jobs 24-7? The answer lies in the question.

Former Dean of the School of Journalism at the University of California/Berkeley, Ben Bagdikian reported in his 1982 book The Media Monopoly that 50 corporations controlled all mass media in the US.  By January 1990, Bagdikian said that number had dropped to 23 corporations.  By 1997, according to Standard & Poors, there were only 10: Time Warner, Disney (owner of ABC), TCI, News Corp., CBS (owned by Westinghouse), General Electric (owner of NBC), Gannett, Advance Publications, Cox Enterprises and the New York Times.

These corporations have turned on President Obama and for good reason. Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a record fine on American Airlines for safety violations. A few days later the Obama Security & Exchange Commission announced an investigation of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and it’s monopoly over futures trading in the Treasuries market.

CME is largely owned by grain and meat packing conglomerates like Cargill. These same firms have long rigged commodities futures markets, which are traded on its Chicago floors. This is real news representing the first enforcement of existing anti-trust law in decades. Yet the corporate media largely ignores it.

That’s because the media is owned by the same international bankster cartel that owns the airlines, the grain giants, the oil companies and all the rest. A check of Fortune 500 corporations’ filings to the SEC confirms this as fact.

While the global banking cartel grabbed it’s trillion and ran, Republicans didn’t say a word about deficits. The trillions wasted in Iraq and Afghanistan hasn’t bothered these hypocrites in the least. Instead they attack Obama’s stimulus plan, which has translated into public library upgrades across Montana, community garden projects in southern Missouri, school lunch programs in Minnesota, which now buy food from local farmers, and Pell Grants so that poor kids can once again attend college across the US.

Thirty years of Reaganomics produced gigantic trusts, which have steadily cut jobs while raising prices on American families, wrecking our economy in the process.  Yet the media monopoly convinced voters to blame Obama and the Democrats in the recent mid-term rout.

Now they’re trying to convince you to side with the bad guys in Ferguson.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t work.  Neither did a rigged justice system where a white prosecutor played friendly with a defendant only because he was a white cop.

What did the inbreds expect would happen?

Solidarity with the brave black warriors in Ferguson.  No justice, no peace!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


20 responses to “Ferguson & The Media Programmers

  1. White Eagle

    I don’t get it. I thought this site, of all sites would stick with the facts concerning the issues at Ferguson. While the police dept there has a bad reputation, this particular case was not one to make into a civil rights issue. The Grand Jury made its decision based on facts. While the new media played up the lies told by Brown’s partner in crime, there were black witnesses to the event that were confirming of the officer’;s testimony that he was attacked in the car, to start Brown wanted to take his gun. Im not going to bother rehashing it, the facts are there to be read. Including the autopsy report.

    Stick with the facts my friend, theres plenty wrong out there. AND its not Reganomics, which, by the way worked…its the liberal tax and spenders, the corporate monopolists, the NWOrderites, and their chief bankers, which are found in every institution , no matter which party it is.
    Ill support the ones that don’t lie and back the constitution…as it is supposed to be, in it original contexts. Freedom!

  2. Fuckin’ oath

  3. Like you care

    In England they like to say that every politicians career ends in failure. I wouldn’t read too much into the media going off Obama… it is a bit like the latest washing powder… it is not until they have a better one, that they will admit that their last one was rubbish. You are just on the build up to claiming the new incoming president is going to right your nation and save you all… followed by nothing happening… Rinse and repeat??? Surely you have noticed the pattern by now?

  4. As an avid researcher and someone who has recited (with proper credit) many of your articles to my listening audience, I have to admit that this one has left me bewildered. Please allow me to explain…

    According to ballistics – forensics – both I suppose – Mr Brown was shot several times, the last one being the fatal head shot which was fired at close range. he was NOT holding up his arms surrendering, he was partially inside the police vehicle attempting to wrestle the service weapon away from the officer. The powder residue on his body proves that this version of the fatal events of that day is the TRUTH – not the BS story told by his “wanted by the police” buddy who had accompanied Mr Brown on his blunt stealing and store owner abusing spree moments prior. Is it so hard to imagine that his partner lied about the whole affair, given that lying to police is why he was wanted by them in the first place? I don’t think it stretches the imagination too much. Then when you consider that this version of events was corroberated by witnesses, it’s pretty much a done deal. So why all the protesting and rioting?
    Look, I can believe that past events have ignited rage in the black community in Ferguson – I know cops can do bad things… but in THIS case, it seems pretty cut and dried that the perpetrator was the bad guy, NOT the cop. The protestors have lost what validity they had because they – just like Mr Brown – chose poorly. This is not the one they need to show the world to prove their case…
    IMHO what this is truly all about is keeping the populace divided..beause the ONLY thing the powers-that-bv fear is an informed, united people. They MUST keep blacks and whites seperated lest we figure it all out and blow up their new world order…. JMHO –


