Limbaugh, The Crown & Other Tit-Suckers

000016Five weeks before the welcome end of the worst American Presidency in the history of the republic, George Bush Jr. did his best to go down as the Herbert Hoover of the new century, announcing with glee his traitorous plan to allow an “orderly bankruptcy” of the Big 3 American auto manufacturers – companies which formed the backbone of American industry since the early 1900′s.

Simultaneous to this Crown-inspired treason, Southern Senate Republicans – well-paid by the foreign auto-makers who have flocked to their retrograde states to avoid paying union wages – concurred.  These are the very same people who parade around Washington playing “super patriot” when it comes to bombing civilian populations and feeding the military-industrial complex.  But a ribbon on the bumper of your SUV doesn’t do shit for our misplaced troops, one of whom is my best friend whose convoy was attacked near Ramadi two years ago.

The big talkers from down South showed their true colors.  They were ready to sacrifice the last vestige of America industry – one of the manufacturing prospects left since these same Republicans busied themselves passing “free-trade” agreements which have gutted our nation’s industrial sector.  It was not enough to give multinationals tax breaks to move jobs overseas.  Now they wanted to take down the only decent union jobs left in America – jobs that accounted for only 10% of the Big Three budget.

This is pure Rush Limbaugh: Crown-inspired serfdom masquerading as “free market” ideology.  It is a further race to the bottom for living standards of working people.  We need more good-paying union jobs in this country, not less.

Despite two months of revelations about Wall Street corruption and the failure of deregulating Big Business, these Southern traitors still didn’t get it.  They gave JP Morgan Chase, et al access to a $750 billion giveaway, but when American workers who actually made shit needed a loan of $15 billion they blamed those very workers.  These people who had nothing to do with the demise of American industry were pummeled every step of the “free market” way.  These Southern shills will conjure up the memory of John Calhoun when history makes its final judgment.

Thirty years of “free-market think” produced a mindset among Americans that it is the poor who get the government handouts.  Yet if one looks at history they will see that it is the oligarchy that has always gotten the free lunch.  The latest banker bailout was only the latest installment of this saga.

All one has to do is to look at various government agencies and you will see how the super-rich get the vast majority of benefits from our collective tax dollars.  Take the SEC, which supposedly polices Wall Street.  They are there to regulate for the investor class.  The poor get nothing.  What about the FAA, which regulates air travel?  Do you know many poor families who fly once a week?  Well the rich sometimes fly every day.  Or what about the Coast Guard?   When was the last time a poor person owned a barge that needed rescuing, or a speed boat, or a yacht?  The Department of Agriculture writes the biggest checks each year to the biggest farmer.  The Department of Energy aids and abets ExxonMobil.  The Pentagon deploys force to protect the property of the shareholders of multinational corporations.  Then Halliburton shareholders get more government money to clean up the mess.

Not too many poor folks getting a handout here.

Yet many Americans continue to blame the poor for the shake down of the middle class by the Money Power.  This vital piece of propaganda, delivered to you daily by Limbaugh and Fox News on behalf of the taxpayer-subsidized oligarchy, continues to divide us.  This enables the Illuminati to more easily control us.  This mindset must change if America is to climb out of the abyss.

What I have just laid out is the very basis for progressive taxation.  The super-rich should pay more taxes because they GET more from government.  Under FDR the super-rich paid income tax at a rate of 90%.  Even as recently as the Nixon Administration, they paid at a rate of 72%.  Now, Warren Buffett’s own secretary pays the same rate as he does, while if state and local taxes are included, the poor pay a GREATER percentage than the Rockefellers, who mostly pay nothing at all by utilizing off-shore tax havens and foundations.

It is absurd that these Illuminati shills who whine on about their rich idols have any shred of credibility.  Wake up!

