Red Scare Over America

1988 - Guatemala_005The budding genre of left-wing conspiracy research, intuitively attractive as a unifying force to many, attempts to break imposed philosophical molds and to deprogram minds in a world traumatized and confused by the Illuminati’s biggest psyops program ever – the Cold War. This delicate task requires a historically-grounded progressive political framework which, while taking a backseat to realpolitik, remains pertinent.

While the mainstream left refuses to acknowledge any hint of conspiracy, no matter the number of footnotes; the Alex Jones “right/left paradigm is dead” crowd, while open to deep politics, leans right ideologically, enabling the banker cabal in its quest for global hegemony via 18th century mercantilism – the purest form of capitalism ever practiced.

It is incredibly naïve to believe that the Illuminati bankers wish to usher in communism as their economic model. The real world tells us that wealth is not being redistributed. It is being concentrated in the hands of the few at historic levels.

The left’s problem lies in naiveté and cowardice, and in its inability to deconstruct the brutal state capitalism imposed via the Soviet Union. The libertarian conspiracy crowd lacks a background in political theory – their Cato Institute is funded by the same corporations that fund the two major political parties. They too have been brainwashed since birth by the mysterious events that culminated in the Soviet Union.

An analysis of these events is key to understanding the Red Scare, which haunts an increasingly extreme right-wing American political landscape and hinders our ability to formulate practical economic solutions that incorporate both capitalistic and socialistic economic tenants. It also goes a long way in explaining the incredible naiveté of the American mainstream “left”.

(Excerpted from Chapter 19: The Eight Families: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

In 1822 Russia’s Czar Alexander banned Freemasonry from his country.  When Czar Nicholas took the throne he renewed the ban, but the secret society went underground and survived.  Karl Marx was a member of the League of the Just which later became the Communist League.  The group was an off-shoot of the Society of Seasons, which had close ties to the Grand Orient Freemason Lodge of Paris.  Frederick Engel was a wealthy German industrialist. [714]

Marx and Engel were driven by the philosophies of Freidrich Hegel, whose now infamous Hegelian dialectic put forth a process whereby opposites thesis and antithesis are reconciled into synthesis.

Though Hegel’s philosophy was adopted by Marx, it was equally attractive to Adolf Hitler and the Rothschild Business Roundtable that sponsored him.  The Roundtable saw in the dialectic a boon to their monopolies by presenting phony communism (antithesis) as bogeyman to capitalism (thesis).  The ensuing conflict – the Cold War – produced a huge market for arms and oil which their trusts manufactured.

Genuine revolutionary struggle in the Third World could be labeled as a “Soviet communist conspiracy” and more arms could then be sent to depopulate the undesirable poor, dispensing of agitators who threatened Roundtable interests.  The pure application of communism, which indigenous peoples practiced for thousands of years prior to the arrival of Annunaki invaders in Sumeria, was the real threat to the “special bloodline” international bankers.

By upholding Soviet state capitalism to all the world as an example of “failed Communism”, the bankers could discredit this dangerous idea while producing their desired synthesis – a New World Order ruled by the Illuminati banking families and Black Nobility monarchs, with laissez-faire monopoly capitalism as their economic paradigm.

The Russian Hohenzollern family monarchy to which the czars belonged wasn’t playing ball. They grew suspicious of the Freemasons, who they knew to be agents of the international bankers.  In 1915 the American International Corporation (AIC) was formed to finance a Russian revolution aimed at deposing the Hohenzollerns and launching the banker’s grand Hegelian experiment.  AIC directors included Frank Vanderlip, who two years prior had attended the secret Jekyll Island meetings that formulated the private Federal Reserve; and George Herbert Walker, grandfather of George Bush Sr.  The families of Rockefeller, Rothschild, Du Pont, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff and Harriman were represented on AIC’s board. [715]

WWI was looming and the Allied powers needed to open a diversionary front against the Germans.  Russian Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky left New York by ship on March 27, 1917, just days before the US entered WWI.  He had with him a US passport, 300 revolutionaries and a wad of cash supplied by the Wall Street banker crowd.  Twelve days earlier Czar Nicholas II had stepped down amidst an uprising launched by genuine anarchist revolutionaries, inspired by the writings of the Russian philosopher Kropotkin, who preached revolution followed by immediate decentralization of power, a sharp contrast to the iron-fisted state capitalist control under which Russia was about to fall.  The anarchists struck fear into the heart of Wall Street, so they dispatched Trotsky to derail their Menshevik plans.