  5. Bullcrap. Brown was a violent thug who had just strong arm robbed a clerk. He was no more a “Gentle Giant” than a pit bulldog. Blacks commit over 80% of all violent crime. Anyone that is not wary of a Black person they don’t know is plain stupid! You Blacks created the perception that others hold of you, not White people. It is mostly Blacks that shoot, rape, rob, and murder, not Whites! You insist we pet all tigers equally on the basis that not all tigers are killers. You Blacks are being used like condoms. The media, an arm of the government, seeks to keep Blacks angry at Whites with its slanted reporting. This is to keep Blacks and Whites from pulling together because we would have half the government in Washington arrested for treason. Like a condom, you will be disposed of once the government is through using you.

  6. “burned out white racist business owners all fully covered by their masonic insurance policies as victims.” You might actually want to do some research and fact checking before you pontificate and play to the myth. Several of the small businesses are minority owned. and many insurance policies do not cover damages caused by civil unrest, etc.The storage unit facility that was burned had a resident manager apartment on premise. There were children in this family’

  7. Michael Brown, all 6’4″ and 300 lbs. of him attacked officer Wilson, punching him in the face several times before trying to steel Wilson’s gun – what did Brown plan to do with the gun, once taken from the officer? Brown did this after brazenly stealing a box of cigars fro a store, where, when he (Brown) was confronted by the small Asian store-owner, aggressively pushed the Asian out the way, before leaving with his stolen booty: Brown body-language said (I’m big, I’m bad, I do what I want and take what I want.) That was his attitude when he beat up officer Wilson before trying to steal his gun. Wilson feared for his life when the 300 pounder charged him head down. I have little doubt what would have happened to officer Wilson had he not shot Brown – Brown would have easily knocked Wilson to the ground, outweighing him by a considerable amount, taking his gun away and killing officer Wilson. There is no doubt that there is an uptick in police violence against peaceful citizens, but such was not the case here.

    We need focus on very clear, simple cases of police abuse – there are many. Brown was the Architect of his own misfortunes, that day; had he not attacked the policeman, he’d be alive, today

    • A big thank you to all who have illustrated this article’s point perfectly. You have indeed been programmed by the media.

      • one last comment: If I were programmed by the media I would be marching with my hands held up in a surrender position chanting “don’t shoot me” or the like, or maybe looting a local five and dime under the guise of social justice.. (By-God I DESERVE your merchandise!). The media is the one pushing the false narrative, as usual. How can you not see this?

  8. Left-hook, you are looking through a left-wing lens. Clean it , please,… and see the facts, clearly. Brown started this mess, and he was a very ,large thug. We all know its the jews who own the media. This is not a statement by one programmed. I am also 9/11 Truth – also not a statement of a programmed Tool. You are a FOOL

    • “Brown started this”, according to who Peter? The media, the prosecutor who played public defender? Where is the injury on the cop’s face. I don’t see one. Maybe you need to clean your racist soul instead. Is that what all this sudden “defending the system” stems from? Are all of you who side with the cops white? Respectfully, wake up before they come for your family next!

  9. Dean, sweet heart, Brown robbed a store – strong armed it; is that a fantasy of mine? Well saw the video of his large body and aggressive nature, shoving the Asian store owner out the way? Can you agree that that happened? Is a racist soul making that up? There was an APB out on Brown. Officer Wilson saw Brown, walking in the middle of the road, like a fool, asked him to get on the sidewalk, which is when he noticed Brown fit the description of the criminal who robbed the store. Many witnesses saw Brown punching Wilson in the face – Wilson’s face shows evidence of an assault; Wilson says Brown tried to steal his gun, and there is genetic evidence (scientific) of Brown’s on that gun. How did it get there? Wilson says he feared for his life when Brown attacked him again; the bullet hole in the top of Browns head suggests he was shot while charging the officer head down; witnesses corroborate that.

