Exxon Headed Off At Pass

2010 6-30 Missoula, MT (2)As BP was beating a hasty retreat from its Gulf cleanup efforts, Exxon Mobil was dodging Western Montana opponents of its scheme to haul hugely-oversized South Korean-made equipment over the very twisty Lolo Pass.  Officials from Exxon Mobil’s Canadian subsidiary Imperial Oil failed to show up at a Lolo City Council meeting.

The rigs were bound for oil tar sands mines in northern Alberta, where Peace River tribes are already being poisoned by this most environmentally destructive oil extraction process. Montana, ever a resource colony of the Eastern Establishment, had been offered $86 million in highway funds by Imperial.  That pittance wouldn’t even cover the cost of the asphalt needed to fix the roads – asphalt which I assume would be purchased from another Exxon Mobil subsidiary. That is, if history is any sort of guide.

(Excerpted from Chapter 7: The Four Horsemen: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

By the late 1800’s John D. Rockefeller had become popularly known as “the Illumination Merchant” during a time when oil was powering the reading lamps of every American household. Rockefeller had figured out that it was the refining of oil into various end products and not actual crude production which held the key to control of the industry.  By 1895 his Standard Oil Company owned 95% of all refineries in the US while expanding operations overseas.

Summing up his attitude towards his new oil monopoly, Rockefeller once stated, “The day of combination is here to stay.  Individualism is gone never to return. Competition is a sin”.

Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust began Illuminating the New World with funding from the Kuhn, Loeb and Rothschild banking families.  While the Rockefellers worked the American side of the energy matrix, the Rothschilds consolidated their control over Old World oil resources via Shell Oil.

In 1906, amidst a rising tide of populist anger, Republican President Teddy Roosevelt ordered the dissolution of the Standard Oil Trust, charging that Standard had violated the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  Congress concurred. On May 15, 1911 the US Supreme Court declared, “Seven men and a corporate machine have conspired against their fellow citizens.  For the safety of the Republic we now decree that this dangerous conspiracy must be ended by November 15th”.

But this “breakup” of Standard Oil only increased the wealth of the Rockefeller family who retained 1/4 interest in each of the newly created companies. Six decades later, Rockefeller’s companies began re-merging.

Standard Oil of New York merged with Vacuum Oil to form Mobil in 1966.  In 1972 Standard Oil of New Jersey became Exxon.  In 1984 Standard Oil of California joined with Standard Oil of Kentucky and the Mellon-family owned Gulf Oil to become Chevron. Standard Oil of Indiana joined with Standard Oil Nebraska and Standard Oil of Kansas and became Amoco in 1985.

Amoco, Standard Oil of Ohio and ARCO were merged into British Petroleum.  In 1999 Exxon and Mobil, always the long arms of the Rockefeller octopus, merged in a $75 billion monster deal creating Exxon Mobil.  A year later Chevron and Texaco merged and soon Royal Dutch/Shell bought Pennzoil.

The Rockefeller/Rothschild oil cartel is now more powerful than ever before. Hurricane Katrina was their pretext to push pump prices to the moon and they’ve never come back. Oil company profits are consistently outrageous. Congress seems to agree that “competition is a sin”. Not one member has had the guts to utter the words “anti-trust”. And Four Horsemen- Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, Chevron and British Petroleum- ride roughshod over all Americans.

For Montanans, haunted by a history of subservience to the likes of Anaconda Copper, ARCO and ASARCO- three other Rockefeller tentacles- it was time to cut the Illumination Merchant and his Pony off at the Pass.

Check out a You Tube 8-minute film about Exxon Mobil’s Big Rig plans, made by my friends at Jane O’Holly Productions at http://www.janeoholly.com

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @www.hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com


7 responses to “Exxon Headed Off At Pass

  1. There is no replacement for oil.

    So you better prepare for the collapse of the world as you know it.

    Because you all are antisocialists.

    In the end you all annihilate yourselves attempting to reacquire what you never had to begin with or acquire what you never will.

    Freedom from truth.

    • No replacement for Oil?


      Is it an inconvenient truth? Google Al Gore and Carbon Tax.

      You should rest its Saturday. Larry David will cheer you up.

  2. Tesla gave us free energy in 1800’s. Since free cannot be taxed and controlled by Rothschilds cabal we are stuck with destroying our planet using the cabal’s oil, banks, (usury), wars, debt and other uneeded crap. Get rid of these parasitic bastards and restore earth to the paradise is should be.

  3. No substitute for OIL ?
    People have been brainwashed and RE-programmed to believe that energy is difficult to obtain. Nature always provides (Cold Fusion, was/is real, research the story of Dr.Eugene Mallove from MIT, he knew the truth and was killed).
    AntiGravity was discovered by Nikola Tesla and Thomas Townsend Brown over a century ago. These discoveries are being kept from humanity for a reason: POWER, nothing else.
    Think outside of your brainwashing and RE-programming !
    Think for yourself. At least try for a few seconds at a time.
    It will get easier, the more you try.
    That is our collective salvation.
    Be well all.

  4. Methane from cows is free.

  5. You all are dead and don’t know it….that is what a bunch of blithering morons you all are.

    There is no replacement for the lie you all believe is truth that you have been worshiping all your lives.

    The greatest temporary prosperity in history is coming to and end and none of you conservative or liberal slave minds have the slightest clue.

    You are just doomed economic actors in a doomed from square one economic system ruled by lies you have been trained to believe are truth.

  6. Leo mcfadden

    Have you seen “The Gold Grab” by Steve Requa?

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