Illuminati Showdown in the Middle East

000003While Western intelligence agencies have been busy backing al Qaeda thugs in Libya, Iraq and Syria; authentic people-power protests have commenced apace in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Algeria. 

Battle lines are being drawn in the region.  The outcome may well define global geopolitics for the next century.

Ever since the Rockefeller/Rothschild petro-monopoly discovered oil in the region, there has been a resource war between regional nationalist leaders like Boumediene, Nasser and Mossadegh – who fought to retain oil profits for their people – and the Illuminati banking cartel, which has used oil to grease the wheels of its ever-expanding global capitalist enterprise.

Israel has served as Zionist enforcer in the region, using divide and conquer strategies to overcome popular Arab anti-colonial movements. AIPAC lobbyists will be descending on Congress this week in an attempt to draw the US into the Syrian quagmire.

History repeats itself today as the Illuminati corporate media tentacle attempts to equate the uprisings in Illuminati-controlled Bahrain, Yemen and Algeria with those in Iran, Syria and Egypt.  The latter three countries have for now won their independence from the banksters.  It’s why we are taught to hate them.  Iran is demonized the most because it nationalized its oil sector following the overthrow of David Rockefeller’s good friend the Shah of Iran in 1979.

The Illuminati response to this seminal event would define Western intelligence strategy in the region for the next 30 years.  As discussed in Chapter 1 of my Big Oil… book, the Iranian Revolution began in the oil-rich Khuzistan region and was spearheaded by left-wing nationalist oilfield workers belonging to the Tudeh and Feyadeen parties.

Executives at Texaco and Exxon were targeted for assassination.  Their Iranian Consortium subsidiary had seized Iranian oilfields after the 1953 CIA/Mossad/MI6 overthrow of democratically-elected President Mohamed Mossadegh.  The coup was coordinated by British Petroleum.

Once it became clear that the Shah and his brutal SAVAK secret police were about to fall, Western intelligence agencies began to back Ayatollah Khomeini.  The banksters knew that the Islamist Khomeini would be easier to work with, and later to discredit, than the nationalists who led the Revolution.  Later they provided Khomeini with a hit list of Tudeh and Feyadeen leaders while Israel coordinated arms sales to the Ayatollah for his coming war with Iraq.  The Iran/Iraq War was designed to decimate both countries.  Western arms flowed to both sides while oil infrastructure was targeted in both nations.

With the Shah gone, the Illuminati’s “Twin Pillars” policy in the Middle East – based on alliances with the Shah and the House of Saud – needed rethinking.  President Reagan facilitated the formation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).  The GCC is comprised of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.  These tiny monarchies line the southwest side of the Persian Gulf – an area that contains 42% of the world’s oil.  These former British protectorates were slowly given independence on the condition that single-family monarchs would remain compliant to Illuminati oil interests.  In exchange for their loyalty, these families received Western military protection, as much from their own populations as from foreign threats.

A decision was made early on to refine all Saudi crude on the island of Bahrain.  Big Oil never trusted the Saudi people, worried that a people’s revolution might result in nationalization of their refineries.  Quietly the US Fifth Fleet moved into Bahrain to protect these refineries, as well as the offices of Illuminati-controlled banks such as JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Bank of America, HSBC and Barclays.  These banks run their offshore Middle East headquarters’ from Bahrain, where they recycle petrodollars and drug money into high-interest loans to the world’s developing nations.

Following the Iranian template, Western intelligence agencies encouraged Islamic extremism in the GCC nations.  While the ruling families gamble and fornicate in Monaco, the people are encouraged to embrace Wahhabism to keep their gaze from the glaring class disparities that exist.  It is the same strategy employed by the Illuminati in America via their boot-licking Republican Party and it’s Evangelical American Taliban extremist contingent.

In that same year of 1979, a Yemeni uprising resulted in that country splitting into two, with North Yemen – home to many Saudi oilfield workers – remaining loyal to Illuminati interests and South Yemen declaring itself a Marxist state in defiance of the international banksters.  When South Yemen cast the lone “No” vote at the UN Security Council in 1991 regarding the Gulf War, they were targeted for destruction by the Illuminati.  The nation became one again and it’s Western allied leaders encouraged Islamic fundamentalism.

Algeria was also in the bankster’s crosshairs for their opposition to the Gulf War.  The CIA/Mossad/MI6 unleashed AIG (Armed Islamic Group) Islamic terrorists – many of whom later fought for these agencies in Bosnia – against the leftist Algerian government, which had kept its oil nationalized under the state-owned Sonatrech.  The Illuminati toppled that government after a series of AIG massacres.  Soon the Hydrocarbon Law was passed, AIG extremists loyal to the Illuminati took power and Algeria’s oil sector was handed over to the Rockefeller/Rothschild petro-monopoly.

The people of Algeria, Yemen and Bahrain rose up against these Islamic extremist Illuminati lapdog governments.  Egyptians have booted the Muslim Brotherhood. Tunisians look set to do the same. If they succeed, nationalist governments that threaten the Illuminati oil barons will emerge.

In sharp contrast to these popular uprisings are the CIA/Mossad/MI6-fomented events in Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Libya.  These countries have already fought revolutions to gain their freedom from the banksters.

