Sandy Hook Gun Grab & The Superpower Complex

000016The Obama Administration announced a series of gun control measures in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre. The proposals – the creepiest of which required background checks on even private gun sales – came on the heels of weeks of patronizing lemming-like hand-wringing by the MSNBC establishment liberal arm of the Illuminati programming machine.

The December 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT, which left 26 dead, bore all the hallmarks of a Satanic Illuminati horror-fest designed as a pretext for accomplishing the Eight Families’ longtime goal of disarming pesky American revolutionaries in preparation of the imposition of world government by lizard bloodline.

It was a Merry Christmas card from the same Zionist filth that killed Jesus.

The alleged shooter Adam Lanza had a history of mental problems, making him the perfect patsy. Several eyewitness local news reports state that there was no assault rifle found beside Lanza’s dead body, just two pistols. Local news cameras also filmed another man arrested in the nearby woods.

Many researchers think Lanza was killed earlier, his dead body later conveniently dropped at the school, where a team of military-trained snipers did the deed. The kill ratio would indicate this is true.

Lillian Bittman, who served on the Sandy Hook school board until 2011, stated that Nancy Lanza was not a teacher at her school, as reported extensively by Illuminati media.

Adam Lanza’s father Peter was an executive at GE Energy Financial Services. Early reports surfaced that Peter, along with Colorado theatre shooter James Holmes’ father, were scheduled to testify at upcoming LIBOR scandal hearings.

Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff fingered Israeli terror squads in the Sandy Hook massacre (

Duff said Israeli PM Netanyahu was livid at Obama’s recent snub of Israel at the UN post-Gaza bombing and by his choice of Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.  There was much talk at Veterans Today  that Israel had unleashed terror squads across the US in an attempted destabilization of the Obama Administration.

If this is true, it is hard to understand how Obama could be unaware of this and why he would step into the gun control trap.

Europe’s Black Nobility refuse to recognize the American Revolution, a battle won due to access to guns – mostly .22 rifles. Why is it that US liberals fight to defend all of the Bill of Rights, while mocking those who defend the 2nd Amendment? It can only be that they don’t understand the history of necessary armed struggle.

Guns are an evil invention, which have enabled mankind to run roughshod over the planet, destroying nature and fellow man alike. I wish they did not exist, but they do.

As such, Chairman Mao was right. Power emanates from the barrel of a gun. One cannot convert a bully or tyrant through reasoning. They only respect brute force. This understanding is what separates a revolutionary from a liberal.

Imagine if Castro’s band of Cuban guerrillas did not have access to guns. Ditto the Sandinistas, Viet Cong, ZANU-PF, FMLN, FARC, or any other revolutionary group throughout history – including our Founding Fathers.

I will gladly lay down my guns the day that the military-industrial complex mothballs all of its nuclear weapons, stealth bombers and fighter jets, drones, and all other instruments of war. Until then every US citizen has a Constitutional right to own whatever weapons they can get there hands on.

Brain-dead liberals will say this is “too broad an interpretation of the 2nd Amendment”. OK. What about the First Amendment? Should we start banning the use of certain words? If I come out against that am I interpreting my right to free speech too broadly? What about unreasonable search and seizure or due process? Should we allow these to be incrementally “interpreted”. We already have and the result has been disastrous to our civil liberties.

Beyond the obvious task of investigating Israeli/DARPA/Illuminati involvement in Sandy Hook and other massacres, I see two solutions to the madness which is occurring at America’s schools and one is not the nutty idea of further arming are schools, as proposed by the military-industrial contractor parading as citizens rights group known as the NRA.

First and foremost, the US needs to drastically change its foreign policy. Since WWII, this nation’s children have grown up watching the example of a government which does not negotiate with countries it disagrees with. Instead it bombs them, invades them, overthrows their duly-elected leaders and hatches bloody covert operations where civilian casualties become “collateral damage”.

Talk about desensitizing a nation to violence.

If the US government continues to behave like a deranged global cop, our children will continue to grow up believing the “might-is-right” paradigm is normal. But it is not normal. It is sociopathic/psychopathic madness, which now plays out on America’s TVs and video games, in her homes and offices, at her sporting events and inside her schools.

As Henry David Thoreau so eloquently stated, “For every thousand men hacking at the branches of a social ill, there is but one digging at the root”.

The violence which permeates American culture has its roots in the US empirical imperative. We must slash our defense budget, back progressive governments instead of dictators, and pull back from our role as global cop on the beat for the global Illuminati oligarchy.

Second, and in the spirit of the first item, we must demilitarize our schools. Where, along the slippery slope towards creeping fascism, did we begin to put metal detectors in all our schools, treat students like potential criminals and disrespect their basic human rights?

Disempowered people, stripped of all dignity, do crazy things. If you treat kids like thugs, they will act like thugs. If you give them your trust, they become trustworthy.

One thing is for sure. Both gun control-obsessed liberals and Lockheed Martin-sponsored NRA fat cats have it wrong. Leave the 2nd Amendment be, get the armed guards out of our schools, get Chuck Hagel in as Defense Secretary and maybe, just maybe, we can quit behaving like a military-industrial superpower overseas while flailing helplessly as our kids are sacrificed to the Illuminati Satanist agenda at home.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


3 responses to “Sandy Hook Gun Grab & The Superpower Complex

  1. “Background checks on private sells”.
    LOL- Good luck with that.

  2. Jim Hurlbut

    Cmon, man! Where’s your due diligence?! This was a scripted psy-op; NO children died at SHES! Where were the Life Flights? Why weren’t paramedics allowed into the school? Cops don’t pronounce people dead! Some would have certainly be rushed to hositals. Where are the photos of 600 some students being evacuated? Just ONE photo of a few kids that analysis shows wasn’t even taken that morning! And look at the “Final Report”. What a joke. The FBI report is nearly completely redacted and doesn’t even include the names! Pictures from that day show the 26 christmas trees all ready to go behind the fire station?! Hmmm. Real estate transactions done on CHRISTMAS DAY showing the players in this charade being deeded homes for. ZERO dollars?! This is SO easy, Obama, Holder, the CT State Police and Newtowners were involved, paid off for their silence

  3. Sounds about right. However I do like schools having a police officer on duty, armed. Makes sense these days. But at the same time, think…back when I was growing up no one was doing the running amok in schools shooting up things…but back then we lived in terror of going to the principles office …he could spank. Nowdays we don’t even have parents home to watch the kids as both are forced to work to make ends meet..
    Besides all that, saw on a different article a while back something that makes scense too….that there might have been a satanic sacrificial ceremony and the Sandy Hook drill was used to cover up the deaths real cause.

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