Lockerbie Lies & Libya

B107 Little girl in airport que, AucklandWhile history-challenged Illuminati-mouthpiece news anchors spent the Libyan bombardment reveling in the revived caricature of “the madman Gaddafi”, their shill reporters regurgitated CIA psyops memos of phony “massacres and bombardments”. The most telling item in their miniscule footage were the red, black and green flags being hoisted by the “rebels” of Benghazi- the flag of the monarchy of Illuminati stooge King Idris.

Libya had been an Italian colony from 1911 until 1951, when King Idris was installed on the throne by the British. He signed treaties with Britain (1953), the US (1954) and Italy (1956) which allowed those countries to establish military bases, including Wheelus Air Base near Tripoli. Soon Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum and the Italian Agip were granted large oil concessions.

King Idris became highly unpopular as Libyans saw him selling their country out to foreign oil. Protests were handled brutally so an underground rebellion sprouted which came to include many in the armed forces. In 1969 a bloodless coup was carried out by a few dozen officers calling themselves “Free Officers” based on the model of Gamel Nasser in Egypt. Nasser had led the rebellion that deposed Egyptian King Farouk in 1958. The architect of the 1969 Libyan coup that ended the monarchy of King Idris was an army captain named Mohamar Gaddafii.

The new Republic of Libya adopted a green flag, symbolizing Gaddafi’s “Green Book”, which he penned to explain the uniquely Libyan economic model of anarcho-syndicalism. It’s a very thoughtful book and I recommend reading it.

In 1970 Gaddafi forced the U.S. and British forces to evacuate their military bases. The following year he nationalized the properties held by British Petroleum and forced other companies to pay the Libyan state a much higher share of the profits.

He also nationalized Libya’s central bank. Libya is one of only nine countries in the world whose central bank was not controlled by the Rothschild-led Eight Families banking syndicate.  Before the Illuminati mercenaries had even declared victory, they’d already launched a private Rothschild bank in Benghazi.

Because of this drastic break from colonial usury Libya has one of the highest standards of living in all of Africa. Average per capita income is $14,000/year. Workers not only own the factories they work in, they decide what that factory will produce. Women enjoy equal rights. While Illuminati media portray the Libyan state as highly centralized and omnipotent, nothing could be further from the truth. The idea of anarcho-syndicalism is that the state eventually withers away. And it has. When Gaddafi says he has very little to do with running the day to day affairs of the nation, he means it. The people run those affairs. Power is highly dispersed.

Gaddafi was also on mark when he blamed the Libyan unrest on al Qaeda and Western nations. He is referring to the al Qaeda affiliate National Front for Salvation (NFS), which has long operated from bases in Chad in its attempts to overthrow Gaddafi.  NFS extremists are funded by Saudi Arabia and take their marching orders from their CIA/MI6/Mossad handlers. Western journalists are currently getting their hot news tips from NFS leaders.

(Excerpted from Chapter 11: Noriega of Panama: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Chad has long been an important country in Exxon’s North Africa oil production schemes.  In 1990, following a successful Libyan-backed counter-coup against the Chad government that was giving refuge to NFS, the US evacuated 350 NFS leaders to Kenya with Saudi financing.

During the 1980’s the madman Reagan bombed Gaddafi’s family home, killing many of his relatives after Western intelligence falsely pinned the bombing of a German discothèque on Gaddafi.

On December 21, 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 blew up over Lockerbie, Scotland.  When President Bush was sworn into office a month later, he blamed the terrorist act on two Libyans- Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah.  Bush imposed sanctions on Libya.  President Bill Clinton later called for an international boycott of Libyan oil.  In 2000 the Libyans were convicted by a Scottish court set up in The Hague.  The evidence was flimsy.  Numerous independent investigations of the incident paint a much different picture.

Interfor, a New York City-based corporate intelligence firm hired by Pan Am’s insurance company found that a CIA cell in Frankfurt, Germany was protecting a Middle Eastern heroin smuggling operation which used Pan Am’s Frankfurt baggage service as a transshipment point for its smack.

Interfor pinpointed Syrian national Manzar al-Kassar as the head of the smuggling operation. A separate investigation by Time magazine came to the exact same conclusion.  It went further, finding that al-Kassar was also part of a super-secret CIA cell code-named COREA.

