Interview with Jeff Rense: Desperate Banksters Push for War

2011 7-18 Hill City, SD (3)Click on Link Below to Listen:

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries,Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column


One response to “Interview with Jeff Rense: Desperate Banksters Push for War

  1. Oh, wow, are you angry.
    I don’t think many people in the Netherlands are getting it.
    Too busy with looking at the TV or going to where the funeral cars are passing by with the bodies.
    Even a mayor of a town was so dumb to lass out at Putins daughter who is (was) living in the Netherlands. Talking about getting Putin and the people in the East Oekranie are terrorist.
    But I think that slowly their eyes are opening.
    Than they had to listen to guy from their government (Timmermans) how he dramatically had to say, what may be the people said to each other before they died. He was the one who flew to Kiev after the coup, yeah ofcourse he is Jewish too.
    I did not yet read anywhere that somebody parachuted from that plane. Who the heck ison a commercial airplane with a parachute.
    People on the ground heard the sound of two jets in the area, could they have fired missles?
    Did se pictures of Oekranians military planes with rockets under neath.
    How come our government is not screaming, they are killing their own people, like they always do. Just tells you what is going on.
    Gaza is so despicable I have no words for it. More than a 1000 killed.
    And that Sisi of Egypts destroying the tunnels to get material for the people of Gaza, what human being want to live like that and than they are surprised they are getting rockets. Can you imagine they see the Jewish people move around freely, get what they want, plenty of water and electricity and they are at the mercy of the Jews.
    What is it that people do not understand.
    Oh, ha, what you said, pea brains.
    Thanks Dean and also Jeff.

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