Now, more than ever, it is important to know your Middle East history.  Battle lines are being drawn between Islamist Western puppets and leftist nationalist movements that attempt to free their people from the Rockefeller/Rothschild oil axis.  There may well be a bigger showdown between Iran and Israel.

The outcome will decide whether the world remains wrapped in the oil-addiction stranglehold of Illuminati bondage, or is able to progress beyond colonialism and its monopoly capitalist offspring.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


14 responses to “Illuminati Showdown in the Middle East

  1. The fools and murderers in this open sewer, those too ignorant or too cowardly to see we’re being used to kill off anything worth saving on a global scale will step up for “mom, apple pie and Israel” to annihilate the good and solidify the evil. Just like they did so happily in Russia, Germany, Eastern Europe et al. Satan’s system, Satan’s rules. Put bluntly? We’re f**ked.

  2. MadChinezeDizzeaze

    The world is lost to criminals since these damn’ aliens came as nephilim to klone us into somewhat humans, rule us through Sumerian/Babylonian faschist kings into the 20th century HITLER, now NEW WORLD ORDER!!! Arrgh, this damn planet is a piece of sh**, torture, mysery, pain, suffering, genocide, wars, corruption, lies, religion, pop culture – thanks for nothing here! – God is not here/Satan is everywhere on this planet like a klone army…sssssssshit! My Job sucks!!!!!!

    • BobbyTruthseeker

      if you knew anything about “God”, you would know that God created everything and is everything. God is the whole of ALL. the positive and negative, good of evil, the male and female, the light and the dark. Life cannot exist without both, therefore ALL is sanctioned.
      That being said, as human beings are part of God, we have been given the choice of free will and to choose a side. Good or Evil. know what side you are on and fight for it till your last breath. God doesnt care what side wins, because we are only skin cells in its body. If it matters to you or to us so much, than it is up to us!
      “There is some good in this world, Mr.Frodo, and its worth fighting for.”-Samwise in Lord of the Rings

      • Gnostics believe there are TWO creations and here’s some information I’ve found:

        1. The physical universe and everything in it created by an evil demigod that no longer exists and its physical universe (including etheric and astral realms) will soon follow into oblivion because the physical universe is a parasitic creation that should never have existed but does due to an experimental error (celestial error).

        2. The true creation was created by a true loving God in existence before and will continue after the end of the physical universe. The true God will rescue all consciousness that is not inherently evil and allow these consciousnesses to continue in an evil free environment.

        3. All consciousness are accountable for their actions, have been judged and those of evil will face judgement and accountability before their spiritual oblivion.

        It’s a lot to take in and not everyone will accept or understand and some may be very angry and if so they should look elsewhere for information. Those who find the information useful can continue reading. Remember as always people are free to make up their own mind to either take the information provided or leave it as their choice to make.

  3. Na dog. good wheel prevail. THE SUN RISES EVERYDAY..

  4. Very helpful history in understanding the purpose of Wahhabism in suppressing the Saudi masses.

  5. Only a matter of months or weeks now. I look out the window and see a dead and still walking people. All trying to function in a world that is clearly taken over by demons and monsters. Be proud you empty shells. You did a bang-up job of allowing it all to happen. I’m not just talking about American boot licking cowards. All of the world has been equal participants in the fellating of the devils phallus. Now stay tuned for Dancing with the Devil, right after a word from your sponsor, Satan himself. May you get what you so willingly beg for! …JJF

  6. rabbitnexus

    They can keep this game going on for years yet.

  7. Mr. Dean Henderson:
    You are are a great writer, but one area I wish you would be more discerning with is where you refer to cronyism as capitalism.

    You said- “– and the Illuminati banking cartel, which has used oil to grease the wheels of its ever-expanding global capitalist enterprise.”

    The banking cartel isn’t a “capitalist enterprise”, but rather a cartel that is essentially cronyism. Cronyism is just as Marxist as any totalitarian regime and as tyrannical as any dictator can be. Where is it that capitalization is somehow figured into that configuration. By definition it is not as you have mistakenly associated.

    • I’m afraid that left unchecked by definition it IS Ergo, though “monopoly capitalism” is probably a more accurate way to describe it. A mixed economy is the solution. Some capitalism, some socialism – like our fire fighters, the National Guard, the Post Office and our National Forests to name just a few. Statoil is the engine of the Norwegian economy. We could do the same if we nationalized our oil sector.

      • You mentioned Norway has Nationalized Oil and Gas. Why aren’t the NWO bombing Norway, but whenever an Arab or African/Asians country goes AWOL and Nationalizes they are bombed or an uprising happens?

  8. In the book of Daniel there is another beast being diverse and more fierce then all the others that he saw . Having teeth of iron and claws of bronze or brass . Since what is going on today this would be Turkey and Italy , the Roman Empire . The bronze claws would be Greece or Alexander the great . These three nations are playing a major role in the world today . Israel , well there is not suppose to be a nation called Israel and in fact have no borders to be called one . So to the Russian people I say who are your friends , certainly not Britain or the people that rule over us in the United States . We find in the Word there are seven kingdoms , five are fallen and one is and the other has not come . The one that was , the Roman empire and the one that had not come , but now has come and has gone by was the British empire , that was the seventh and there is no more .

  9. Brought to us all by the eternally dark anti-life denizens of The Yehuda Triangle.
    (New York – London – Tel Aviv).

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