Another group of CIA agents working to free the five CIA hostages held by William Buckley’s Hezbollah murderers discovered that al-Kassar was allowed to continue smuggling heroin despite high-level CIA knowledge of his activities.  The Beirut hostage team had written and called CIA headquarters in Langley to file complaints about the al-Kassar ring. They got no response.  So they decided to fly back to the US and inform their CIA bosses in person.  All six agents were on Pan Am 103 when it blew up.

Within an hour of the bombing CIA operatives arrived at the crash site wearing Pan Am uniforms. The agents removed a suitcase that belonged to one of the agents who died along with 269 others.  The suitcase most likely contained incriminating evidence regarding the involvement of both al-Kassar and the CIA’s COREA unit in the Syrian heroin smuggling ring.  It may also have contained a videotape of CIA Beirut Station Chief William Buckley’s confessions to his Hezbollah torturers, which could have further revealed CIA involvement in the Middle East drug trade.

Retired Air Force investigator Gene Wheaton thinks Colonel Charles McKee and the five other honorable CIA agents were the bomber’s primary targets.  Wheaton stated, “A couple of my old buddies in the Pentagon believe the Pan Am bombers were gunning for McKee’s hostage rescue team”.  Wheaton suspects CIA involvement in another plane crash that occurred shortly after the Pan Am bombing.  In that incident, 248 US soldiers returning from duty in Europe were killed when an Arrow Air military transport plane crashed near Gander, New Foundland.

Wheaton believes Arrow Air was a CIA airline and that the crash was related to a “covert operations deal gone bad” between the CIA and BCCI.  The day Arrow Air crashed two plainclothes men arrived on the scene and carried off a 70-pound duffle bag.  Wheaton thinks the bag was stuffed full of cash which BCCI had provided the CIA for a covert operation.  He thinks the CIA caused the crash to make it look to BCCI like the money burned, then arrived at the site to steal it, having wrapped it in fireproof material.  The CIA could then go to BCCI and shake them down again.  A short time later, BCCI/CIA relations soured. CIA prepared to jump a sinking BCCI ship and stick the Third World poor with a Rothschild Bank of England shutdown.

The German Federal Police (BKA) raided a suspected terrorist safe house two months prior to the Lockerbie bombing.  They found a bomb identical to the one used on Flight 103.  All but one of the prisoners jailed after the raid were mysteriously released.  On the day of the bombing a BKA surveillance agent assigned to watch baggage noticed a different type of drug suitcase being used by al-Kassar’s people.  He informed his superiors who relayed the information to a CIA unit in Frankfurt.  Al-Kassar contacted the same CIA unit to them to let them know that McKee and the five other agents were flying home that day.  The CIA Frankfurt unit’s response to the BKA report was, “Don’t worry about it.  Don’t stop it.  Let it go.”

The US Embassy in Finland received a warning of a possible airline bombing for that day. They shrugged it off despite another warning from the FAA.  A PBS Frontline investigation found evidence that the bomb was actually planted while Flight 103 stopped over at London’s Heathrow Airport.  A suitcase belonging to CIA agent Matthew Gannon, one of the five others on Colonel McKee’s team, was switched with bag at Heathrow.  Frontline believes Gannon’s suitcase may have contained information linking the Damascus-based COREA CIA cell with al-Kassar’s drug ring, so the suitcase was stolen and one containing the bomb was substituted for it.

According to the German newsweekly Stern, a Pan Am security official in Frankfurt was caught back-dating the critical warning which the FAA issued as soon as he received it.  Pan Am was fined $600,000 by the FAA after the bombing.  The agency cited lax security in Pan Am’s baggage handling operations.  According to the Interfor investigation these baggage operations were more than inept.  They had been taken over by al-Kassar. In June 2007 Spanish police arrested al-Kassar for arms trafficking.

Pan Am has a long history of cozy relations with CIA.  Its international advisory board read like a Who’s Who in the Caribbean drugs for guns trade.  Members included Ronald Joseph Stark, the P-2 connected Brotherhood of Eternal Love LSD pusher; Sol Linowitz of Carl Lindner’s United Brands; Carter Secretary of State Cyrus Vance of the Lindner-controlled Gulf & Western Corporation; and Walter Sterling Surrey, OSS China hand who helped launch Hernandez-Cartaya’s World Finance Corporation.

