Left Hook Strikes Back!

Take that, NSA motherfuckers!

On June 28th, my original blog, Left Hook (http://deanhenderson.wordpress.com) was hacked & deleted, as was my Gmail account.
This has all the hallmarks of an NSA attack.  Less than 12 hours later, Left Hook lives to fight another round.  Visit the new blog at https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com

The old site had 1.4 million views.  To the over 6,200 subscribers who were cut off, please re-subscribe ASAP at the new site, to show solidarity & strength in the face of criminal activity by our own government.   We will never go away! Thanks for your patience while we rebuild.  Please share this page around to let folks know what happened and where to find us now.

Til’ the Revolution! Dean

10 responses to “Left Hook Strikes Back!

  1. I gave you the password, so tell me it wasn’t you Genie…

    • Not me. I will try and find the ticket that wordpress has that’s not active now [but it’s still there because the issue was resolved] about my two blogs being hacked and deleted as well as my e-mail addy.

      This is how the elites work; they try and put the blame on someone else, I think the mistake you made was sending me the password and then not changing it as per my advise to you; everything is saved by NSA. That’s why one must write down the password ONLY. Once it has gone through via e-mail, it must be changed pronto.

      • The timing was interesting for me as well when I was hacked on both my sites as well as my e-mail address: Mordechai Vanunu, the ‘nuclear whistle blower’ had been in touch with me and we had been having telephone conversations for over 4 years; he had just told me he wanted to come and stay in my home via e-mail and during a phone call because he said his health had not been very well because of all the stress of what he had gone through and, he even went so far as to write an e-mail to send to my Member of Parliament to see if he could do something to get him his freedom to just come and visit here at my home for health reasons. I did send it to my MP, who of course, could do nothing but to his credit he did try.

        After being hacked [I totally believe it had to do with Palestine Rose] I mean, who would hack a kumbaya place like A Place Called Love? except, both are my blogs and I know Mordie personally.

        I am not at all sure about him; have told him so via e-mail and via telephone conversation: his response is: “I will tell you everything in Freedom Only.”

        And I do believe he is in a dreadful position with his being a hostage [his words] in the terror entity — for telling the truth.

  2. yep the international banking criminally insane, keep two blogs going, mine got disappeared BUT luckily another under biloxi marx was there, not all, but enough, sorry that the IBCS is our ball, chain and poisonous pill to swallow or else!

  3. EndOfZionism

    smells like NSA and or mossad

  4. I was just checking out where else I got a hold of wordpress to ask them to restore my two deleted blogs (one of Mat’s staff members did reply to me via e-mail, Matt, is the founder of wordpress): http://ma.tt/contact/
    Or he says on his blog that people cane send him an e-mail directly: matt@mullenweg.com

    After watching this video, I wonder if it had to do with the Federal Reserve banksters?
    Exclusive: Massive End The Fed Organizer in Germany Gets Car Fire Bombed:

  5. I just put in a request to have your old blog restored, it’s on another topic that I had about a blogger plagiarizing my work, however, the person had said if there is anything else they could help me with to let them know, so I figured it would be as good a place as any to ask to have your blog restored.

    It’s a private ticket so only wordpress staff and myself can read it, however, I will let you know what they say when they get back to me.
    I also said they could get a hold of you via this blog and let you know when it’s restored.
    Here is the [private] ticket number:

    • Well, wordpress hosts the IDF
      [http://www.idfblog.com ].
      Also, wordpress has had 6 ‘WordCamps’ in ‘Israel’: http://central.wordcamp.org/wordcamps/wordcamp-israel/

      If there was any other blog place like there used to be with Posterous, (which was bought out by twitter and then removed) I would post there, I actually can’t stand wordpress. Maybe its real name is: ZioWPress.

    • Look at that! I made sure the ‘IDF’ link [ which should really be called IOF http://www.idfblog.com ] was not near the bracket but the buggers went and made it so one can’t click on it. [I bet that wordpress does not want that fact to be well known: that wordpress hosts the IDF]

      I tell you the software on wordpress is obscene: when the last Gaza massacre happened, wordpress did not let me upload pics and images that said things like: IOF Thugs, Israeli Terrorism, etc.
      I had to change the name to things like: daffodils, tree house, etc.

  6. “Create a free website at WordPress.com” — and don’t be surprised if it disappears! 😦

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