As Trotsky and his Reds sailed east, Vladimir Lenin left Switzerland in a sealed train with 150 more “revolutionaries” and $5 million in cash.  The train passed through Germany without inspection thanks to banker Max Warburg’s intervention.  Meanwhile, fifteen international bankers under Red Cross cover traveled to Petrograd to provide additional financing to the Bolsheviks and to make off with Russia’s gold reserves, just as they would later make off with German gold reserves following WWII and Chinese gold reserves after the 1949 Revolution.[716]  Prince Lvov, who replaced the deposed Czar Nicholas II, and his successor Alexander Kerensky both publicly denounced Trotsky and Lenin as German intelligence agents.

The war between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks lasted until 1922. Some 28 million Russians died.  The unruly anarchists were eventually disposed of and the Roundtable crowd launched its “antithesis” in Moscow.  Trotsky and Lenin were likely unaware they were being used by the bankers.  Trotsky fled to Mexico City, where he was murdered by Stalin’s agents in 1940.  Lenin died in 1924. He had by then identified the powerful forces behind his ascent as “monopoly finance capitalists”.  Towards the end of his life he wrote, “The state does not function as we desired.  A man is at the wheel and seems to lead it, but the car does not drive in the desired direction.  It moves as another force wishes.”[717]

John D. Rockefeller, Nathan Rothschild, Max Warburg, Jacob Schiff and J. Pierpont Morgan seized the new Soviet opportunity.  Their Four Horsemen always had interests in Russia.  The Rothschild and Nobel families discovered oil in Baku in 1898 with their Far East Trading Company, but anarchist oilfield revolutionaries burned their newly renamed Royal Dutch/Shell installations to the ground.

By 1922 Rockefeller’s Chase National Bank launched the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce.  In 1925 Chase negotiated a deal with Soviet Prombank to market Russia’s raw materials to the West, while helping the Bolsheviks import cotton and machinery.  Chase and its sister insurance conglomerate Equitable Trust led the way in providing credit to the Soviets, selling Bolshevik bonds in the US by 1928 with help from Morgan Guaranty.

Rep. Louis McFadden (D-NY), chair of the House Banking Committee, remarked, “The Soviet government has been given US Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve Banks acting through Chase Bank and Guaranty Trust Company…Find out what business has been transacted for the State Bank of the Soviet Union by its correspondent bank, Chase Bank of New York.”[718]

The chaos caused by the Bolshevik Revolution had been a boon to Rockefeller oil interests by eliminating much of Standard Oil’s competition in Russia.  In 1926 Standard Oil of New York (Mobil) loaned $75 million to the Bolsheviks in exchange for exclusive rights to market Soviet oil in Europe.  Mobil built a refinery in Russia.

In 1969 Rockefeller’s International Basic Economy Corporation (IBEC) – which later gave birth to the draconian Caribbean Basin Initiative – formed a partnership with N.M. Rothschild & Sons of London.  Rockefeller’s partner in IBEC was Cleveland financier and industrialist Cyrus Eaton.  The Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Eatons made huge profits facilitating Soviet trade with the West.  In 1976 they signed an exclusive licensing and patent deal with Licensintorg, giving them a monopoly on technology transfer to the Soviets.

President Nixon forged detente with the Soviets and Chinese following the Vietnam War in 1973.  That year also brought the Arab oil embargo, the pegging of oil to the US dollar, the launch of oil futures markets and the advent of a burgeoning Eurodollar market in London.  Soon after Nixon held the detente summits with his counterparts Leonid Brezhnev and Zhou En-lai, Chase Manhattan opened a branch in Moscow and started a correspondent banking relationship with the Bank of China. [719]

Nixon appointed William Casey to head the Export-Import Bank.  Casey was a CFR insider and leading Knight of Malta.  He later managed Ronald Reagan’s 1980 October Surprise Presidential Campaign and was appointed CIA Director.  At ExIm Bank Casey financed one of the grandest industrial schemes in history, the world’s largest truck factory at the Kama River in the Soviet Union.  The factory was built by Pullman Corporation and was financed 10% by the Soviets, 45% by ExIm Bank and 45% by Chase Manhattan, where David Rockefeller was now chairman.