Both the US and Britain have engaged in a cover-up of the facts.  Columnist Jack Anderson reported a telephone conversation between President Bush Sr. and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher after the crash in which both agreed that the investigation should be limited so as not to harm the nations’ intelligence communities.  Paul Hudson, an Albany, NY attorney who heads the group “Families of Pan Am 103/Lockerbie”, lost his 16-year-old daughter in the crash.  “It appears that the government either has the facts and is covering them up, or doesn’t know all the facts and doesn’t want to know”, says Hudson.  In April 1990, the group’s British counterpart “U.K. Families-Flight 103” sent angry letters to both Bush and Thatcher which cited, “entirely believable published accounts…Both of you have decided to deliberately downplay the evidence and string out the investigation until the case can be dismissed as ancient history.”

Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, one of the Libyans made patsy for the bombing, appealed his conviction in February 2002.  Central to his lawyer’s argument was new evidence that the baggage department at London Heathrow had been broken into the night before the bombing.

In 2010 the Libyans were suddenly released. Rumors persist that their release was part of a BP oil deal with Libya. Gaddafi made other overtures to the West. But it was all for naught. When you’re dealing with real madmen – as the Illuminati bankers certifiably are – concessions are rarely effective.

After watching their brave leader brutally murdered, the Libyan people must now raise the green flag of their republic and stave off a return to colonialism, feudalism and monarchy by whatever means necessary.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


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  2. It’s a shame what they did to Qaddafi. I recall the sicko Hilary Clinton laughing about his brutal murder on television. I hope that soulless bitch never becomes President of the United States (inc.)

  3. Hi Dean
    You are barking up the wrong tree there was no bomb on Pan Am 103 the cargo door opened at the mid span latch cutting the cargo door in half as once the door was closed there was still a live feed from the s2 switch to the mid span latch if you read the A.A.I.B report the first thing to fall of the aircraft was the right hand nose wheel door and the radar dome well that where the lies begin in June 2014 i saw the nose wheel door still on the aircraft in the field in Thundergrath Scotland
    I talked to a Ian Bass at the A.A.I.B about the above matters asking why Mr. M. CHARLES of the A.A.I.B wrote in the report ‘the nose wheel door was the first thing to fall of the aircraft’ when it was still on sec 41(nose)when it was the first thing to come adrift and was found in the southern trail ‘ then when i talked about the cargo door asking why was it split in half at the mid span latch owing to a live S2 switch to the motor to the mid span latch and sec 41 was made of 7075 alloys metel his reply was ‘I CAN NOT TELL YOU THAT AND YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF’ and very quickly hung up on me with ‘FEAR’ in his voice that he had been caught in a lie/cover up over this break up of this old aircraft.

  4. What a delightful piece. Thanks Dean. Head. Nail. Hammer!

  5. Lockerbie bombing: Only FBI polygraphers can expose the lies and untruths about this horrible event.

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  7. A superb recap of a hoax unsupported by a shred of actual evidence. Who were the members of McKee’s supposed hostage rescue team? Indeed who were the five “CIA hostages.”

  8. Regardless of the veracity of this article, one thing is a dead-certainty and that is there is no such thing as Truth within UnTruth to which the ending of this article highlights succinctly. More so when The Biggest Trick Played by The Devil is not the commonly assumed about Malevolence’s existence other than to “successfully” grooming The Vast Majority [TVM] into blindly accepting-rejecting that there is Truth within UnTruth. Just because TVM are of The Shades of Grey does not mean that there is such a state as Truth/Benevolence within UnTruth/Malevolence.

    When a Barefaced Liar is lying barefaced, he is not out to convert other than to keep count/check on his mesmerised. As such, it is wise not to engage/react with that which has a “lower” Energy Status than self. Hence the concept of “Dracula”/”Devil” and Vampirism, the sole duty of all principles, be they Benevolent or Malevolent, being to replicate. As “Grandma” Earth so wisely puts it, “If The Devil does not get you via For, He’ll get you when you are Against”.

    When “Evil” is out-on-display/in-progress, He is actually granting self the freedom to introspect/reflect/evolve – whilst devolving those who are “devolvable”. When The SS Humanity is sinking, only the salvage-able matters, The Already Perfect be conscious and be aware.

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