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The Illuminati Fear Program

1991-china-pig-in-a-basket.jpgThe global elite have, over the centuries, refined the techniques they employ to assure continued dominion over the resources of the planet.  In the early days they simply crucified certain rebellious citizens, whilst sprinkling in the occasional peasant massacre to ensure a climate of fear and to thwart any challenge to their hegemony. Continue reading


Limbaugh, The Crown & Other Tit-Suckers

000016Five weeks before the welcome end of the worst American Presidency in the history of the republic, George Bush Jr. did his best to go down as the Herbert Hoover of the new century, announcing with glee his traitorous plan to allow an “orderly bankruptcy” of the Big 3 American auto manufacturers – companies which formed the backbone of American industry since the early 1900′s.

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