Chase risked nothing since its money was guaranteed by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and Foreign Credit Insurance Association.  If the Russians failed to pay the loans back, US taxpayers were on the hook for 90% of the Kama money.  George Schultz – CFR, Bechtel and Chevron Texaco director who was Reagan’s Secretary of State – was key to the Kama River deal.  Casey provided an ExIm Bank loan for Schultz’ Bechtel to build a Permindex-affiliated International Trade Center in Moscow in a deal arranged by Occidental Petroleum scion and Tennessee Gore political dynasty sponsor Armand Hammer.  Other Casey ExIm Bank loans funded oil and gas pipelines and petrochemical and fertilizer plants. [720]

The US detente with the Soviets and China had more to do with a thirst for new energy supplies by the Four Horsemen than it did with grandiose statements of “promoting world peace”.  China has huge oil deposits off its Senkaka Island in the East China Sea.  Just northeast of Senkaka lie the Soviet Sakhalin Islands, an area that contains massive oil and gas deposits.  The Soviet regions of Siberia and the Caspian Sea were even bigger oil prizes.  As Chase Manhattan Senior Vice-President Albert Wentworth put it, “The Soviet Union is the last great undeveloped market for the US.”

Columnist Paul Scott hit the nail more squarely on the head when he wrote in 1976, “It is Kissinger’s belief that by controlling food one can control people, and by controlling energy – especially oil – one can control nations and their financial systems.  By placing food and oil under international control along with the world’s monetary system, Kissinger is convinced a loosely knit world government can become a reality by 1980.”

Nixon Agriculture Secretary Earl Butz once bragged that through USAID’s P.L. 480 program the US employed “food as a weapon”, doling out food to nations who agree to follow IMF mandates, while withholding food from those who don’t.  Just as Kissinger’s IAE benefits the Four Horsemen of Oil – Exxon Mobil, Chevron Texaco, BP Amoco and Royal Dutch/Shell; P. L. 480 enriches the Four Horsemen of Grain – Cargill Continental, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge and Andre.  As Chilean Minister of Agriculture Jacques Chonchol said, “Whoever controls food exports controls the world.”[721]

The Soviet Union was an artificial construct cooked up by the Illuminati bankers to create profitable conflict and, more importantly, to confuse the world’s population in the arena of political economy. The Red Scare they manufactured has become a Red Scar.

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Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


8 responses to “Red Scare Over America

  1. even a bit further back, Lenin’s 1920’s liberalisation of trade with the west the UDP (Goletsyn’s – The Perestroika Deception) and the movie Branded that points out Lenin’s marketing skills…..Ford’s factories making trucks at a huge factory as used by North Vietnam….
    I don’t have you’re excellent research finesess, but pattern recognition wise I am surely getting the picture….give me control of a nations currency, as Rothschild said, and I care not who makes its laws… or, I might add, it’s histories storylines, but truth is rather stuborn.

  2. Don’t suppose you copied article title from William Guy Carr’s famous book, Red Fog Over America.

    Here is a page with good info about Carr.

    Here is a good video that explains much of what you write.

    The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind – Hidden Secrets of Money 4 | Mike Maloney

    but unfortunately toward the end of the video it gets into a lot of the nonsense New Age stuff.

    Your article also gets into the “the arrival of Annunaki invaders in Sumeria” nonsense David Icke stuff.

    You do not mention the people of the Jewish revolutionary SPIRIT, a spirit that has nothing necessarily to do with DNA, but it is very very real and pervades all of what you write. Wm. Carr gets more into the truth of this matter.

    You leave out Christianity and the fact that globalists are Satanists. Revolution is of Satan, the father of lies, and takes many forms, overt and covert.

    You should mention the strange deaths of McFadden – poisoned at a dinner, and Wm. Casey, drowned in the lake by his home where he was out at night alone taking a canoe ride.

    Libertarian economics is Jewish revolutionary spirit economics and I can name names over the last two centuries of its creators and proponents.