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Das Kartell der Federal Reserve, Stickin’ it to the Matrix & The Federal Reserve Cartel.  You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column @


14 responses to “Limbaugh, The Crown & Other Tit-Suckers

  1. Good column, but how do we get the sheeple to read this or anything else longer than a paragraph? They’ve been propagandized for decades with three word slogans. Intelligent debate has been dumbed down and is now almost nonexistent. The wealthy re-write history at will and the populace cannot be bothered to raise a question. Anything written or presented via the major media is devoid of fact. Where once there was investigative journalism to educate the public is now a three ring circus of distraction. How on earth can an intelligent thought get through the noise?

  2. To a point I agree but as Gov. George Wallace said “the higher you get in either party there is not a dimes bit of difference”,

  3. apocalypse666nwo

    Lindsay Graham…Ted Cruz….bunch of traitors more. With nukes.

  4. roninfreedom

    @ Bob My Favorite Preacher once said”If The People would get as passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ like they do their Sports the World would be a different place” same with The Country,How the Foreign Policey,and Banking.

  5. Speaking of economics, most Americans are ignorant of a man who was as popular as Mark Twain during that time. His name was Henry George. Perplexed by the inability of progress to eliminate poverty, he studied the issue in depth, coming to the conclusion thatall forms of “rentier” income must be aggressively taxed. His work is accessible online.
    Another ppolitical philosopher they prefer you be ignorant of is Lysander Spooner. Read him to find out why his words are relevant today.

  6. Spot on Dean…The strange case of the death of design in Detroit starting curiously enough, with the first oil shock would probably make a whodunit of epic proportions. From the Mustang/Sting Ray to the Aztec via the K car….it’s like someone told detroit “Only square junk from you from here on out”. Either that or the Engines/motors strapped to wheels for the super rich, tax boon-doggle Tesla a case in point.

    Interestingly enough, I intend to do something about it….Dean if you feel called, please put this up and let it radiate….A whole new vision for our relationship with machines, starting with vehicles….a little bit of mystery, soon to be un-folded…this is really a call to anyone reading this…

  7. Don’t forget Woodrow Wilson who signed away America’s future in 1913. (Federal Reserve Act)

    He admitted this, in the end..

  8. Crown-inspired serfdom is “free market” ideology. In economics there is NO SUCH THING as free market ideology. Economics deals with competitive markets (or lack of). Free market ideology is a self serving political concept with elements of fascism.

  9. Ah yes, the evil “Crown” and “fascists”.
    The British regent has been a figurehead, since the moneylenders in Amsterdam who lent Cromwell money, were successful in their plot to assassinate Charles I. While James II was spared his life, the bribed backed the puppet King Billy and created the mother of all crime – the privately owned Bank of England. It was not King George that taxed the colonies, it was Parliament on behalf of the moneylenders. Ditto for colonial scrip.
    The usurpers of the Crown are in control.
    The legitimate Crown is powerless. The legitimate Crown was interested in long term planning, as their heirs would become the Crown. There was no advantage in pissing off all the people you would need to defend your realm. It is not surprising that in Elizabethan times, the middle class was better off than they are today. The Stuarts, for all of their foibles of absolute Monarchy, were the ones that allowed America the opportunity to exist and thrive – all without the moneylenders. Yes, there were bad monarchs, but then, in the big scheme of things, were they any worse than those who rule us now?
    As for the fascists, the US in 2015 has not reached the employment standards enacted by the evil European fascists during the 1930s. We don’t have fascism, which had a moral component, we have amoral corporatism.

  10. Bravo! You’re spot on.

  11. Warren Buffet joked that his secretary pays MORE taxes than he does, (although he has a far greater income). The super wealthy established the current government system and they control it for their own good.

    With the vast internet there is an unlimited supply of authors, interviews, videos, blogs and etc. all offering up a long list of problems, oppression and corruption, – but never, no never, offering any realistic, tangible solutions. It would be great if a few of the investigative journalists explained how the super wealthy do it. How do they use trusts, foundations, family corporations, non-profits, off-shore corporations with sub divisions, and etc.
    Articles mention some of these legal vehicles but never go into detail about how they actually function, or how they are established and then utilized. We should learn from the rich.

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