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Far Out Radio Interview: Frackin’ Banksters Desperate for War






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The Iraq Cash Cow – Part I

No bullIraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has refused to accept a salvation government as his army continues to conduct mop-up operations against ISIL Takfiri militants. Press TV reports that ISIL forces were trained at secret CIA camps inside Jordan. ISIL uses US and Saudi-supplied weapons.

As Republican war hawks call for yet more blood and treasure to be spilled on the sands of Mesopotamia, oil prices spike and military-industrial overlords prepare to milk the US Treasury for yet more contracts.

War is business and business is good. For the banksters, permanent war has been the antidote to a deflationary death spire and the jail time that would surely follow.

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Economic Bubbles About to Burst

1989 Phillipines (13)Insider selling by billionaires – including Warren Buffett and John Paulsen – this week indicate something big is about to happen, something that may make the 2008 credit crisis seem rather benign.  Last week the governments of Russia and Germany called in their gold being “held” by the New York Federal Reserve.A couple of years ago the IMF announced that it would begin liquidating its gold holdings- the world’s 3rd largest stash after the US and Germany.  Buyers included the governments of India, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.  Do you think the IMF would be selling gold at a market bottom?  Bubble #1 about to burst – Gold.

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Left Hook Strikes Back!

Take that, NSA motherfuckers!

On June 28th, my original blog, Left Hook ( was hacked & deleted, as was my Gmail account.
This has all the hallmarks of an NSA attack.  Less than 12 hours later, Left Hook lives to fight another round.  Visit the new blog at

The old site had 1.4 million views.  To the over 6,200 subscribers who were cut off, please re-subscribe ASAP at the new site, to show solidarity & strength in the face of criminal activity by our own government.   We will never go away! Thanks for your patience while we rebuild.  Please share this page around to let folks know what happened and where to find us now.

Til’ the Revolution! Dean

Interview with Jeff Rense: Ukraine & Deflation






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Dump Israel

Around the World Trip 2009 437The most important change that the Obama administration can make is in our relationship with Israel and its Arab neighbors.  I was guardedly optimistic that the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense foreshadowed such a change.  I was wrong.

For far too long Israel has dictated US foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere.  This is because, as I outline in my book Big Oil & Their Bankers…, Israel is not so much a “Jewish homeland” as it is a creation of the Rothschild central banking monopoly which controls our Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, Royal Dutch Shell and scores of other financial and industrial behemoths. Continue reading

Putin Launches Eurasian Economic Union

A58 Fisherfolk in Hoi An

In June 2014 Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a treaty with Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko and Kazakhstan president Nurultan Nazarbayev to launch the Eurasian Economic Union. The move came on the heels of a $400 billion natural gas deal he signed with China and announcements that Russia will use rubles instead of dollars to conduct most international trade.  Western aggression in Ukraine was the last straw for the Russians, who saw this movie before in their own country.

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