    Think you should mention not only food control but water control as well.

  3. Hey, OK, disclaimer: I stopped reading at “It’s incredibly naive to assume the Illuminati want communism.”

    Communism is an ideal form of worldwide control. When everything that everybody has comes from the government, the only way to get ahead is to know someone on the committee. And the big committee is doing just right freakin fantastic. They have everything. They own, operate, and control everything. They feed and house the workers and demonize the non-workers. All income will be scientifically measured to create the borderline poverty that keeps both stress and worker loyalty high, and that also enables petty handouts to have an exaggerated effect on popular opinion. And etcetera. And etcetera. Gulags become a reality. Media control can’t become tighter, but it would be institutionalized. The world would become one big echo chamber wherein the loudest microphone tells the story. The committee’s story.

    Communism is an ideal form of world government of total control.

    • Except under true communism, the people would actually own everything Gabriel…

    • That’s the very spot I stopped reading as well. Communism is the system of choice for the global elites, I was stumped for years trying to understand why they spend billions promoting a communist agenda – it just didn’t add up. But then I realized that they intend to rob the middle class of everything they’ve achieved.

  4. we are in trouble

    the only really srace is the west governments becoming ZIONIST FASCISTS. remember it is the israel zionist who controls everything in the west, the money, the security companies, the war machine etc etc The west is being taken over by the zionist machine from israel, we have to stop it

  5. Plasmael Homunculus

    Another book to add to your library.
    “Red Republicans: Marxism in the Civil War and Lincoln’s Marxists”
    (iUniverse, Lincoln, Nebraska, 2007) by Southern historians Walter D. Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr.
    Review by Alan Stang.
    Have fun and keep the following quote in mind as you wander through life.
    “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.” – Marcus Aurelius.

  6. In other words, no matter what, the super rich get richer, and, as for us, we have to fight all the time just to get by, even as, we fall farther and farther behind. All that preWW2 crap about communism helping the working man, we have living proof, it is a cruel lie. Of course, that bunch of Jew communist murdering the Czar and his beautiful family, that was just murder. After that, the Communist Jews in Russia and Europe proceeded to rob, rape and murder, the Goyim, for seventy years, until they had enough wealth to come across the Atlantic and start the process all over again, taking over America. Socialism, capitalism, communism, whatever, we know of only one ‘ism’ that works and that is Nationalism. “The belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination” ( Nationalism works because it is a people process, a people building process, all for one and one for all. I think Russia right now is experiencing a rebuilding based on Nationalism, that is all the people and the government working together for the purpose of building up Russia; of course, the left over Jewish Criminal disease is still afflicting the nation like a cancer, but, in time that too will be completely removed from the course of the nation. Here in America we are ate up with Jewish Criminal-ism, in the Government, we the people are having to deal with an army of Jewish Lawyers who sit around at night comparing notes, laughing loudly and figuring out how to screw the Goyim again, more, harder, harder. There too is the fact that the Jewish Interest who seek to harvest America like a crop are paying off the Politicians so that whatever we the people want or need is nothing to them, the politicians and their families. Because of the Jew Lawyers and (Rothschild’s) Lobbyist, in Washington D.C., and the Jew (Rothschild) controlled Medias, the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve, there is no Nationalism left in America, only racism, a deeply afflicted form of socialism (to control the electorate) and corporate cannibalism. This can only change if there is a complete social rebuttal of the American condition as it stands today. This may take the form of a civil war, for, the kind of wealth being produced by the kind of government we have today, all the wealth going to the Rothschild family and their Jewish flock, whereas we the people get extended loans from the FED, putting us deeper in debt, our children’s future already completely destroyed. The wealth the Rothschild’s are raking in by employing this present day form of: paid off politicians and foreign involvement military, the government we have in America today, is such that I doubt, I know, the Rothschild’s will not give up their strangle hold on America without a brutal and bloody war. If we really want to remake our nation so it represents the people, all the people, then we must get ready to fight. We have to for a while have a kind of -pay back- ism, that is we pay back to the criminals involved with our peoples and our nation’s destruction, all they have given to us, in the form of misery and death, and even as we cried, no more, please, no more. No mercy.

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