    Brown was the architect of his own misfortunes. His attitude, displayed in the earlier store robbery, displayed a thuggish, aggressive, fuck you attitude. It’s not difficult to agree with Wilson suggesting he feared Brown – he was 6’4′, 300 pounds, and highly aggressive.

    You left-wingers are silly with race. Perhaps you are a Cultural-Marxist, who hates whites and thus, yourself.

    As for me, I try my best to see clearly. There was a recent case of clear police abuse, occurring in NYC, where a middle aged black man was chocked to death – while doing nothing wrong, – by a white cop. This constitutes a clear case of police abuse, and quite probably, manslaughter. White cop, black victim. In that case, I have to side with the black man, because it was clear who was in the wrong.

    But with Brown, he got this thin rollin. His DNA was on the gun, the cops was swollen, and Brown proved himself to be thinking with testosterone that morning, with a dose of arrogance. Ask the Asian store owner

    • Dean – I have always agreed with your views… You are one of the few that seem to “get it”…as I said in my earlier post, I have read your articles on my show because you seem to sum up so many of the ongoing events much better than I ever could.. BUT.. your Ferguson article is hard to read. Don’t get me wrong, I know that the police forces nationwide are arming themselves with uncle sam’s used military equipment and that they are gearing up for SOMETHING…. We all want to know that something is…
      We know that the powers-that-be, the same ones who did 911, the ones behind PATCON, Oklahoma City, and on and on it goes.. these same people will do damn near anything to keep the population divided.. The media, not simply just controlled by them but now OWNED by them, has done a great job perpetuating the “Brown is innocent” myth. They, in conjunction with TPTB have facilitated the ongoing unrest.. THAT is the story here, NOT that Brown was innocent.. (he wasn’t).

      peace –

  10. Well said, Terracer. Peter

    Also, I believe the Police State and Federalizing of the police is to prepare for the Police State – we are ALL Palestinians , now – did you know that many Police Chiefs are sent to Israel, for training?

    • Peter -No I did not know that – thanks for the heads up. What I DID discover this past week is that Wix (sp?) the “free website” builder online company, is based out of Israel…. They have quickly become infamous for taking down truther’s websites for no plausible reason… I tried to build mine with them and found myself unable to access it… go figure…. There are ALOT (hundreds of thousands) of sockpuppets, hired online disinformation agents that will disrupt anything or anyone who doesn’t follow the official narrative.

  11. Was this article satire?

  12. An entire generation of young blacks like Mike Brown are also the victims of media programming. People like billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr., former chairman of Warner Music and a card-carrying member of the “global oligarchy”, are the chief promoters of the degenerate, violent rap culture.

    Check out “Big Mike” Brown’s own rap music, including tracks like “Shit Talka”, “We Don’t Play” and “Body Bag”:

    Anyone who wants to throw around the “racist” epithet should read some of these rap lyrics first:


  13. Someone told me the comment I’d posted (earlier) was not here. It was “awaiting moderation” when I left it. I hadn’t, as far as I know, violated protocols.

    Wow! It isn’t.

    I’d included a Daily Mail report link, without quoting any of it.

    Here is the link to that report…try again.


    “Forensic analysis of grand jury testimony: The evidence that convinced them to NOT indict Ferguson cop Darren Wilson in Michael Brown shooting”

    I won’t re-write the post, but…

    I took Dean to task for accusing anyone who disagreed with him of being “programmed” by the MSM. I said, “Shame on you.”

    I could not conclude that the jurors were fools.

    Dean’s article is “with the program” of the MSM, a bare assertion of “injustice was done”.

    The jury included 3 black people. Their decision was unanimous.

    I said that a Darren Wilson did not deserve to be slandered and have his character assassinated. He was not out-of-control and not out to shoot a black kid. His record included no citizen complaints. He had volunteered to work in a poor neighborhood. He shot someone who was a serious threat. He may be alive only because he did.

    I said that, largely, the “alternative” media had echoed the MSM, providing no facts, only promotion of outrage.

    We were supposed to think that cops are racist and evil, all cops, since facts are not needed to determine what happened.

    That is why I don’t trust sources, as such, but only information that rings true.

  14. My apologies to Dean for leaving an implication that my first post was removed due to content…when I posted again, I saw that the auto-fill-in of my email address included a typo. What?! A valid address is required, so I may have violated a protocol inadvertently.

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